Something I’ve found kind interesting is the general fandom opinion (as in, what’s the popular interpretation) regarding Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl. In general, folks like both of them but view them very differently. The average opinion toward Blue Pearl is sympathetic, people feel sorry for her, want to rescue her, view her as someone who desperately wants to get out of the situation she’s in. By contrast, the average opinion of Yellow Pearl is that she’s smug, superior, content and proud to be working for Yellow Diamond. There’s comparatively few people who feel Yellow Pearl needs to be rescued from the situation she’s in than those who feel Blue Pearl needs(or needed) to be rescued.

But, objectively speaking, we have more evidence that Yellow Pearl is in an abusive situation than Blue Pearl. We’ve only seen a little of both of them, but with Yellow Pearl we have several instances of flinching and cowering, something we don’t get with Blue Pearl. Mind you, they’re both in abusive situations and I’m in no way suggesting that one ‘has it better’ or worse than the other. I just find it interesting that despite Yellow Pearl displaying some of the more classic signs of abuse, most people more readily read Blue Pearl as an abuse victim than Yellow Pearl, due to the perceived personalities of the two characters

I think certain types of behaviors reduce our inclination to be compassionate towards a person. We have a model of what a sympathetic person is in our heads, its generally someone quiet, meek, sad, subdued. We have an expectation for what a person who has had a trauma, has been abused, is like. When people deviate from that, our ability to sympathize with them reduces. More than anything, people cannot stand aloofness or an air of superiority or smugness. We feel compelled to want people who exhibit these traits to ‘be taken down a peg’, because we hate the idea they think they’re better than us (a really disturbing amount of kids movies support this, I mean how many school-centered stories have a popular kid who eventually gets dragged through the mud by the end?). We tend to not view people like that as people with any sort of bad things going on with them and we think that no one in a bad situation could be smug or act like they’re superior

and its unfortunate, because that sort of behavior is a pretty common response to anxiety and trauma. Aloofness is a very common response to anxiety, smugness/superiority is often a result of feeling inferior in certain parts of our life. People respond to trauma in different ways. We respond and adapt to the situation we’re in, and we can take pride in the little victories or things that make us feel like we’re not the most worthless/disliked person in the room. It might not be a sympathetic trauma response, but it is one. There’s a lot of behaviors like that, that deviate from the sympathetic model of a victim people have in their heads. And its unfortunate, since it causes a lot of people to write off people who exhibit these traits as ‘not a victim’ and in some cases actively punish them for these behaviors.

I’m not chastising anyone who viewed the characters this way, I totally get it, and Yellow Pearl was definitely acting smug. We’re meant to notice and respond to this aspect of her character. There’s a lot of neat art and interpretations of her as having genuine pride in her job, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think about it a lot whenever I see fandom stuff about her. I feel like this is what the show is going for, to present the character in a way that’s unsympathetic (her being combative with and smug toward Peridot, a character we know better and thus are more likely to sympathize with in general) and then have us learn more about her to demonstrate that first impressions can be deceiving. They very deliberately paid attention to showing her fear of Yellow Diamond, so it really does seem like something they’re going to expand upon in the future. Perhaps it might even help some folks realize there are other, less sympathetic responses to trauma (maybe just wishful thinking there, though)

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Alright sooo the last episode when Mari saved Chat and THEN the looks they gave each other!! I'm having this feeling that he knows something... PLEASE HELP MEE

Like… I’m gonna be the party pooper and say I disagree with the theory going around that he “knows” about Marinette being Ladybug; I don’t even think he suspects anything, and I’ll explain why: 2 reasons.

1. Adrien’s behavior in the last scene of the episode.

Adrien wouldn’t just… act business as usual if he suspected Marinette was Ladybug. He would act flustered, turning around to sneak glances at her, not focusing on class, playing with his pencil, maybe staring at her after class, asking Nino if Alya has said anything odd, etc. I bet he would even try to strike up a conversation, ask her how she’s doing, trying to be totally slick and inconspicuous, stuff like that. In the last scene, he was just, too relaxed!! He only glances at Marinette!!

I don’t know. To me, it doesn’t look like the face of somebody who suspects the love of his life is possibly behind him. Him knowing and acting like this just doesn’t add up, especially if you compare it to other scenes on the show which address Adrien’s feelings about this.

You could argue that the ending of the episode offered only a short amount of time, so they couldn’t show Adrien doing too much, but… Stuff like this is vital, and Thomas ( @miraculoushawkdaddy​ ) knows he can’t only dedicate 2 minutes to something which is pretty important to both the characters, AND development of the story. Especially something as huge as the reveal, that the whole season has been building up to. Yeah, 2 minutes isn’t nearly enough. 

