Skintones for POC companions in Dragon Age

Whitewashing is a huge problem in every fandom, and DA is no exception. All of the characters above are whitewashed and have their skin lightened on a daily basis. 

There is no excuse when someone whitewashes a character. Take your appropriate swatches if you must, and make sure you are staying true to the characters actual skin tone. Use these colours if you’d like - they were more meant to prove a point. You are certainly welcome to use them as a base.

Stop whitewashing POC. Stop lightening skin, stop slimming down features, and stop blaming whitewashing on lighting. You know better than that. You can do better than that.

Do not take swatches from the lightest part of the face - all the light colours shown here are meant for highlighting purposes. They are the highlights of the face, to be used to display light bouncing off the surface of one’s skin.

Every image of the characters except Josephine was taken from the dragon age wiki site and was only altered to fit and blend with the pictures. All other graphics are mine. 

My bard singing about the sexual escapades of our dwarf and our gnome's reaction to the noises

*sung to the tune Ragnar the Red*

My bard: “Oh, there once was a hero named Ivan the Brave, who had failed at wooing a sultry young maid.

And the man from the forest had lost to the dwarf, who had taken the woman around to horse.

And then a low hush had fallen thorough the inn, ‘til the sound of a hellbeast came through on the wind.

And the gnome felt a passion inside of his heart to save his two friends from being torn apart.

And so, he had took up his blade and his shield to commence his attack on the hellbeast to yeild.

There he saw the fair maiden lay under the dwarf, who ignored the gnome and plowed the maiden some more.”

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Would you happen to know of a list of things to do or people to ask about writing jewish characters? My dad's side of the family is jewish, and I want to write something for the may 5th thing, but he didn't pass any cultural stuff down so I don't know where to start.

Sorry, anon - this came in after I went to bed last night. And I’m not going to be able to answer this with anything immediately helpful, because there isn’t a plug-and-play list out there. 

The very, very first step is going to be de-centering the western “Judeo-Christian” culture as anything but Christian. We are not Christians-minus-Christ, (though that’s a really popular misconception).  We think differently, have a different worldview, all that jazz. The mind/body substance duality means nothing. There is no threat of eternal damnation hanging over us like the proverbial Damoclesian sword. 


So what does that mean on a practical level, I hear you ask? I just wanna write superheroes kissing! 

- No formal theory of an afterlife means you have to fix your shit in this world. Active fixing, not beating one’s chest and confessing.

- Active repentance for wrongs directed at living people is required before trying to absolve-through-prayer to Gd (He generally doesn’t want to hear it until you’ve fixed things with people first).

- Mortification of the flesh / flagellating yourself in the desert is an idiot move. Gd gave us nice things (wine, sex, music, free will) so that we could enjoy them. 

- Judaism is an orthopraxy, not an orthodoxy. We generally don’t care what you believe, as long as you do the right thing. That explains why Atheist Jews, or the ever-popular Jewish Buddhists, are not contradictions. 

(This is probably why we tend to marry Catholics, when we do intermarry - they’re also works-based. And guilt-fueled.)

- If a non-Jew acts correctly (charity, kindness, not murdering people, etc), they are as righteous as the best of observant Jews. Allies are welcomed, Righteous Gentiles are lauded, conversions are strongly discouraged. 


Next, decide what kind of Jew the character you’re writing will be. Is their background Ashkenazi, Sephardi or Mizrahi? 

Billy Kaplan from Young Avengers is Ashkenazi, for instance – there’s zero question there. Making America Chavez Jewish, though… she’s going to fit best as Sephardi, and her linguistic creole will be Ladino, not Yiddish. (And she gets to eat rice on Pesach. Damn her eyes!) 

After that, decide on their relationship to Judaism - secular, cultural, observant? How do they feel about it? How do they participate in their community? Because we’re old-school tribal - there are rituals and services required of us that also require a minimum of ten Jews to perform. Jews aren’t naturally solitary practitioners. 

Once you’ve nailed that down, read everything you get your hands on written by people from that background. Learn how we talk about ourselves, and how we engage with the world around us. 

