Have you noticed how Phil is made of sharp edges? His prominent chin, the clearly visible adam’s apple, the crevices where neck meets shoulder, his collarbones… everything about his body is clear cut, like a beautiful statue carved out of marvel. Even his eyes are clear and bright. Can you imagine Dan running his fingertips along those graceful lines, kissing the joints and edges and firm corners?
And in comparison, you will notice that Dan isn’t like that at all. The gentle curve of his chin, his adam’s apple hardly distinguishable, his neck all but melts into his shoulders… Dan looks soft, and the gentleness shines in his warm eyes. Now imagine Phil’s lips gliding over the elegant curve of his neck, his hands grasping the form of Dan’s waist, stroking along the line of his jaw.
How they must worship each other’s beauty.

How to Not Fall in Love with a Winchester

You should definitely avoid ever looking at either of them. Do not notice the strong line of Dean’s jaw or the sharpness of Sam’s cheek bones. Don’t look into Sam’s eyes when they are filled with emotion. Don’t notice that Dean’s eyes are sometimes the exact color of a midwestern sky just before a summer tornado. Don’t admire the way Sam’s shoulders hunch over dusty books while he researches for a case. And you should not let yourself enjoy watching Dean’s lips wrap around the neck of a beer bottle when he takes a drink. Don’t ever focus on the way Sam’s forehead wrinkles when he raises his eyebrows or how his adam’s apple dips when he clenches his jaw. Don’t think about Dean’s freckles or his stupid adorable smirk. Don’t watch Dean walk. Trust me, just don’t. Avoid looking at Sam when he’s sprawled over a chair. 

Don’t go to a bar with them. Or a diner. Don’t let them buy you a cup of coffee because then you’ll probably notice how Sam’s hands make that coffee mug look like a child’s toy. Don’t look at Dean when he smiles with his tongue just visible behind his perfect teeth and his eyes crinkling at the corners. Don’t imagine what he looks like when he bites his bottom lip. Don’t go for a ride in their car because then you’ll just be asking for it. Don’t watch Dean while he drives, tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel in time with the classic rock spilling from the speakers. Don’t look at Sam’s long legs folded into the passenger seat, his head practically hitting the ceiling. And under all circumstances, avoid seeing Sam smile; those dimples will definitely do you in.

Especially don’t imagine what they look like under all that flannel and denim. Don’t even think about what it would be like to run a hand through Sam’s hair or the way his hands would feel on your skin. Don’t imagine what it would be like to feel his lips on yours, to feel his hand wrapped around the back of your skull or cupping your ass, pressing you against him. Do not imagine Dean lifting you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, his fingers digging into your hips possessively. You also shouldn’t imagine what it would be like if Dean took you up against a wall or what it would be like to have Sam’s head between your legs. Don’t ever let them wink at you (you might implode).

But most of all, don’t listen to their stories—about how they kill monsters and demons. About how they save innocent lives everyday. About how they saved the world once. About how they always save each other. Don’t ever imagine them saving you from a supernatural being. Avoid realizing the expanse of the guilt they carry for every person they could not save, for all their loved ones that have died, for letting each other down. Don’t let them show you the depth of love they have for each other, how either would do anything for the other, how all either wants to do is sacrifice his own life so his brother can live. Don’t talk to them about growing up together in cheap hotel rooms and a chevy impala, when all they had was each other. Don’t let them tell you stories about their prank wars or their teenage dares. Don’t let Dean tell you about how he will always always look out for Sammy. Don’t let Sam tell you that Dean is his hero.

Just don’t do any of that, okay? If you don’t do any of that, I promise you’ll be fine.

Higlights of the concert in NYC:

Jhope is soooo so so hot in person. His jaw line is wonderful and happy lil thot who loves to flirt

Suga splashed me with water!!! And blonde Yoongi is just !!!! He’s just so attractive

Taehyung is a mf cutie!! He’s so sweet and cute and growly I lived

Namjoon gives his all in performances. He goes a 110% i respect that. Also he rly can’t dance it’s sad he moves with his neck he look like a chicken

Kookie was soooo cute and rly giving it his all I was so proud

Jin and Jimin were so !!!!! Jimin flashed his abs and I wasn’t too happy to see them bc I know the story…. Jin was just mom angel and he is so sweet ps his shoulders man !!!!!

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prompt; Clarke teaching Bellamy how to heal sick people and using Jasper as their practice dummy

“What is even the point?”

Bellamy shoves his hands in his pockets, swaying from one side to the other as he clenches his jaw and glares at her. Jasper looks like he would rather be anywhere but here, and Clarke can’t even blame him for it – the guy wanted to mercy-kill him not two weeks ago, after all. Even Clarke, in all her confrontational ways, would rethink standing up to Bellamy in that situation.

