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fucking ironic gaming videos with dubstep backing make me laugh every fucking time

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anonymous asked:

RPF: Damelola/Glenn Close. . . or if you prefer Patty Hewes. :)

“Hello, I’m Glenn Close,” Glenn says, extending a hand to shake. She hesitates when there’s no reaction from the other woman.

“Uh…” Lola says. 

“Do you have a name?” Glenn persists, withdrawing her hand.

“Uh…” Lola says.

“Well, this was fun,” Glenn says, rolling her eyes. “Excuse me.”

This is why I love travelling

Gibraltar Airport is one of the few Class A airports in the world.Winston Churchill Avenue (the main road heading towards the land border with Spain) intersects the airport runway, so consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs. The History Channel programme Most Extreme Airports ranks it as the fifth most dangerous airport in the world and the most dangerous in Europe.

rey-burkle  asked:

I drew you a hg/panda otp picture cos its better than all your myka/hg drawings.

GUYS, GUYS, I QUIT. Jenny here has successfully destroyed any self-esteem I had with her fucking masterpiece. I’m putting down my pencil right now and I’m not going to touch my sketchbook ever again.

Look at that panda, its resemblance to me is uncanny. Fuck everything.