I have no idea what I'm doing.

It’s been a month since the marathon. I’ve run 3, maybe 4 times? Getting my shit together and going out now.


My body feels weird.

That’s probably the preworkout.


More blog later.

Or something.


This kiss didn’t really mean anything— at least, nothing like that. He considered it a nice gesture and nothing more. After all, it was just the kind of thing Missie would do, right?

Allen, the naive boy /shot



Missie might

MUN ON THE OTHER HAN – /shotshotshot


My current Gaia avatar inspired by my addiction to Tiger and Bunny, so i just decided to make my own super hero and ended up with this! I think i did a pretty damn good job. Now I just couldn’t decide what super power i should have… meeeeh… 

so yeah wut! 8D 

hahahaha i love Tiger and Bunny… I wanna go to super hero school… i’ll own that place like a boss with whatever power i have! 

I’m thinking i should have sunny powers! And all the wonderful things! crap… i don’t know… meh… XD i’m gonna think on that… 

anyway got a gaia? drop by and say hello on my ask box.