“You need to know that stuff if an accident happens when you’re out hunting. Now shut up and listen.”

She points the principal pressures points to him, fingers digging intp Jasper’s neck, his arms, his legs. Bellamy keeps still, feet planted into the ground and arms now folded on his chest. He doesn’t say a word, but he’s frowning in concentration and he nods every so often, so there’s that.

She shows him where to take someone’s pulse, while she’s at it, and then turns to him more fully. “You know how to make stitches, right?”

He looks stricken for a second – as stricken as a guy with a blank expression for a face can be – before he softens a little. Only a little. Octavia has been helping out at what passes for a med bay, after all, and her stitches are neater than Clarke’s ever will be. It’s not a far stretch to guess Bellamy knows how to sew, too.

He nods, still silent, and she nods too.

“Now, if one of them hurt their head…”

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Officer Gilinsky PART 2 (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

A/N: Highly requested part 2! I hope you all find this as sexy as the first, I’m so pleased with the feedback the first one has gotten. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy 😉

Warning: smutty

Last time…

“I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t stand.”

Jack’s hand gently held my throat, his thumb brushing over the smooth skin of my neck. His large body pressed against me, all air between us being suppressed. I could feel him through his pants already, even though we had just finished round one.

Jack backed up slightly, so he could get a better look at me. His jaw was clenched tightly, his dark eyes hooded and plastered to me. He had such a strong look of restrained aggression that I couldn’t quite place what he was thinking.

He stood in silence, rubbing my throat before dancing his fingers up my neck to trace the outline of my lips. He cocked his head to the side as he repeated the process. He was like an animal feeling out his prey. Finally, I couldn’t take the silence any longer.

“J-Jack,” I mutter just above a whisper. His eyes left his movements to stare right into mine. He didn’t answer, just kept feeling his way around my body.

“Do something, please” I plead with him, still speaking quietly.

“What’s the matter baby, can’t handle it now that I’m in charge?” He says in a dark voice, taking a nipple between his fingers. I wince at the sensation.

Before I had a chance to respond, he led me to the kitchen by hooking his fingers into the front of my lace panties. I truly could not fathom what he had in store, I’ve never seen Jack like this.

“Touch me” I breathe, asking once more. He arched one of his perfect eyebrows. He wasn’t acting quick enough so I took it upon myself to slip my hand lower, easing some tension.

Jack’s POV

I lunged forward and gripped her wrist tightly in mine, yanking her hand away.

“No touching what is mine” I warn. I looked down to see her delicate panties already damp.

“Tsk, tsk, baby girl. You really shouldn’t have done that,” I say in a warning tone.

“You see,” I begin, “this belongs to me” I say cupping her heat in my hand. She nearly jumped and touched the ceiling. 

“Yes, sir” she answers in the most innocent tone she could muster. I could feel my dick twitch in pants.

“It’s not going to be that easy baby” I say, a sly smirk playing on my lips.

“Wh-what do you mean?” She fumbles on her words. I fucking loved getting her flustered. I stepped towards her until her ass hit the back of the kitchen island.

“I’m gonna make you beg me to let you cum, and I’m gonna make you beg me to let you stop” I growl.

Her eyes fluttered at my words, every hair on her neck pricking up. I wrapped her hair around my hand loosely, and spun her around quickly.

She was now bent over the kitchen island, her sexy ass pressed tightly to my groin. I shut my eyes for a moment, relishing this view beneath me. I bent forward and licked a stripe along her spine, stopping by her ear.

“Don’t move baby,” I warn before stepping away and moving over towards the fridge.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“So many questions,” I chastise before returning to my previous position. 

“You think it was fun to tease me, huh baby” I say while stroking my hand up and down her ass.

“Well it’s my turn now,” I say more forcefully, “and if you make a sound, I stop. Got it baby girl?”

“Yes” she moaned.

In one fell swoop I ripped her bra apart between my two hands, some of the delicate beading cascading to the floor. She gasped loudly. 

Y/n’s POV 

“It’s time I get to see your pretty little self,” Jack moaned behind me, slipping my panties down my legs. He sank to his knees with them, kneading my ass.

“Mmmm, so beautiful” he hummed before I felt the very tip of his tongue trace the most sensitive spot. He was holding back, and he knew it. 

I pushed myself back against him, desperate for more of his mouth, those thick pink lips could work wonders.