When Nino told Adrien that Chloe was Ladybug (Lady Wifi episode, about 8 minutes in), he immediately turned to look at her, wide eyed and open-mouthed. 

I bet you he spent the rest of the class thinking over the possibility of Chloe being Ladybug, look at his face.

I believe he would behave similarly when presented with the idea that Marinette is Ladybug, except he wouldn’t look disappointed. I actually think Adrien would be incredibly happy that someone like Marinette turned out to be his Ladybug~ He would try to find similarities between them, possibly remember some of these moments, and certainly give Marinette a lot of attention (directly or indirectly). Again, he was too relaxed. He would do what Nino was doing in the zoo episode!!

Back to this: He used his stick thing to spy on Chloe, even though he pretty much knows that’s wrong and wouldn’t normally do something like that; that’s how much he wanted to know if she was really Ladybug; Adrien is a gentleman, and for him to do something like this should tell you how anxious he is to learn about her identity. You could say he was only spying on Chloe to see if she was okay, but you know that’s not true, lol. He comes to his senses later in the episode, when he’s given the choice to truly learn who Ladybug is; but he respects and loves her too much, and closes the door, even though IT PAINS HIM TO DO SO. LOOK AT THIS CHILD:

Adrien is SO desperate to learn about her identity that it hurts him; Even in the Dark Cupid episode, he overrides the orders of the akuma whose powers he’s under, and goes straight for her secret identity instead of her miraculous. 

If he suspected someone else was Ladybug, he wouldn’t act all cool and relaxed about it. He loves her too much.

How much does he love her?

That’s how much. Somebody save the sun prince from himself. If he suspected someone like Marinette, who he admires and respects as a friend, is Ladybug, he wouldn’t act business as usual. He would, again, act flustered, try to sneak glances, talk to her, talk to Alya. SOMETHING. Yes, he respects her privacy, but it would just make him more anxious!! He would stare at her, ask Nino about what he knows, stuff like that.

2. The simple fact Thomas said this:

This is just my own analysis, though.


tl;dr: Sorry, babe, the theory that Adrien knows Marinette is Ladybug (in my opinion) doesn’t make any sense… Plus, Thomas said it wasn’t true. 


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It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Right now a small city in Italy has been transformed into a unique celebration that has been occurring for centuries. That’s right- it’s Carnival in Venice! We have all seen the photos of the spectacular costumes, always paired with mysterious and alluring masks. Those fortunate enough to have attended the event in person know just how jaw-dropping some of these elaborate costumes can be. The masks are iconic, many instantly recognizable as Venetian. So where did these fantastical looks come from?

To make a long story short, Carnival itself dates all the way back to 1162, and was originally a celebration of the victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. By the Renaissance, the celebration was made an official annual event, held in the weeks leading up to Lent. Yet the masks date back much earlier in Venetian culture. Though there is no record of when or why masks first became popular in Venice, we do know that by the 13th Century they were already so common that laws were put in place to regulate their use. At this time, masks were an everyday sight, not just reserved for festivals. Masks allowed a person to break social barriers, behaving in ways they might not typically had their identity been known. The nobility was known to take advantage of the anonymity provided by masks to indulge in gambling, brothels, and other such sins. You can understand, then, why throughout the years more and more regulations were put in place over when and where masks were permitted. It is also the reason the raucous Carnival festival was banned from 1797 all the way through 1979.

Due to the freedom they allowed, it is unsurprising that masks became so prevalent In my opinion, it’s surprising that more cities didn’t follow suit! But what about the designs of the masks? Let’s take a look at a few of the most famous mask styles:

For men, the Bauta mask is perhaps the most common style of mask, and most distinctly Venetian. A normal fitted mask on top, it points away from the face on the lower half so that the wearer could eat and drink without removing it. This mask became incredibly popular during the 18th Century, which was also the era when masquerades inspired by Carnival reached peak popularity throughout much of Europe. This is why the bauta mask is still typically paired with 18th century style clothing today, almost always including a tricorn hat and cloak.

The most common between both genders is the Volto (aka larva) mask. This is the mask that covers the entire face, with only the eyes exposed. It is traditionally white, though often ornately decorated.

Another distinctive mask is the Medico della Peste mask, aka the plague doctor mask. This slightly creepy mask, with a dramatic beak, is unique among the masks due to the fact that it is based off of reality, rather than created out of frivolity. In other words, during the days of the plague, doctors actually wore masks that looked like this because they believed it would protect them from the deadly disease.

