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the boys as types of texters? 👉👈

thank you for requesting !1!! ikon as texters~ This also if you were friends with them! have a great day/night~~!1

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  • i’ll say this once and i’ll say it again
  • fairy squad mother
  • “are you okay?” “did you sleep well?” “did you eat?”
  • little encouraging messages to get you through your day
  • always texts you every morning and every evening
  • can get a little annoying
  • “did you eat your five a day?” or “make sure to moisturise!”
  • you can tell he’s in a good mood when he uses ~
  • “Have a great day~” or even “Fuck that bitch up~~~”


  • Most “normal” out of them
  • texts immediately 
  • texts using full sentences, grammar and all that
  • “I am going tonight to the party. Would you like to come with me? I think it will be fun if you came, Bobby said it was going to be lit.”
  • sometimes includes slang and it just funny reading
  • “Yes, tonight’s party will be spectacular, we will definitely turn up!”
  • laughs like “hahahaha” to shows his excitement
  • uses old text talk to be trendy with the kidz
  • “LOL OMG BRB!!”
  • prefers phone but hey it’s the 21st century
  • send pics of his food he makes


  • “you up yet?”
  • doesn’t know the concept of time
  • texts you when you’re asleep at 3 am and he knows it
  • “you wanna get some chicken” and you’re just like
  • “it’s 2 in the morning wHY WOULD I WANT CHICKEN”
  • you still came over for the chicken
  • sends one letter replies just to piss people off
  • eg “I’m going to do it, I’m going to break up with him. For 3 years I have had to put up with his attitude, but it ends today!” ”k”
  • uses a lot of swears so don’t show these text to ur mom


  • seen at 4:43pm ✔️
  • this guy rarely text because he’s just too busy
  • when he on he’ll talk to you about his day
  • you’re like his therapist and if you give him encouraging words, he’ll start being all cute 
  • “wahhh!!! i didn’t know >.<”
  • a GIANT contrast to what he is when he is working
  • very cute and a huge nerd
  • clueless on things so he normally texts you asking what to do
  • “help! there is a spider in the bathtub what the fuck do i do???”


  • (◕‿◕✿) 
  • funniest texter
  • or annoying either way
  • “Good morning🌞🌞!!”
  • uses emoji’s all the time because they look pretty (if they are cute) or funny (if he uses them like chanwoo uses memes)
  • “Your outfit is 👌👌👌”
  • can get a little repetitive at times
  • send you cryptic text messages which are filled with emoji nd it’s like national treasure to try and solve it
  • “I👈 just had 🔞😏with this 😍👧 but i think she only wants the 🍆😩


  • you are his personal therapist
  • texts you complaining about things he doesn’t like or people
  • “and then this fucking bitch, fucking cuts the line for her shitty coffee”
  • you his complaining buddy and he is is yours
  • bitchy convos
  • “I hate her so much, I wish she’d understand tHAT NO ONE CARES”
  • he replies with “Yes, i know, she really thinks so highly of herself when really she is beneath us”
  • tells you secrets over text
  • type of person to call you to tell them to text them


  • uses an excess amount of memes
  • you might be like, “hey i got us some food”
  • And he replies with this 
  • thinks he’s an edgy memester kid living on the edge
  • sends chain texts to people like this
  • “cultivating my spicy memes, they are ready to be harvested”
  • most of the time, he texts you think that make your day
  • if you’re upset, he’ll send you all the pepe memes he had until you are happy

ok but can we just take a moment to appreciate the nob-kidz duo and how their poses get weirder each time


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