“Greedy girl,” he growled placing a nip inside which made me tense. He stood once more grasping my hips firmly before slamming them back against him.
He began to thrust at a torturously slow pace, completely doing what he wants. 

“F-faster, please Jack” the words were falling from me without a second thought. Suddenly the sweet sensation stopped. That asshole stopped moving.

“What did I say baby?” He says harshly. “No fucking sounds” he reiterated. 

He pulled out and turned me around, the first ounce of intimacy we’ve had so far. He was so sexy I longed to touch him, run my hands through his hair. But this was his game, his rules.

“Since you can’t keep quiet, I guess I’ll have to make sure you do,” he spoke calmly, a mature edge to his voice.

“Let’s see what those pretty lips can do,” he asserts with a thumb on my bottom lip, aggressively biting his own lip at what he’s inferring.

I dropped to my knees and wrapped myself around him. I could tell I was doing something right, but he wouldn’t give me the satisfaction I needed. He kept himself restrained for a solid five minutes.

“S-stop,” he orders pulling me up quickly before pressing me back against the counter.

My arms were outstretched against the cool granite tops, as he plunged back inside for the second time. This time he went faster, thank god. I was enjoying the sensation, stroke after stroke, feeling myself get closer. Like the pro he is, Jack immediately stopped moving when I was on the cusp. 

This asshole was edging me.

I breathed harshly and loudly, too impatient for this. I could feel him shift behind me, slightly confused as to what he was doing. He began to pump slowly, working me back up again. I was silently praying he would let me release on this one.

I wasn’t going to last too much longer when he did the unthinkable. Something so mind blowing I felt like I was outside of my body, all coherent thoughts lost.
My hands clawing at the smooth countertop desperate for something to grab onto.

He ran an ice cube along my scorching core, in and out of every crevice, resting it on the spot that needed it the most. My entire body jolted forward at the sudden sub-zero sensation. He thrusted feverishly at the same time, successfully giving me the most violent release of my life.

“Fuck!” I scream so loudly my voice carried throughout the house.

“Mmmm yes baby!” He groaned loudly behind me, finishing himself.

“Hopefully this will serve as a reminder the next time you decide to tease me,” he groaned sucking my neck.

“Yes, Officer.”

bad boy!calum always liked taking you to the drive in movies because he cherished being with you. always loved to hear you laugh at the silly parts in the movie and see your radiating smile. he’d also like the necking. he’d take your hand and give it a squeeze before leaning in to kiss your jaw. you’d giggle while he’d smile against you while kissing your jawline slowly, wanting to hear more noises come from you. “you look sooo good tonight, angel” he’d whisper against you, his hand skimming over your skirts hem as he kisses tenderly and you’d be giggling gently before squeaking a bit while trying not to melt right there. he’d be impressed with his affect on you, squeezing your thigh, making you moan in content. and the night always would end up with more giggles, soft moans, handsy Calum, foggy windows, some car movement, and love bites

But cuddly Ashton would be so cute like he is holding you tight in his arms while you two are on the sofa cuddling and watching a Marvel movie and he always tries to kiss your lips bc he’s so annoying but you’re checking your phone on Tumblr bc you’re a bit bored and Ashton always tries to cover it with his hands bc he wants your attention so he would start to kiss your cheeks and jaw and then your neck and he would also start to suck and nibble it a bit bc he knows you like it but you put a hand on his face pulling him away like “Ash watch the movie, im busy” not looking at him bc you’re so focused on the screen of your phone but Ashton still fights so his hands would start to caress your legs and thighs and your belly and your stomach and his touch is so sweet but also so desperate for attention bc he doesn’t care about the movie anymore he only wants your cuddles and kisses and hugs and your hands on his hair but you don’t look at him bc the phone is so interesting and he starts to say things in your ear like “turn off the phone and have some fun with me” but you just say “shhhh Ashton you’re disturbing me” and he’s like uGHH FUCK but he keeps whispering things to you holding you close and now he has his leg on yours looking directly at your face and he says in a super sexy way “i want you babe” and you’d be like “but im busy so use your hand, you’re good with that” scrolling the pages so Ashton is a bit pissed off right now and he would start to push his own body against yours bc he’s on top and your legs are open so he caresses your crotch and “accidentally” touches your clit through the pajama pants and you immediately look at him shocked and he smirks bc finally he gets your attention and this just ends with a good sex while the phone just fell on the ground bc wHO CARES ABOUT THE PHONE WHEN THERE’S ASHTON RIGHT THERE

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!! Witch hazel, Fenhawke!

witch hazel: a spell.

