They brought my other child

Meet lil Cat :’). That’s not really his name but we’re just gonna go with that until I can think of something😂 the shelter brought him for his final visit with Sage to make sure they can get along and surprisingly he doesn’t hate him lmao. So he should be here permanently by the end of this week once he has his last check up😭


The amazing and beautiful @gatesofhel tagged me to post a selfie. Thank you Hel!! ❤❤❤

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So, my cat Owen is something of an escape artist. Half the time we open the door, he tries to make a break for it. Eventually, my parents gave in and bought him some proper flea/bug/outside danger medication and I bought him a cat harness and leash. So now I take him on little walks and he enjoys them very much.

🕷 Bugs 🕷
  • Baby: Daddy, there's a buggy on my wall!
  • Daddy: Just ignore it, baby.
  • Baby: *looks at phone then looks at wall again* Wait, hello, it disappeared
  • Daddy: The bug disappeared?
  • Baby: It is g o n e
  • Daddy: Okay well let's just try going to bed. I'm sure it's gone into hiding
  • Baby: ...
  • Daddy: Princess?
  • Baby: Okay Mr Bug... I'm going to bed. Don't come near me or my 34 stuffies ever again

im scrolling down my dash which is full of all the versions of louis’ new photos reblogged while i scream in my head LOOK AT MY GORGEOUS PRINCE OH MY GOD YAS BABY MY KING 


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3