Coming of Age

Turn after turn, hallway after hallway. This damned place was a maze and no matter how many corners Lydia pivoted around, the demon was always behind her. Always just too far out to snatch her up, but close enough that she could see the insatiable hunger in its eyes.

The dead end impacted with her body and the floor came up to greet her like a falling tree. As in every chase before, the demon stood over Lydia with its caltrop teeth and spade horns looking famished. But the dream ends and Lydia is again in her palace room. A cold sweat on her back and face.

Servants bustle into her room and prepare her for the day. Their shadows helped with the chores. Cross-sectional slices of dogs, cats, and even a rat carried off linens and laundry. One of them returned with a gown that was different than every other one Lydia owned. Instead of terminating in a wide-mouthed dress, there were pant legs, and instead of puffs of lacy fabric on the shoulders, there was nothing but sheer material that she knew would contour her body perfectly. Yet, how it shined. It caught the sunlight like how a canvas holds paint.

The servants helped her into it, and their shadows held it taught. Touching the gown to them was like a tasting a fine ambrosia remembered from one’s childhood. Today was the demarcation line for Lydia between childhood and adulthood. She would turn eighteen just before the sun passed beneath the horizon.

Fanfare and revelry exploded in the palace gardens. Dignitaries from near and far were all in attendance, getting drunk and laughing while their shades of exotic animals and beasts joined in the fun. Lydia gazed at her shadow, it was human and utterly plan as it mimicked her every move. No mind of its own. But it was still her shadow, or at least it would be until the end of the day.

Triangles of purple and orange snaked through the sky, bleeding from the mountain tops jetting up along the horizon. Each streak was stolen by Lydia’s gown and shown off to all of the party. It was time for the merge.

She walked up to an altar flanked by her parents and the kingdom’s priest. A speech was given going over the details of Lydia’s childhood, about the challenges she faced and the strength she gained from conquering each one. Because of this strength, her father’s hunters found a creature with both physical power and steely resolve. It was stored behind the altar in a covered cage. Minutes before the sun would set, the cage’s cover was pulled off, revealing the beast inside.

It had caltrop teeth and spade horns. Panic ran through her much like how she ran through the labyrinth in her dreams. The demon gave her a knowing look and seemed to not mind the holy spears that the hunters jammed into its body.  It died with a smile on its maw as the sun fell beneath the mountains. Lydia lost the feeling of the sun’s rays and her gown grew dark. The pile of fur and flesh in the cage dissolved and flowed through the bars to Lydia and enveloped her.

Lanterns the size of trees were ignited to thunderous applause from the entire party. Shaking, she made the customary bow one does after the merge. The shade behind her, with its terrible teeth and grotesque horns, did not bow with her.

The nightmare of adulthood then began.

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a-nordic-saxophonist asked:

I have two ace headcanons: Sheldon Cooper, ace spectrum, demiromantic. At first, his relationship was just for the benefits/being a logical thing for them, but then he fell in love, and is even willing to sleep with Amy because of how much she wants it. So not sex-averse, but definitely on the spectrum and demiromantic. Barry Allen, heteroromantic, asexual. He seems to be sex indifferent (at least so far on the show) but it doesn't look like he looks at anyone sexually, but has MAJOR crushes

(It’s funny that Sheldon is coming up again because TBBT happens to be playing in the room I’m in right now and it happened to be the episode where they discuss Sheldon’s “deal” in a particularly insulting manner and ugh.) All whining about representation aside, yes, Sheldon as asexual demiromantic does seem about right. I don’t know about the willingness to sleep with Amy? I haven’t seen all the recent episodes, but from what I remember, he does seem relatively sex-averse to me. Has something changed recently?

Barry Allen, man, that’s excellent. I’m really into The Flash show right now, so that’s great to hear. You’re right, he doesn’t seem to be super into people sexually. He’s remarkably unfussed about being interrupted in the middle of a makeout session.


1x20 ‘The Stranger’ | 4x01 ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’

#do you ever cry #because just look at how far she’s come #from not believing in anything #especially not herself #to starting to believe not only in herself #but in the possibility of hope and happiness and love #because i sure do

It’s not a clear cut parallel but look how far he’s come. Back then, in TBB he really didn’t know River. Before his ‘death’ he asked for Amy, not her (and of course he wanted to tell Amy how to bring everyone back.) But in LKH, he knows who River truly is and what she’s come to mean to him. And as he’s dying he asks for her. For River. And for all he knows his last words are of River, for River, whispered in her ear.


I don’t want you to work for me. Us working together would be… it would destroy my marriage, my life. The way I loved you was consuming. And eventually… you hold the carrot, I’ll be chasing you. I have a family now. A life that… a life I want. I don’t want you to work for me. I don’t want you to work for me. I want you to take over for me. I’m leaving. Edra’s parents are in Milan and she wants to be closer to them. She has made so many sacrifices for me and now, I think it’s time for me to do the same for her. I have been wanting to leave for a while now, but I just haven’t been able to find anyone I was willing to give the institute to, until now. […] This place is yours, Cristina, if you want it. Do you?


Seven Days of Francis & Mary

  • Day Four: favourite little thing

saving/protecting each other at all costs  (◡‿◡✿)


1x20 / 5x12 - What happens when Paige tells Emily about her dates.