His loathing of mages doesn’t make him immune to their tricks, it would seem. But this is not a spell she ever meant to cast, for though her fingers are reckless with their weaving of thunder and fire and she often miscalculates the lethal trajectory of her magic, Fenris is sure Hawke did not intend this.

Regardless, the spell is cast with her deep-bellied bark of a laugh, reaching places within him thought long lost, and when she looks at him from across the table with that gleam in her eyes he is the one who is lost. The whole of him, mind and soul and his weary heart.

And she doesn’t mean to, Fenris knows, but he can’t help but resent her for it, when the urge strikes him to reach for her – to touch her neck, her sharp jaw, and to draw that laughter from her belly, only to smother it against his lips. He starves for the feel of her, his yearning an ugly, desperate thing, but with every laugh the spell settles further, sinks under his skin until it’s carved into his bones. And the day he finally does touch her is the day he succumbs – the day he lets the full, violent force of it consume him, as he does her, until she’s the one who’s left gasping for air and the desperation is hers, not his.

He leaves her, still under the spell. It pulls on his limbs, like strings on his heart, but he’s been a puppet once and he won’t be again, though she doesn’t mean to, he knows she doesn’t mean to.

“Was it that bad?” she asks, the words light, but he can’t string his own together, still at the mercy of her touch, the bewitching chant of her voice. 

“Fenris,” she says then, magic in her words and magic in her very being, but all he can do is walk away, because she’s burning too bright for him to touch, and though his heart aches and his bones ache he dredges up his very last ounce of strength to resist. 

“Forgive me.” And he speaks the words around the vice on his tongue, wrapped with the sealing spell of her kiss, and though he wants to he can’t speak the words she deserves to hear. I am yours, and he is, he’s been since she’d first snorted into her wine glass at something he’d said, spellbound in a way that is no mage’s doing but hers, all her, and though his stubborn resistance is all him, he knows, oh he knows there’s no walking away from this. 

Warning: smutty

“Baby you know how sexy you look in that dress tonight?” John moaned pinning me against his bedroom door.
“Mmm, remind me” I tease as he begins to suck on my neck, hands roaming my body.

“So good that I’ve been planning on what I want to do to you all night” he groaned tracing my jaw with his tongue.

“And what’s that?” I coax enjoying the sensation.
“Eat you till you scream” he says before aggressively flipping me around and pressing me against the wall.

He slid my dress up roughly, exposing me to him.
“John,” I whine causing him to chuckle.
“Always so needy baby girl” he said ripping my panties off. I could feel his warm breath ghosting across me before his tongue traced light circles against my heat. I wiggled my hips but he held me still.

“John Swift fucking do something” I say frustrated, but no response came just the feeling of his lips sucking onto me. I jolted forward as he licked with intensity. He rubbed his hand up my spine and held me down at the middle of my back as he grazed my clit with his teeth.

He dragged his full lips up and down, tormenting before easing up slightly. He used his tongue to lightly trace circles before applying a great deal of pressure making me throb.

“Let go baby, I want to feel you on my tongue” he spoke into me making me release. It felt like hours to ride it out, but John stayed put relentlessly finishing.

“Always a treat,” he said before sinking his teeth into my bare ass cheek.

Goodbye - Brooklyn Beckham Imagine


You zipped up your suitcase and sighed, turning to Brooklyn sadly.

He looked up at you and pouted, small tears were now dried on both of your faces.

You sighed and fell onto him, hugging him tightly and straddling his waist as he was sitting on the chair in your room.

You placed kisses along his jaw, neck and cheek as he rubbed your back lightly.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” You mumbled onto his skin.

His chuckles hit your skin and you moved so you stared at his face.

“I’m going to miss you too.” He told you before placing a kiss on your lips.

You pulled away and slouched down.

He tilted your head up sweetly, “We’ve got Skype, FaceTime, iMessage and everything inbetween, we can do the long distance thing for a couple years.”

Your temple fell onto his as you sighed, “You’re right.” 

“I know I am.” He chuckled at you, “But,”

He moved and you stood up, he stood up too and reached into his pocket.

Your eyes widened at the small plush toy he held out to you.

You smiled at it, it’s the same plush toy he had one on your first outing as an exclusive couple

You looked up at him and he nodded down at it.

You took it and grinned, “Thank you!”

He laughed as the two of you began to cry once again.

