How to Overcome Apathy

1. We often feel apathetic when we’ve picked the wrong goals or when have no goals, or direction for our life. So, look at what inspires you, or makes you feel alive.

2. Stop listening to others, and their views on success. Success really is doing what’s important to YOU.

3. Try to think of some small action that will improve how you feel – and just do one small thing, and note how good it makes you feel!

4. Look for someone who could function as a role model for you – who didn’t have advantages but made something of life. If they can do it – it means that you can, too!

5. Visualise how great you’ll feel if you keep persevering, and get what matters to you, and have an awesome life!

2 Things That Made Me So Happy In BnHA 101

1. The Fact That Mei Hatsume Got Some 3-D Character Development

So I freaking love Mei. Like adore her (not as much as my husbando and waifu of course) so to see her coming back after so long and then have actual character development is pretty freaking awesome! I mean look at this: 

Before she was just seen as this girl who was kind of quirky and kind of overly obsessed with her babies but now she’s shown to be a person with a lack a fear in her heart. We see that she’s created so many inventions and continuously coming up with new ideas to make her own and the fact that she is never let down by the failures of her projects is truly remarkable. Gotta love the power of Horikoshi-sensei’s writing because he knows how to bring back a side character and total give you a feels coaster with them haha!

2. The New Moves Katsuki and Deku Made

ok ok ok ok ok ok I know everyone was pretty happy to see their moves but I feel like I’m just more excited about it then I really should be as a reader. Like for some reason seeing their new moves fills me up so much determination that I literally feel like rolling in a puddle of character development. 

I mean look at this! 

In the beginning, both Katsuki and Deku had just a basic understanding of how to utilize their quirks as seen here:

To this chapter now giving us an idea of how well they are able to control their quirks to create attacks such as these:

And that makes me literally so freakin happy because it completely screams at the development they have been having. Like before Deku just copied All Might and used his fists for everything but now he created a move that relied solely on his leg. Katsuki before would rage at anything that moved and completely blast it away without but now he focused in and was able to create a more smaller and direct shot. 

I swear these boys are developing so much theyre making my heart explode in love for them! <3 Even All Might is proud of his son student

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm fourteen years old self thought artist? Well the thing here is I really like your art style, specially the way you draw Dick, and I was just wondering if you may give me some advice at drawing and doing anatomy, it's just every character I draw looks like me (except when they are guys). Again you draw really nice and always manage to get a smile on my face when I see and read your comics. Thanks for reading

Thanks so much! And of course, I can dig up some tips for you. I’ve posted about some awesome books and other resources on my FAQ page, but concerning anatomy, there are tons of “anatomy for artists” books out there. I actually got mine in a bargain bin at the bookstore heh. Posemaniacs is also a pretty good website for seeing how muscles work within certain actions. There’s also several anatomy for artists blogs here on tumblr!

I also totally understand the frustration that comes when you draw a character and they just end up looking like you. It still happens to me. I would recommend just really letting go and playing with shapes. Shapes are your best friend. Make different shapes for eyes, noses, mouths, the head, EVERYTHING. Some really good artists you can reference for this are Shiyoon Kim, Stephen Silver, Al Hirschfeld, Sylvain Chomet, anyone who is great at caricaturing. 

But I think my biggest piece of advice is just DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. I know I say this all the time in advice replies, but really, it is so important. I gave up on myself once and it was like living every Nickelback song, but replace the girlfriend references with my art. It feels horrible and I wish I hadn’t done it because I know if I had just kept practicing, I would have improved much faster. Your art style right now is probably still developing and it is totally okay if it doesn’t look like so-and-so’s style or if you think it looks terrible. If you’re more comfortable drawing in a cartoony style, but get discouraged after seeing someone who draws more realistically, it is totally okay. And vice versa. I don’t believe in “good” or “bad” art; there are just different kinds of art. And every artist eventually finds their niche. Practice nailing anatomy and form first, get a feel for the head and where everything is in proportion to each part, then keep practicing and your style will eventually find you. Bonne chance, my friend!

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Why do you have "ame bun" written at the end of one of your comics? I can't figure out what these kanji are supposed to mean together...

Also another Anon:  Hi! I’m just curious, is Dire your actual name? Also how do you pronounce it? Thank you for being awesome >^•.•^<

雯 is my name. Well, part of it. If you were to look it up, it’d mean something like ‘coloured cloud’ but really it’s just a name.

‘Dire’ is a nick name and I’ve been signing my art that was for over a decade.

It’s just ‘dire’ like ‘we’re in dire straights’ or ‘dire wolf’

Also, ‘Dire’ can be considered a synonym for ‘Portentous’

Thanks ^^

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!! Actually I would really like it if you posted "unfinished" pieces or "doodles". I think it would help other artists to see how you practice you get your work to be so awesome. ^~^

!!!!! I didn’t think of it that way!! OKAY. I WILL TRY!!!! 💪💪💪 I will aim to draw sketches that look complete and have depth even without colours!!

I never get to write this

KILLED IT at spin today. Must have been the combination of the Lolla-themed playlist (Ellie Goulding, Disclosure, Major Lazer, etc) and the solid glorious 8 hours of sleep I got last night. Sleep, the original performance-enhancing drug! The teacher even called out how strong I looked. That was awesome.

