Davesprite x Lil Hal. Parallel World AU? maybe.

In this AU, Hal is a 13 year old boy who has Highlander syndrome. also he’s dirk’s younger brother.
and Davesprite fall in to that AU World. (by sburb error? IDN)

After he fallen down to this AU world Davesprite doesn’t say anything. He can talk but he only make a sound like crows.(*caw* or *peep*) Because he doesn’t want to become intimate with anyone. He’s trying not to trust anybody.

For continuity’s sake, I need a good shorthand title for the volcanion movie, and here is my current shortlist:

  • Pokemon 3rd Degree Burns: The Movie
  • Pokemon Broken Ribs: The Movie
  • Pokemon Stuck Together Trope that was surprisingly well executed: The Movie
  • Pokemon DaVinci invented Steampunk: The Movie
  • Pokemon Ash Ketchum, The Human Yo-Yo: The Movie
  • Pokemon Pollen Allergies: The Movie
  • Pokemon This is why we don’t trust Cabinet Ministers: The Movie
  • Pokemon f-ASH-ion show: The Movie
  • Pokemon And that’s the last we’ll see of mega evolution: The Movie
  • Pokemon KALI MA: The Movie
  • Pokemon Perfect Zygarde stopped a poke-genocide yet no one even blinked a fucking eye: The Movie

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Bioware on N7 day: Oh we don't have a proper story trailer for ME:A but here have some real footage of humans exploring Mars which actually happened last week! // Bioware in Spring 2017: Oh we don't have a full finished game yet.... but here have some real footage of humans exploring the Andromeda galaxy using NASA's actually real EM Drive!

I hate how accurate this is

the derek dilemma

are you talking about derek nurse, my precious chill poet babe, or derek hale, my beautiful and angsty werewolf prince?

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i didn't know Sarah wasn't into Shaw and Root

Yea her progression of shipping Shoot is beautiful tbh lol, its kinda like how Shoot’s relationship developed from flirting & being kinda enemies to falling in love. Sarah always liked the dynamic but I don’t think she ever thought the writers were serious with them being canon romantically and whatnot so she was totally ok with them flirting the whole series and thats it lol; then we go to NYCC 2015 and she was totally on board for where Shoot was supposedly going. I mean she couldn’t stop talking about what was coming up etc etc (obviously she had no clue what was coming afterwards, bless her heart) and then her AfterEllen interview came out after 6741 aired and her answers were kinda vague & dismissive and thats how I knew something was up. I felt like she dropped hints all throughout it. You know telling us something we won’t like is gonna happen without actually telling us what it would be. And well obviously that thing was Root dying (and becoming TM) and well Shoot as well. People were upset with what she said at the time but in the end…. She was totally right.

I think she just didn’t want us to get our hopes up tbh. Cause think about it, if Shoot made it till the end of the series she totally would’ve still been gushing about them but that wasn’t the case. Anyways I really appreciate her realness and I’m sure she still loves the ship but yea Shoot deserved better and thats just facts.


Thanks you guys, 600 followers! Wow!!!  So.. I heard someone say female Geets ✨🎆✨