He cupped your face and kissed you hard, “I love you.”

what have I done

Have you noticed how Phil is made of sharp edges? His prominent chin, the clearly visible adam’s apple, the crevices where neck meets shoulder, his collarbones… everything about his body is clear cut, like a beautiful statue carved out of marvel. Even his eyes are clear and bright. Can you imagine Dan running his fingertips along those graceful lines, kissing the joints and edges and firm corners?
And in comparison, you will notice that Dan isn’t like that at all. The gentle curve of his chin, his adam’s apple hardly distinguishable, his neck all but melts into his shoulders… Dan looks soft, and the gentleness shines in his warm eyes. Now imagine Phil’s lips gliding over the elegant curve of his neck, his hands grasping the form of Dan’s waist, stroking along the line of his jaw.
How they must worship each other’s beauty.


Last night, Liese and Alex were up until four in the morning doing what they do best. She almost forgot that they were supposed to go to the gala tomorrow. But then again, how could she forget with her dress hanging on the door? Around one the next day, she woke up beside Alex with a yawn and looked around his room to locate the bathroom so she could shower and get ready. Before getting out of bed though, Liese kissed his jaw and neck, trying to wake him up. “Alex…Babe, come on, we have to clean up, we smell like vodka-” she mumbled. After that, she just tugged the blankets off of him and headed to the shower. 

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do u have photographic evidence that petes throat was made for the Succ™

sean dont doubt for a minute my pete wentz stan knowledge and power ill prove this beyond all reasonable doubt!

(most of these pictures are from 2013 because that was the era of vnecks and low cut shirts amen)

under the cut because i dont want a restraining order put on me by pete wentz

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Steve touches his jaw, kisses his cheek, closes his eyes and breathes while Tony holds him.

“You’re alive,” Steve says, “Oh, god. Oh thank God.” He can see the others over Tony’s shoulder, Clint and Thor looking sympathetic, NAtasha watching him with quiet understanding.

Sam reaches over Tony’s shoulder to curl his hand over the back of Steve’s neck. “Everyone’s okay,” Sam says. “It’s you we were worried about.”

Sam’s hand is warm and Tony’s heart is beating against Steve’s chest and Bruce’s hands are gentle as he slips into the room and helps Tony guide him back to bed.

And Steve drags Tony down onto the bed with him, clutches at the back of Tony’s shirt and sobs, all the fear and hate and LOSS of the last few weeks finally let loose.

Steve pulls Tony against his chest and cups the side of his face, runs his fingers over Tony’s face, tracing soft healthy skin and lets himself fall asleep again while Bruce checks him out and the others stand guard.

The next time he wakes up Tony is waiting for him and he’s smiling.

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Hello, if you are up for it! Shine by Years&years tomlinshaw! Thank you!:)

The first time they talk about it is when they decide that they’re in a relationship. Nick strokes his thumb over Louis’ jaw, and looks him in the eye so intensely Louis needs to close his eyes for a second.

“There’s just a thing,” he says, mouth dry and Nick’s hand big and warm on his neck, eyes still closed.

Nick removes his hand. “What’s that, then?”

Louis bows his head down and opens his eyes. Nick is wearing paisley socks. “I’m not, you know. Out.” He swallows. “Just so you know.”

“Love, look at me.” Nick meets Louis’ eyes with a small smile. “It’s not a problem. Don’t worry about that.”

Suddenly it’s easier to breathe. If Louis doesn’t 100% believe that it’s truly not a problem, then he can deal with that later. Right now he’s got a new boyfriend to kiss (and tease about his socks).

The second time they talk about it is about three months later. Louis is at Nick’s flat, on the phone with his mum, and he catches himself saying “I’m at my b– my bro Zayn’s house, yeah”. His pulse is still erratic when he hangs up. That was close.

“Your bro? Is that what I am now?” Nick raises an eyebrow.

Louis grimaces and slumps down on the sofa next to him. “Please stop,” he says, followed by a groan. “I hate lying to her. I hate it.”

Nick reaches a hand out and carefully places it on Louis’ knee. “You don’t have to,” he says softly.

“I know.” Louis’ stomach twists. He puts his hand over Nick’s, wedges his fingers in between Nick’s. “Thanks, though.”

Nick lifts their hands and kisses Louis’ knuckles, then smiles at him. Louis is really, incredibly, disgustingly in love.

The third and final time they talk about is a month later. They’re in bed, but neither of them are asleep.

“Hey,” Louis says and combs his fingers through Nick’s chest hair. “I’ve been thinking.”

“Really? Weird, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.” Nick grins.

Louis pinches his nipple. “Shut up, I’m serious. As I was saying, I’ve been thinking, and I think it’s time.” Nick furrows his eyebrows, and Louis hurries to add, “to come out, I mean.”

The smile that spreads over Nick’s face makes Louis’ chest do a ridiculous clenching thing. Fuck, he loves him.