Learn what we mean when we say “two Jews, three opinions,” or “laughing through tears.” (“And we both boycott that bastard on the hill.”) Why many of us got eye-twitches at Gringott’s, and why, historically speaking, ‘fanfic’ about Jews has ended poorly for us. 


For a more short-cutty version, take a look through the Jewish tag at @writingwithcolor - there are a lot of questions answered there. 

And for an example of #ownvoices fantasy-genre fiction entirely rooted in Judaism and Jewish values, you can’t go wrong with @shiraglassman‘s Mangoverse novels and novellas. 



The last semester really rattled me in a number of ways and really got in the way of the things I want to do most: comics. So I’ve reworked my Patreon, restructured my life, and I’ve been making it a priority to get content up for a lower price (b/c hey, life sucks and throws a lotta curveballs). ANYWAYS. Hey! Feel like tossing a buck or two my way to help support a giant loser make comics and stuff? Want in on cool comic previews, sketchbooks, illustrations, and god knows what else? I betcha do. Click that link thing. I double dog dare you.

I’ll draw y’all shippy goofy art. C’monnnnnn

Any reblogs and shares are very, VERY appreciated!! :’^)


roommate(ish) au
  • Nicole is new in town and Wynonna just moved back so obviously they should move in together? what other conclusion is there
  • Waverly is still helping w all the revenant research (and Haught is in on it from the start) so she’s over at their place a lot. like, A Lot.
  • this is a Problem for Nicole because Waverly is so cute and so smart and Nicole is So gay but???? It’s Wynonna’s little sister????????? aren’t there friend rules that say not to go after your new best friend’s sister who has a boyfriend and is probably straight anyways?
  • Wynonna is, of course, fully on board and thinks Nicole is fifty times better than Champ so she starts scheming and doing things like inviting Waverly over when she won’t be there, casually ditching movie night at the last minute, somehow orchestrating Waverly walking in on Nicole in the shower or something along those lines
  • Waverly knows exactly what she’s doing bc Wynonna isn’t subtle but come on Wynonna she doesn’t like me that way, she’s just friendly, never going to happen just stop it
  • plot? what’s a plot?
  • Waverly’s house is kinda shoddy and run down bc that’s all she can afford on her own so when it rains pretty hard and it floods she can’t stay there obviously she has to crash at the apartment, no other options, none at all, Gus who
  • Wynonna conveniently decides to have Dolls over that night so whoops sorry Waves you gotta share with Nicole, I’m sure she won’t mind
  • (Nicole is a perfect gentlewoman who also sees right through this, she assumes she’ll be on the couch)
  • ((she doesn’t take the couch))
  • Waverly and Champ are Over at this point so she’s got no problem sharing with Nicole with full awareness that her feelings for her are decidedly Not Platonic. they wake up cuddling and both have the thought process of “god I’m Gay this is nice… but probably not something you should do w your friend but I don’t want to move and wake her up and have it be awkward”
  • they’re literally just laying there cuddling for hours, it gets to be like 11 when Wynonna wakes up and walks in and is like WAY TO GET IT TOGETHER YOU TWO before making an inappropriate comment & taking Dolls & ditching before the fallout
  • they’re both blushing insanely & just when Waverly is Regret because now it’s going to be weird, this was a bad idea, why didn’t she just let her take the couch, Nicole offers to make pancakes and smiles that special smile and they both know it’s going to be okay
  • (it’s better than okay)
  • ((it’s perfect))

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I can't help but imagine older Chara has dealt with Frisk's flirting for so long that they're now practically immune, so Frisk has taken it as a challenge upon themself to flirt with them more and more every day to get a reaction out of them. ( = u=)b

((Chara may not react much, but Frisk sure does))

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I was looking at that Pearl Necklace (that I LOVE) and I noticed that the pearl in it is not spherical at all. Do you think that's going to be important for our pearl's background? I really want to believe that she's a baroque but in old promos and in some episodes her gem looks perfect, I think I've noticed it more in Jeff & Joe episodes. But I think it's interesting that in merchandise her pearl is always oval shaped. I really want to know if it's intentional or not.

oh, Pearl’s gem is very definitely ovular rather than spherical, as like a specific design elements. While there’s instances where the gem is more round, that’s more due to the flexible art style rather than her design.

