Bambam Bday Project Final Week:

Day 4 (Fav Bambam Moment)

Uncontrollably Actor is full of great Bambam moments and it’s hard to decide but I think episode 3 when he meets his buddy from Strong Men again is my fav. He’s so cute and such a boy!

It’s also where this gif came from:

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What's your favorite memory in life? I hope in remembering that moment in time it will help lift up your spirit. <3

this is such a sweet question, thank you anon <3

all the memories I had with my dad are the best ones. I have many other cool memories with other people but the ones with my dad were the best. When we used to take small car trips and sing songs together. When everyone was sleeping at night except for him, who was alone in the living room so I would join him and we would make some coffee and stay up till 3:00 am talking about everything. When we used to discuss the books I was reading, he was always so interested to know everything about it. When I would show him my writing, he would put on his glasses like some kind of important editor and would start reading my stuff and being very critical about it lmao, giving me ideas and helping me with my inspiration. When we used to watch The Lord of The Rings together and go to the movies… i remember once we went to this cinema that was COMPLETELY empty, and it was just the two of us inside the salon and the lights were off waiting for the movie to begin and we were laughing so hard bc no one was there and we could talk out loud and be as noisy as we wanted. Sorry if I got a little emotional nonny, haha, but I really enjoy remembering these moments with my daddy. Sometimes I try not to because I get sad and I miss him terribly, but it’s nice to remember once in a while :’) it gives strength… it just helps me remember how happy I was when he was by my side, and that i have to keep seeking for that happiness even if he’s not here with me anymore, I know that’s what he would have wanted for me. 

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is rin friends with the other yordle girls?

“Heck yeah! I mean, depends which yordle girls you’re talking about? Most usually ask me about Poppy, Tristana and Lulu! So I assume you mean the same. But I am also friends with many other female yordles of Runeterra!” 

“Lulu I don’t really get to see much but she’s… nice…. Odd, but nice. Tristana and I get along really well, she’s energetic like me and we have fun. Poppy, she’s very.. stoic? But she seems kind! And we get along…. o…k… I think… I dunno, she doesn’t seem too keen on being around other Yordles, but as long as I’m not too chatty, she seems to endure me a little better.” 

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“We are willing to meet your expectations” he added. “It has benefits for both parts”

Kojuro nodded, his arms crossed and now all of his kind smile vanished. They were talking about the future of the Clans. After a few minutes of silence, Lord Yukimura nodded in agreement. It was settled. The Date Clan was finally an ally of The Sanada Clan.

Next morning.

It had been quite the night. Shigezane had been kind enough to entertain them while the other three talked about business. But now… Now she knew it was time to say what last night she couldn’t. Kojuro seemed to be writing on his diary, and she debated whether to interrupt him or not.

Was it worth it? Interrupt him just to tell him what had been happening? She wasn’t so sure.

“Is everything ok?” he asked, after a few seconds. He felt her eyes on her, but her silence was odd.

“Oh… Uhm… Yes…” she trailed off. ‘It’s now or never’, Natsu thought, taking a deep breath. “About… yesterday… The secret…”

She was already embarrassed and she hadn’t even started talking. But it was not easy. Not for her. Was she prepared to tell him all the things she had been thinking? Not at all. Yet, she knew the issue couldn’t wait anymore.

“Yes?” he prompted her.

“I… I am scared” her voice was barely a whisper, but he heard her. “But it is not your fault, it’s mine. I am scared of saying ‘yes’ and that you’ll end up getting tired of me. You’ve met so many people, so many women, even in town… And I’m just me. I see all those women, when guests come to Yonezawa, the way they look at you… I can’t help but wonder why me. I… I want to take that step, but I am scared… Scared that you will find someone better than me”

That was it. She had finally said it… but he didn’t reply. 

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