“That’s great, love.” Nick’s hand has found his, and is squeezing it. “May I ask how you came to that decision?”

Louis looks away. “I know we’ve only been together for a few months, but… I really want people to know you.”

“To know that I’m yours, you mean?” Nick looks awfully pleased.

Any other day Louis would have done anything to wipe that look off Nick’s face. Not today. Today he nods, and leans in to kiss him. He tastes like skin and toothpaste and somehow it’s the best thing ever.

“Besides,” Louis says when he pulls back, “I count on you to have my back if anyone disowns me.” He says it lightly, but Nick’s isn’t fooled.

He frowns. “No one’s going to disown you,” he says and strokes Louis’ cheek fondly.

Louis lies down with his head on Nick’s chest, not saying anything else, letting Nick wrap his arms around him. He can feel the vibrations when Nick adds, “but of course I’ve got you.”

Alone Time

Also for keybangs, set in the Good boy au  

Taemin get’s some time with Jinki by himself, and that means he can do whatever he wants, like calling Kibum as he fucks Jinki. 

Taemin was sitting back on his heels, hands clasped in his lap as he looked up at Jinki. His collar was familiar on his neck, the soft leather giving him a sort of comfort. It was a gift from Jinki last Christmas. Kibum had one too up on the big dresser in it’s nice box. Jinki smiled as he ran his fingers over Taemin’s jaw, up to push through his hair, and then back down to gently curl his finger around the leather as he bent down to kiss him. “You have me all to yourself Kitten. Is there anything you wish to do?” 

He just looked at Jinki, pulling his lip between his teeth as he thought about it. He wanted to kiss up Jinki’s thighs, leave marks all along it for Kibum to find when he got back in two days. He wanted to suck the skin so hard they stayed for days after too, but he also wanted to push Jinki’s legs back and eat him out. Last time Kibum got to, and it was about time he got to pleasure Jinki all he wanted. He could also sit back and let Jinki ride him, have the man whispering in his ear, kissing up his neck, have Jinki all around him. Because Jinki was overstimulating and he loved it. 

But he also wanted to make Kibum’s flight and business meeting a little more interesting. “I want to fuck you while Bummie is on the phone.” 

Jinki’s eyebrow shot up, but he said nothing else. He began to unbutton his shirt and when Taemin saw him flick his fingers up he quickly pushed up and began undressing him. He nibbled on Jinki’s neck as he finished pushing the shirt over his shoulders, and the man chuckled as he twirled his hair around his fingers. “Such impatience.” 

Taemin didn’t stop however because the fingers in his hair didn’t tug and that was the signal to stop most of the time. He continued to kiss and lick all over Jinki’s neck and collarbones until the man tugged him up to kiss him on the lips. Taemin was pushed back onto the bed, Jinki straddling him. 

Jinki pulled him up by his collar carefully. He brushed their noses together before smirking, “Want to call him now or after you’re inside me hmm?” 

They waited, because Taemin didn’t want to give Kibum any chance to hang up before he heard Jinki’s mewls and couldn’t ignore them anymore. Taemin liked Kibum’s business trips. A lot. Especially when the man was cursing over speaker phone about how he needs to find a bathroom because he can’t cum in these expensive jeans. Jinki’s breathy laughter just made Kibum curse more and the sound of a crash to sound. Apparently he ran into a wall. 

Mingyu: Fucks you at an event because of how stunning you look.

“(Y/N)! You almost ready babe?!“ you hear Mingyu shout from the first floor.

"One second baby!” You attempt for the fifth time to try and clip the diamond necklace Mingyu bought you around your neck but you still couldn’t get it. You sigh and set the jewelry back into the box, deciding against wearing it to the event.

You close the wooden box on your dresser and rush out of the room, trying to put your earrings in and slip into your heels at the same time. You get to the top of the stairs and see Mingyu waiting at the bottom.

“Can we go? Plea-” his sentence cuts short and his jaw slacks, dropping open when he turns to look at you. “Oh my. Oh my god (Y/N). What the fuck..”

You instantly feel insecure and start walking down the steps, trying to hide your face from your own boyfriend. He didn’t like the way you looked and that devastated you.

As you get closer to the bottom, Mingyu extends his arm out, reaching for you. You place your hand in his and he gently helps you down the last few steps, lifting your hand up and twirling you around once you’re in front of him. “Holy fucking shit baby.”

You gasp as you’re suddenly pushed backwards, the pressure of Mingyu’s hands on your hips never leaving until the railing of the staircase was digging uncomfortably into your lower back. In less than two seconds you feel his hot breath on your neck, ghosting over your collarbones, making fire ignite within your whole body.