There’s this really neat post by Danny Hynes (lead character designer on SU) of the designs for the SU Funko POP! figures, where he made corrections/notes on the original mock-ups of the figures (you can find the post here) The one for Pearl specifically corrects the mock-up’s round gem to an oval one

it even straight up says “gem is ovular”

so yes, its definitely very much intentional!

I do think its relevant to her character in some way, a pretty popular theory is that her oval gem is why she might be considered “defective”, as Jasper calls her in “The Return” (of course, there’s other reasons she would’ve called her that, this is just one of the popular theories). In real life, pearls are more commonly not perfectly spherical but spherical, identical pearls (as for a necklace) were more desirable so the most common pearls people see are ones deliberately made to be round. And in the show, so far we’ve seen two other Pearls and both seem to have more deliberately rounded gems than our Pearl does

so the fact that Pearl very specifically has a gem that’s not spherical, while some other Pearls do, it does seem like this distinction will be significant in some way. There’s a lot of story potential there, both in taking inspiration from real life pearls (and how they’re valued) but also for her specific character, being a perfectionist and perfection, in general, being a concept frequently explored and played with/subverted with her character. There’s even an old comment Rebecca made during the AMA (here) that the Gems were meant to have some parallels with their real gems, and that pearls are “automatically smooth and perfect” but of course objective perfection isn’t something this show’s narrative believes in and Pearl in particular has frequently been shown to not be perfect, which shows the parallel is very much meant to be a conceptual exploration rather than an “actually perfect” statement

Anyway, yea, I’ve very eager for the show to explore this subject

I do like the idea of supernatural trickster characters that ultimately mean well, but are just so bound by tradition that they can’t really break the habit of being obnoxiously literal and putting ironic twists on everything, even for their friends.

“Suul. Suul, we talked about this.” Daniel Crane removed his spectacles and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He could feel the beginning of a cluster headache just behind his eyes. It was not even noon yet and he was ready for the day to be over.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Suul began, indignant. “I only gave you what you–”

“Shut up.” Suul flinched, and Daniel regarded him cooly. “You know very well what I meant. How many times are you going to pull this shit? I like you, Suul, I really do. I am glad to call you a friend, and to offer you protection for as long as you wish to remain on this plane of reality. I understand that it’s hard for you to give up old habits, but I do NOT appreciate being tested. It’s not funny - it’s incredibly discourteous. I have defended you time and time again, and what do I get in return?”

Suul flickered and dimmed for a moment before speaking out of his lower mouth, so quietly that it was nearly a whisper: “Exactly what you asked for, sir.”

Daniel Crane clenched his fists in his pockets, nostrils flaring. “I asked for a hair cut,” he said. “I did not ask for a lacerated rodent.”

“A hare isn’t a rodent–”

“I don’t care! You KNEW what I wanted, and yet you insisted on THE most obnoxious interpretation you could come up with! And now an innocent animal is bleeding out in my bathroom sink! You’re a jackass, Suul. A jackass! I brought you here and I can send you back, so help me.”

Suul lowered his head and began to burn a dull blue, shrinking and guttering like a smothered candle flame. “I’m sorry, Dan,” he said. “I don’t deserve your kindness. You’ve been so good to me, and selfless, while I have repaid you only with–”

Daniel groaned. “Spare me the platitudes, demon. I know you can charm the moon out of the sky if given half a chance. All I ask is that you cut the bullshit, okay? I have a stress disorder and I don’t need this in my life right now. No more games, Suul.”

“No more games.”

Daniel smiled wanly. His eyes were watering from the growing pain in his skull, and he wanted nothing more than to down an Excedrin as soon as possible. “Thank you. Now, if you don’t mind, go put that rabbit out of its misery. It’s screaming is giving me a headache.”

“It’s not a rabbit, it’s a hare–”

“Shut the fuck up or I will exorcise you where you stand.”