A sample of how much I’ve improved over the last 8 years! Although I could probably dedicate 3 rows just to this year. It’s been a pretty wild ride.

It’s super weird for me to look at this, because I can see how slow and gruelling the improvement process was over the years. But at the same time, it’s also amazing. I never gave up, and I’ve come so far. I’ve done so much. I should be really proud. And I’m only going to continue going up from here!

It’s a shame I couldn’t find a good picture of Peri for 2016, because making this was like laying out her history. Every time I changed her design, every time my style changed, since the very year I created her. She’s been with me through a heck of a lot. And she’s still with me, even if I don’t draw her too often anymore. I should draw her again real soon.

Here’s hoping for more incredible improvement next year!




The approach of Halloween is the perfect time to check out some of the latest awesome optical illusions created by Japanese art student Hikaru Cho, aka Chooo-San (previously featured here). Chooo-San uses nothing but acrylic paint to transform herself and others into impossibly altered people, including cyborgs, animal/human hybrids, human dolls, and people who look like dreams come to life, with flowers faces or bodies disintegrating into a swam of butterflies.

Chooo-San’s analog creations are a response to the overuse of technology in artwork. “I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers,” she told Daily Mail, “and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop.”

Follow Chooo-San right here on Tumblr at @hikaruchoofficial to check out more of her outstanding artwork.

[via My Modern Met]


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