There are many other styles of masks, including the Gnana cat-like mask, and several based off of Commedia dell'Arte characters such as Pantalone and Arlecchino. I can’t cover them all, but I’ll leave you with one more mask which was all the rage for women in the early 18th Century, yet is almost never seen today. Known as the Moretta mask, this little black mask has a unique circular shaped that covered the face, but not the chin, top of the forehead, or other edges. What made it so infamous, though, was the fact that it traditionally had no strap, and instead was held in place by a little button on the back of the mask which a woman held in her mouth. As a result, a woman could not speak while wearing the moretta mask. It gave women an air of mystery, and in a way, a sense of power. Men would strive to persuade the moretta woman to answer their questions, therefore removing her mask and revealing her identity. Yet due to the extreme impracticality of this style, it is understandable why the moretta mask has not made a revival in modern times.

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Same party as Margin for Error. Having discovered from his interrogation that the kidnapped child may have been taken by corrupt guards, the inquisitor decides to do some reconnaissance of the guard post.

Inquisitor (OOC): All right, I’m going to carefully change my appearance so that I look like a common laborer. *rolls* 16 to Disguise.

DM: All right, you look like a pretty convincing commoner.

Inquisitor (OOC): Great. I approach the guardhouse.

Inquisitor: ‘Ello, sirs. Might I ‘ave a moment of your time?

Guard: Be quick about it, citizen.

Inquisitor: 'course, 'course. I’m 'ere to ask 'bout a friend of mine… 'e 'ad a few too many last night, if you catch me drift, and I’d like to help 'im out. *rolls* 18 to Bluff.

DM: *rolls* The guard grins and rolls his eyes.

Guard: Go on in, and ask for Brek at the desk. He’ll get things sorted.

Inquisitor: Much obliged.

*begins playing James Bond theme on laptop*

Inquisitor (OOC): I’m in.

Kaneki’s organ damage and ghoulism.

I was thinking about Urie’s recent “issues” beginning to unfold, so I went back to look at Kaneki’s transformation. Basically I’m looking at what injuries probably occurred when Rize stabbed through Kaneki’s abdomen and possibly why he had stronger ghoul “symptoms” (like not being able to eat human food) when his RC cell counts were still under that of certain Quinx.

     If you have been reading Tokyo Ghoul for a while you might already know but there were some strange (or at least unexplained) things about Kaneki’s descent into “ghouldom” First of all while we are told that high RC levels are the major factor in half-ghoul’s being about to eat human food or not however while in the hospital when he was already having issues with human food.

    This was despite the fact that Kaneki’s RC cell level while in the hospital was only 911, which was below “ghoul levels” of 1000+ and below Shirazu’s RC cell level of 920 and we all saw multiple examples of Shirazu eating happily and boisterously throughout Tokyo Ghoul :RE.

Possibility #1: Biology

    This could possibly be because of Kaneki’s base RC-cell levels. While we don’t know what the base number for the quinx were we do know Kaneki’s RC cell counts were a full 30 points below healthy human low limits. (almost triple the twins which were only 9 and 11 points lower than normal.

    Kaneki’s low RC cell levels could have been a sign of ill health for some unknown reason (maybe Kaneki’s mother didn’t actually die of exhaustion maybe there was some non violent reason Kaneki’s dad died when he was so young). But possibly they could just mean there was some twist of Kaneki’s biology. Making the “normal” range lower and thus the higher range lower as well. (So if 170 was “normal” and equivalent to 200 there is a possibility that Kaneki’s 911 was more like 941, which is still below “ghoul” levels, but higher than any Quinx).

OR may be the low RC count was just a sign of some deeper biological difference that made him more susceptible to becoming a ghoul. Something ghoulish maybe? Because it’s theorized full ghoul’s might not produce RC cells and only absorb them from what they eat.

(semi-realistic organ images and rambling under the cut)

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I can't deny how perfect forehead!hoseok is, but my absolute favorite hairstyle on him was the one in that bangtan bomb where they danced to up and down by exid!! He looked flawless with that black fluffy hair omg and the white tshirt killed me also!!! we need pictures amanda

holy shit yes that bangtan bomb kills me…… hold on a sec while i dive into my hoseok folder in the search for fluffy black hair!hoseok

prepared? let’s go!

im pretty sure that bangtan bomb is from this event;

and look he even took some cute selcas

bonus hot jimin

these are also some of my fave pics of fluffy black hair!hoseok

you’re welcome