Right here at Luke Air Force Base outside of Phoenix, Glendale, Arizona and we’re gonna see some F-16′s, F-35′s and god knows what else!. Luke Air Force Base is a gem for the U.S Air Force and I’m proud to be here.” (X


Two Noble~

After viewing the new Road to Boruto (DLC) trailer, this photo appeared in the instagram. I really liked them this combination. Thanks for this incredible picture Bill Fleming ..  ////  Sasuke and Naruto!!! They are the stars of new trailer!  looks amazing together perfectly just like night and day. And like these tigers… Like noble tigers… …

idk guys, max lightwood-bane is very clearly described as having dark blue skin, so I really don’t understand all the fanart of him with super pale blue skin, and I ESPECIALLY don’t understand all the fanart and headcanons giving a human glamour that’s white