Every time I think about Pidge, I start to cry.

You see, I’m.. Old. Old enough that the original voltron was one of my favorite shows as a kid. So when I heard the newest remake was pretty good, I decided to share my childhood with my own kids.

I sat on the couch with my 9 year old daughter and watched the first episode. Afterwards I was super excited because man, that was AWESOME! however my 9 year old just looked at me and said “it was good.. I just. Why couldn’t there be at least ONE GIRL on the team?!” she was super bummed. I tried telling her that’s just how the show is, always has been.

So for the next two days we spent time together watching voltron together. Today, we got to episode 5. And as the plot unraveled, as we learned about Pidge, I saw my daughter’s face break into such pure joy, that she flew off the couch and started cheering and punching the air. She was so flipping happy that her favorite character was in fact, a girl.

It’s been 6 hours since we watched it, and even now I am tearing up in joy. I can’t even explain how happy I am, to see things changing. As a little girl watching voltron way back when, I didn’t know what I was missing.


no makeup & hair down vs makeup & hair up: still a boy either way and still incredibly happy with how I look. you do not have to conform to cis gender roles to be a trans boy!

Check this out!!

My friend showed me this awesome website for bee lovers who would like to spread awareness of the population declining. Simply take a picture of every bee you find and upload it to the website with your location. A map shows which types of bees are in each area, and it’s quite fascinating to learn about their diversity from others. An amazing way to interest the human population about how cool our pollinators are. Take a look when you have the chance.

(If you really think about it, it’s kind of like Pokemon go, for bees)

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This isn't really an ask but... (this'll probably seem pretty out of place) at World Youth Day I saw these three guys trailing after a monk, and omg, dude. You know how monks where dark robes? These guys were humming Darth Vader's theme while filming him from behind. So the monk looked like a figure in black, draping clothing just like Vader without a helmet.

This is the most odd and beautiful ask I’ve ever gotten tbh

Keep sending stories I love stories

one thing i hate is thinking that If I change the way I look or how I am, people would like me better.

i hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it isn’t true. I don’t like it when friends or people I care about think that way, I’m like “nah honey you’re fucking awesome” but when it comes to me… girl, I don’t follow my own advice. 

I don’t have a “sociable” face, people always think I hate them because I don’t talk or because my face loook “angry”, and when they decide to get to know me, they realize that I’m really different. Reality is that I’m shy as fuck If I don’t trust you. With time I’ll probably trust you and be who I really am. Maybe if you’re really open, I’ll be me from the beginning.

You know people say that we all have a “type” when we like someone (physically mainly). I really think I don’t have one. Sure, I might be more attracted to tall people but that doesn’t mean that they have to be tall because, believe me, at the end I’ll fall in love with you as a person. If I find you beautifu as a person, I’ll find you beautiful in every.single.way.

so what I’m trying to say is that: not all people think the same way, you know, one mind is a whole new world. since I know they don’t think the same way, I think that If I change, they would like me more (pshycally and mentally) and honestly, hopefully one day someone will accept me the way I am.

I’m just rambling, my point is I’m thinking too much about this stupid things and I had to get it out of my system. 

Dear, deary dear anon...

I cannot express with words how much thankfull I am for that comment.

I was… going to sleep, tired and having a so-so day…  and then *Blink* my askbox glows blue.

“Another ask, I guess…? I’ll see it tomorrow” 

That was my initial thought, you know? But then I said… “Hey, let’s take a look!”. 

And…  then. 

“ it makes me so happy seeing how much you’ve improved on writing since first following you. keep on doing awesome friend! “

I just… have no words.

I’ve always felt, as if what I wrote, was shit. Something plain, boring and out of character that nobody should bear seeing… and then… this.

I really have no words. I have no icons, but I promise you that I have a place in my heart for you.. because I know how bad I was writting two months ago…  I just didn’t know nor understand what to write. 

And I… just… 

Thank you

Thank you!!!

Thank you for bearing with me until today!

taintedlove-wiltedflowers  asked:

Hi :) I just wanted to stop in and say that I love your OQ and your EC fics. And your blog and writing are pretty much the only reason I'm still even on tumblr and in the fandom for OUAT since they killed Robin, so thanks for being awesome :)

What a precious message to receive just before I go to bed. :)  Thank you!

 I do understand how difficult it is to remain in the fandom since Robin died–it can just hurt sometimes, especially with spoilers for the new season running rampant and speculation everywhere you look. It’s sad when something that once brought me joy now just makes me depressed, and it sounds as if you are experiencing something very similar. For that, I’m truly sorry. I have several friends so excited for S6, and I’m thrilled for them and hope it proves to be everything they hope it will be.However, there are times I just have to walk away from conversations about the upcoming season because I know I’ll become the wet blanket, and I don’t ever want to be that. I don’t ever want to ruin someone else’s joy, but all of my faith in this show supposedly about hope melted away with Robin’s soul and left SB along with precious Roland. I just hate that I can’t be excited along with them. 

I’m still a part of this fandom, however, because of the people I’ve met through Ouat and the relationships I’ve formed. OQ and the Hood Mills family will always be special to me, no matter how horribly they were treated by their own creators, and I’m honored that my writing brings you some joy. :)  

Now come her and let me give you a hug! And thank you again.

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