“So fucking hot. So gorgeous.”

His lips are like ice on your skin as he leaves delicate kisses in a trail, but the sensation is gone just as soon as it started when he pulls away. He doesn’t seem to notice the unsatisfied whimper you let out as he pulls his phone from his pocket and answers it.

“Hello?” He answers in perfect English. He had been practicing, for you he said, and he was getting a lot better. You were proud.

“10-20? Maybe? .. No. Yeah we’re leaving now..” He lies to whoever was on the other line, S.Coups you guessed. He looks up from the floor to meet your eyes, a smirk tugging at his lips as he waits for Seungchol’s response. “Yeah alright man whatever. I’ll see you there.”

Mingyu hangs up his phone and shoves it in his pocket. He pushes forward to kiss your lips softly, moving his mouth against yours slowly, just to annoy you. To add to your annoyance, instead of allowing you to deepen the kiss when you try, he pulls away, pulling your bottom lip between his teeth with him.

Your boyfriend stands in front of you, smirking like the cock head he was. He runs his tongue over his pink lips to tease you further, before grabbing your hand and pulling you outside to your ride.


You were nervous. You were scared. What if they hated you? Well the fans already envied you but this would be a live red carpet event and you’d be receiving the hate on a whole new level. It wouldn’t be the shit through the computer screen you were used to.

Aside from all of those panicky feelings though, you were horny as fuck. Mingyu’s little teasing session earlier left you on the fucking edge. You wanted to just rip his pants off in the back of this limo and ride his dick right there. Nobody could see you, so there was no problem.

“Are you okay?” He asks, breaking you from your sexual thoughts.

“Me? Oh um, yeah. I’m great. Why?” you asked, fiddling with your hands.

“You’re picking at your nails. I know you’re lying.” He points out and you frown, pulling your hands apart and deciding to play with your dress instead.

“I’m just nervous is all. Nothing big.”

“What? Nervous about what baby? It’s just the red carpet. All it is is pictures and smiling.” He explains, scooting to the edge of the seat and turning to you. You were looking at your tight black dress, that now seemed too small to be wearing in public. Mingyu’s fingers pinch your chin and force you to look at him. “All you really have to do baby is stay next to me okay? You’ll be fine. I promise.”

“I don’t feel so good.” You shake your head and try to rid of the lump in your throat. It only seemed to grow bigger by every second you became closer to the event. “No Mingyu I can’t.”

“Okay okay. Baby chill. Hold on.” He pushes and holds down a button on the door next to him, rolling down the soundproof window that separated you and the driver. “Driver can you do a few extra laps around the block for me please? Thank you.”

He rolls the window back up and slips off of the leather seat, sliding off his jacket of his suit as he kneels next to you.

“Lay down,” he commands, undoing the buttons of his under shirt. He only leave the top few undone, giving you a sneak peak of his toned chest. “Never mind. No time for that. We need to do something quicker.”

He sits back up on the seat and grabs your hips, swiftly pulling you into his lap to straddle his waist. Instantly your hands are on his neck and you were pulling his face to yours, attacking his lips hungrily, desperately trying to get rid of your unwanted nerves. His hands cup the back of your knees, slowly sliding their way up your thighs and to your ass, squeezing lightly before lifting his right hand to smack you harshly. You squeak into his mouth and he groans obscenely.

“Shit okay. Now. Give it to me. Now” He breathes out, barely pulling away from your kiss.

“What?” you ask, your eyes fluttering as his fingers knead into ass cheeks with want.

“Give it to me. I know you hid it in your bra earlier. So give it to me or I’ll take it out.”

You quickly reach your hand into the top of your dress to pull out the condom. You hand him the lime green packet and he pushes you back, moving you to sit on his thighs while he works at his dress pants. He pops the button and unzips the fly, pulling his fully hard cock out. He rips the packet open hungrily with his teeth, almost moaning as he covers himself with the condom.

“Shit.” He curses.

“What?” You ask again.

“I think there’s a hole.”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” you grumble, pushing off his lap as he removes the condom again.

“Guess you’ll just have to suck me off,” he smirks at you and your stomach leaps.

“Is that what you want baby? To fuck my mouth with that big cock of yours?” you ask him. “Wanna come in my mouth Ming? Hmm?”

“Yes fuck. Oh god. Okay okay. Come back.” He pulls you back closer to him, his hands gripping handfuls of your hair and pushing you down so you were on your knees in front of him. You gently flick your tongue out, the tip of his cock just barely brushing past your lips and making him whine. “Oh baby please. God please. Not right now.”

