I’m laughing so hard because there’s so much comments on that comic of Faith coming out to Michael because they don’t know who the characters are

My personal favourites:

" That dad looks like the rock "

" The girl’s dad looks so done "

" Does he bandage his hands to achieve the power to make rainbows? "

" Is that One punch man? "

" Buff dad making rainbows? Nice "

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but seriously tho i’m still not over that “ours and ours alone” moment. where is thorin looking? what’s going on there? what is his gaze drawn to? i mean it’s not like there’s a pile of gold next to bilbo or smth. so i can’t stop picturing him holding bilbo’s hand on his palm and just looking at it, head tilted, eyes half-lidded, thinking how this small, deceivingly soft hand climbed mountains for him, wielded a sword for him, killed orcs and wargs for him, stole from the elves for him (1/2)

(2/2) and how he would love to see it adorned with THEIR gold and jewels, even though bilbo does not care for gold and jewels - maybe especially BECAUSE bilbo does not care for them. why am i in this hell. why.

how dare you. you are dragging me down again into the pit i 

okay but thorin says, “this gold…” and yeah, he’s looking down at bilbo’s body, maybe even at his hands, like you said. 

that’s honestly how it looks to me! then he kind of flinches and says, “is ours, and ours alone.” and he whispers it. it’s so intimate! ?? it’s such an ODD MOMENT and honestly such a strange choice of words. except not because bagginshield.

i REFUSE openly refuse to believe he meant anything other than “this gold is ours, bilbo, no one else’s” and that he was excluding the rest of the company at this point in time because he does not trust them. i mean, that’s the whole reason he pulled bilbo aside in the first place, to discuss the fact that he doesn’t trust the others and he is afraid they’ve taken the arkenstone. 

got a little off track there, but god, i am digging this headcanon of yours. it makes sense to me that in the depths of the sickness, in this moment, thorin would be imagining adorning bilbo in gold and finery. he’s just watched bilbo put on the mithril shirt, he stood there admiring bilbo, literally looking up and down his body, probably thinking about how beautiful he looks, how right it is that bilbo should wear fine things crafted from priceless treasures. AND AND if you consider that the mithril shirt is a courting gift, i’m sure dragon-sick!thorin has some other extravagant courting gifts in mind, this was maybe just the first of a whole slew of priceless things thorin planned to give bilbo… just… THORIN NO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MY SON. 

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Hello! I wanted to ask abouut this your phrase: "It doesn´t look he has his hand on Eric´s bum…it looks like way more". Who "he"?

I suspect you’re thinking of a post by sleeping-bee :) We’re referring to the one and only Andrew Poje ;)

Having been a fan of Tessa and Scott, I’m all over this.


— when attempting to secretly play footsie at a press conference, make sure that everyone can’t see straight under the table.

— when attempting to covertly touch the butt in a group photo, make sure their isn’t a giant ass floor to ceiling mirror behind you.

*sigh ice dancers*

O Canada ;) ;) ;)

this photo of my brother and I absolutely kills me. I look like the kid who used to casually eat dirt and laugh over words like “egg” and he looks like a burgeoning sociopath who still hasn’t mastered the facade of giving basic physical affection. Look at his hand; it’s more like an awkward, confused claw gripping my shoulder like “yes this child is in fact related to me and by extension is mildly relevant to my life”

Dean and Cas taking road trips. Not like the ones the Winchesters took, driving from state to state for a new monster to hunt. These are just driving to drive. 

Dean letting Cas pick the music because, damn, he’d give anything for that guy.

The early spring sunlight reflecting off Cas’ eyes giving the ocean next to them a run for their money.

Cas entangling his hand with Dean’s, looking out the window at the scenery. 

Dean humming along with the music Cas choose because it’s not that bad, I guess

Dean pulling the car over because Cas said he saw something in the water. As soon as he parks Cas jumps on him, straddling his lap. It takes Dean by surprise, but he recovers quickly. 

When they break apart to catch their breath, Cas whispers “I lied.” 

Dean huffs a laugh, and leans in to capture his angels lips once more.

Because these two making people feel uncomfortable by just looking or holding each other is the most precious thing


“You missed me?” he asked, looking up at you through long lashes.

“Of course I missed you. Those two are entertaining,” you said, jerking your thumb back at Sam and Dean who were standing by the car. “But I don’t have the same kind of fun with them as I do with you.”

Cas looked down, smile filling his face.

“Where were you anyway? And where’s your tie?” you asked. He looked down, running a hand absently over the front of his shirt.

“It’s actually an interesting story. I was walking down the street and there was this cat—”

“Cas,” you stopped him gently. “Maybe you could tell me everything over dinner?” If it were possible, his smile widened.

“Yes,” he nodded without hesitation. “I’d like that very much. I’ll tell you everything.”