Three Kings and the Cat is a charming and mildly supernatural point and click adventure in which you play a cat who must gather items for three very odd kings who can’t leave a greenhouse.

The kings may be unable to leave the greenhouse, but they do have some magical power which the bestow upon you, allowing you to bring animals back from the dead.  After bestowing you with this power, they send you on a quest to bring them a crown, a scepter and a chalice.  Complete this quest and you’ll receive a reward.

What follows is a slightly creepy, surreal, funny and charming 10 minute point and click adventure, in which you bring the rather eccentric kings (almost) what they want.  A super fine feline adventure.

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Lil BUB left her home planet Bub-Ub-Bub (and its magical space fishes) to come to fill our lives with science and magic here on Earth. I like to think her spaceship followed a beautiful rainbow made of yoghurt, and she was escorted by Wolverine.



Lavi Quest is an adorable action platformer in which you play a fat little cat who must save the world by doing what cats do best - knocking things over and breaking them!

The animation, audio and level design is excellent throughout Lavi Quest, offering up a short, cheerful and challenging feline platformer that’s packed with variety and charm. A purrfect little platformer.

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