You decide not to mess with him anymore as the crack in his voice gave away his desperation, so you sink down into his member, his nails digging into your scalp to push you further. You relax your throat, allowing him to push you all the way down until your nose was against his stomach.

Your gag reflex kicks in and starts constricting around the tip of his cock, making him groan and jerk his hips up.

“Fuck baby. So good. So good baby girl. Love your mouth, absolutely fucking love it. So wet, so warm,” he whimpers and tightens his grip on your hair. You could tell he wasn’t going to last long. It had barely been a minute and he was already almost crying.

He finally let’s out a breath as he releases you to pull off and get some air. You push his hands away from his cock and move them up to his own hair, his fingers tangling in the brown locks and tugging. You grab the base of his fun and kiss the tip once before enveloping his whole member again. This time you bob your head up and down, swirling your tongue around the underside. He makes noises from above you and you look up at him, causing one of his hands to shoot down to your head again. He grips tightly as he pushes you down as far as you could go.

“Fuck baby girl. Yes. Fuck yes. God just like that. Oh,” he moans. He holds your head in his hand and holds you down, his hips beginning to snap up roughly into your mouth. Next thing you know he’s pulling out and jerking his dick with such force, you was afraid it might fall off. With one last shout of your name, he comes. You open my mouth wide and hot white spurts explode onto your tongue and across your cheekbones. He lazily tugs on himself until he’s finished.

“Better?” you ask.

“Yes thank you.” He strokes your hair and pulls you up into a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” you say back against his lips. You smirk and sit beside him.

“My turn.” you say, slowly lifting your dress up your thighs. There were no questions asked before he was kneeling in front of you, kissing your thighs and spreading your legs with his arms.

He placed a kiss on your clit before letting his tongue dart in and out, causing pleasure to course through you.

“Oh shit. Oh fuck that feel so good.” you moan, closing your eyes. Your legs were tensing together, but his strong arms kept them apart. He took one hand and slid two fingers into you, pumping in and out furiously. He hit your g-spot and you screamed, dragging your nails across the seat.

“M-Mingyu, I’m so close.” you stutter, your core tightening. He nods and continues pumping until your core loss ended and you came all over his face. He smirks and wipes his face off. He sits down by you and pulls you in for a hug, kissing the top of your head.

“You better babe?” He asks, running his hand along your arm. You nod.

“Very much.”


Tweeze Please (Bruce Banner x Reader) One Shot

“In all honesty, ya really should let me,” You chirped, shrugging your shoulders. “You’ll look great and I’m reeaal good at this.”

Bruce cast a downwards glance, looking uncertain. “I don’t know (Y/N)…It’s going to hurt.”

You deadpanned, eyebrow shooting upwards. “Seriously? You’ll take a missile to the face but I can’t pluck your eyebrows for you?”

He chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck in a tense, and awkward fashion. “Well, you see-”

“Be quiet,” You finally commanded, dragging your chair in front of him and dropping yourself on it. He looked rather stunned, even more so when you grabbed his jaw and turned his face towards you. “I’m doing this so suck it up buttercup because I’m goin’ to make you look hella fine.”

Bruce gulped audibly before you were already pinching the tweezers around the first hair.

* * *



“Ow (Y/N)!”

“I’m sorry!”

“Ow-for the love of God!” Bruce swatted your hands away and stared at you in horror, hand covering his brow. “What is wrong with you?! How do you do this to yourself?!”

You shrugged, picking at the hem of your jeans with your tweezers. “You get used to it. It really isn’t all that bad. Plus-” You pointed to the one eyebrow you’d managed to get to before he’d started acting like a child. “I’ve barely taken any hairs out and you already look better.”

He scowled at you, dropping his hand from his face. “I better not look too lady like. I won’t appreciate a curved eyebrow or anything.”

You chuckled, pulling his face to where you could get a better look at the large, dark caterpillars that he called eyebrows. “Yeah trust me, I really don’t have THAT much time.”

luke is so attractive but not even conventionally, like??? he’s so beautiful, his lil perfect pointy pixie nose is so cute and his eyebrows are shaped so nicely and his eyelashes are thick and fan over his pretty blue eyes. he usually doesn’t smile with teeth (I love his plump lips and oh my god his lip ring) but when he does his teeth are slightly stained at the front but so lovely and straight and his dimples contrasted against the scruff across his jaw look so gorgeous. his hair is this gorgeous dirty blond colour and when he leaves it naturally it curls ever so slightly at the nape of his neck and around his adorable lil square ears?? his shoulders are so broad and his tummy is so cute and his hands are so large and I fall in love with him and his oh so gorgeous self every damn day :-(((