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is akatsuki a thing? bc it should be. very serious boyfriends who r dorks when theyre alone together

Um so I’m gonna just take a minute to shameless actually there’s a lot of shame self-promote. Bc AkaTsuki is truly one of my faves.

So I wrote a thing forever ago and it was just supposed to be a one-shot, but now I’m… working on a combination prequel/sequel for rarepair exchange and it’s gotten extremely out of hand.

And I love happy fics and headcanons and everything, I think that’s prob obvious at this point lol but, I can’t seem to make them truly happy! (or maybe I’ve been working on the same scene for too long) So thank you for bringing up what they’d be like when they’re happy, bc I’m feeling a lot of  AkaTsuki pain atm.

Because they really would be massive dorks. Bc they’d grow to be so comfortable with each other, so they’d be able to really let go and relax with each other.

Like - Akaashi would take out his camera and get mountains of candids of Tsukki and he’d promise to delete them, but it’s a complete lie bc Akaashi loves how genuine they are - Tsukki’s real smile, his real laugh, his real “I’m gonna kill you” glare. He can’t stand the idea of getting rid of them. So he’d save them for a rainy day - maybe Tsukki goes to visit his family in Miyagi, or one of them has to leave for business or school - whenever Akaashi misses Tsukki, he can just pull up a picture of his best smile and everything would be okay.

I also think that they may be reserved in public, but at home, they’re so playful and affectionate. Kissing all the time - in passing, in the middle of cooking, when they wake up, when they leave for work or school in the morning. And when they go to bed at night, they often end up just lazily making out for a little while just to wind down for the day.

And if they’re just laying around at home, reading or listening to music or watching a movie together, they’ll poke and prod each other’s cheeks or sides or arms, pinch noses, blow in ears. Stupid things to mess with each other or make each other laugh. Being silly together just bc they can.

It’s always Akaashi who starts it tho~

Right now im obsessed with Seventeen´s Jeonghan (and his awesome hair) but i will never forget Taemin´s long hair during Lucifer and Sherlock eras and of course Kim Heechul debut days. 

Tagged by @hopeful-afternoon I was really surprised honestly :0 but thank you so much <3

Rules: Write down your top 10 biases (in no particular order) and answer the following questions.

Ok to have more fun Im gonna choose them randomly hehe

1. Mark

2. Jungkook

3. Jackson

4. Jimin

5. Taehyung

6. Hoseok

7. Namjoon

8. Jin



1. Between 1&4: who would you rather kiss ? My sun, one and only in this world: Jimin ~

2. Between 2&7: who would be your best friend ? Hmm ;—;… I think Jungkook,bc I think we would laugh a lot if he was my bff lol (2 dorks together haha but Jackson and Tae would be amazing too TvT)

3. Between 5&10: who has the better voice ? All their voices are amazing and different… but maybe Tae’s voice (so deep *^*)

4. Between 1&8: who’s the funniest ? I can’t choose so Jungkook, Jackson, Taehyung and Hoseok lol

5. Between 6&9: who would you date ? Hoseok ! I think they’re all cool, but no, I want to date Hoseok, I love him so so much (no one can stop me !) I think it would be very pleasant

6. Between 9&10: who would you collaborate with ? Min Suga, Genius. My rap lord ! Bc “insfires man !”, no really he’s a god, his lyrics are gold, his music is life

7. Between 4&8: who is the best dancer ? Jimin & Hoseok (can’t choose :/)

8.Between 3&5: who would you most likely marry ? Park Jimin, without any hesitation

9.Between 1&7: who would you nurse when they are sick ? ;—-; I want to nurse all f them my poor babies

10. Between 2&3: who has the better smile ?

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11.Between 6&8: who would you vacation with ? All but more Hoseok :3, to Kota Kinabalu or where he wants, with him all would be okay, it would be fun to just have some great time with him, eating a lot of good meal, laughing, doing some nice activities or just relaxing

12. Between 2, 4&6: who would you fuck/marry/kill ? Holy fucking shit…Im sorry for those words but NO ! Jimin and Hoseok are my favs but I can’t kill the absolute cute meme Jungkookie ;—-;…..f*** Hoseok…marry Jimin…ki-kidnap Jungkook ! (I just can’t it’s too hard my heart can’t handle it)

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We are really in different times wow :o but I think it's okay hehe My bias is changkyun!;; I really love him orz he's so cute, adorable, and dorks :') but his voice make me melting lol and he's so lovey-dovey with his hyungs XD

It’s okay to ship ot7 because they’re too perfect each other right XD And it’s okay for you to reply my ask too long because I like to read them all (but sorry if I just response you too short, I have a lot to tell too but my English was bad-)

Anddd “little love” is too cute for me I think XD you’re so kind and cute 🙈 idk how to tell you what I feel hahaha

Changkyun is a total cutie I see what you mean friend don’t worry. His voice is very deep and his relationship with the other members is A+++ I see what you mean he is total bias material it’s good friend, good choice.

And they’re all just perfect I’m very aware. How can I not love them all??? How can someone not love them all? And you like reading all my wordy messages awwww….Don’t worry about your english. I’m fine with short messages just keep them coming I’ll take it. You’ll learn more, it’s something that needs practice(and if we talk like this all the time you will get plenty of practice).

Little Love is perfect though! Idk it’s cute and it just rolls off the tongue I love it don’t worry you fit the bill just perfectly (I’m not the cute one you are!)

(I’ll just answer all these asks like this so that it’s easier for you to keep track of)

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Okok, let me hear you ramble abt what ship u and dee are because your love for hER IS FREAKING ADORABLE LIKE!!!!! ;;;-;;; you two make me happy uwu

LOL omg i meant someone send in what they think of me & dee as? but if i have i have to say, i’m gonna have to say yunjae bc even tho i want to markson i don’t know A LOT about them yet;; but yUNJAE I SWEA R  they were so genuine and just?? have y ou seen the way they just stare at each other full of admiraton & happiness? like their kind of relationship was just so heartfelt and sweet. it’s just the purest kind that makes you really happy & root for them when you see people who really care about each other :~) idk if she’ll exactly agree that we’re like them,, but i think it could be similar in that aspect. i just really wish her the best and i want her to be happy all the time, i love her with every fiber of my being and I want to make her happy too!! i just always want to see her smile,, and if she’s ever sad - I just want her to know i’m always here for her. I just love every thing about her. you could also say baekyeol. but yeah! i think we’re similar to them in that way? i think we could also be a shinee pairing,, but i dk who OTL