Me and a friend are drawing this creepypasta webcomic, if anyone has any OCs or something that they want to be in it, send me a message.
Oh and I do realise that there are already far too many creepypasta themed webcomics but uhhh… well, I don’t really have any thing to defend myself with. Not too sure why I brought that up in the first place… Maybe the self awareness of the flaws was meant to serve as a shield? If so then that was an awful idea…. Damn, I’m not very good at advertising projects. But yeah, if you like torturing your characters by allowing them to appear in poorly drawn and written scenarios, overflowing with pop culture references so forced that even Family Guy would face palm over them, message me! Again, not so good with promoting projects…

Gchatting from the office, part II

For this college play I’m writing I’m doing research by going back through all my GMail chats with my college best friends and I ran across this little gem. 

4:25 PM Brian: excuse me, im gonna take the browns to the superbowl real quick  
oh noooo
jake is already pooping
4:26 PM it’s very urgent  

me: oh nooooo 

Brian: this is the kind of moment where i miss living under C7 

me: my office has ONE women’s bathroom  
and it’s always like a quest  
to see if I can go in at a time when no one else is there  
cuz it’s like five stalls  
so that I can get my pooping on in peace  
it’s very nerve-wracking pooping at the office 

Brian: oh i bet
4:27 PM oh man  
reeeeeally need to let this possum out right now  
but jake clogged the toilet
4:28 PM this is what hell must be like

 me: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh  
hell is real  
hell is … other people pooping

4:29 PM Brian: that’s actually pretty poetic.  
there’s a lot there.

4:30 PM me: ever read no exit?  

4:31 PM Brian: i just want you to know  
that im pooping as i type this  
and my  
it is a great poop

I have never loved a man the way I love this man.

It saddens me that searching for “poop” as a tag leads only to 13 year old girls whining about whatever bullshit 13 year olds have to bitch about. I was hoping to reblog gross things for many lols. Tumblr, I am disappoint