the-celestial-lucy I’m laughing so hard. I just found out Bourbon’s seiyuu was married with Vermouth’s seiyuu and Akai’s seiyuu is married with Akemi Miyano’s seiyuu. Gosho Aoyama has a serious shipping problem.

Lol Hetalia ships are weird bc countries exist in real life and you have to treat them respective of the countries and stuff, that’s why AUs exist so much

That being said i ship AmeChu in pretty different ways depending on which

AU!Amechu: cutesy corny dorks up to mischievous plots and shenanigans

Canon!AmeChu: Dorks on a beach

Historical!Hetalia!Amechu: depending on how far back in history u wanna go: lots of angst, competitiveness, Money Power Glory, overall just the kind of complicatedness that just kinda results from shipping characters that are meant to personify actual countries that exist and effect the world economy in the real world

anyway just putting this up bc boy sad headcanons coming up soon and while i love making fluffy fanart i do want to explore some historical stuff as well, and usually when I get historical it’s less “shippy” and more “exploring an interesting relational dynamic…” also i feel like irl country ships aren’t always even in their power distribution, not saying i think that’s right, but i think it’s interesting to explore

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Okay so someone said there are a lot of leo/taurus going on and I didnt realize until now I am one of them I mean fuck. Im crushing on this Leo guy (w a virgo moon) and hes been crushing on me since a while back but were both too shy to do anything about it but hes just the biggest dork and my heart melts. lol

lol one of my otps is leo and taurus. if you must know, it’s caggie and spens


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How do you feel about Baekhyun saying Chanyeol's hands are rough? Khm. Sorry, my inner shipper came out.

Don’t worry, love, my inner shipper came out exactly then also. 

Honestly the first thing I thought of was why do you even know that his hands are rough? I mean you should touch them a lot in order to know how they feel, or well they should be touching you a lot in order for you to know their texture. 

Honestly now, how many of you would recognize anyone by just touching their hands? Because I wouldn’t? 

Although I haven’t watched that entire show yet I did watch that part and I had to pause that moment because my mind was all over the place “Chanyeol’s hands are the roughest, CHANYEOL’S HANDS ARE THE ROUGHEST, chanYEOL has the roUGHest hands” ok Baek ok, ok. 

ALSOO, one of my best friends makes me want t ship them even more, not that I don’t ship the hell out of them already. But she doesn’t listen to kpop, she doesn’t know anyone else beside Baekhyun and well I always show her moments with them and so and she’s “there’s no way this dude isn’t gay, I bet he’s gay for Chanyeol” and I showed her a BaekYeol video and well among other things it contained that moment during showtime where Baekhyun was rubbing his toes on Chanyeol’s feet and she made me stop the video and she rewind it and rewind it and she was so cute because she’s so sure BaekYeol is a thing lol. 

(She also thinks BaekYeon was made as a cover up so that people won’
t notice how gay Baek is, lol) 

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Daesung is an adorable little thing! Like goodness. But yeah, I have a lot of friends who Stan TOP because of how big of a dork he is and his voice. His voice 'gives them life' as I hear a lot. -BW Anon

Now I feel like googling him just to see all his dorky stuff. I wish I had more time to be as devoted to other groups as I am with SHINee, haha. I can’t even keep up with just them, lol

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1 4 7 10 11

1-the person I like an why I like them
Well that’s none of your business lol and I like them Bc they are a huge dork
4- the best thing that’s happened to me this week
Probably either getting out of school or getting three new bracelets :3
7- things I like and don’t like about the way I look
I like my eyes Bc brown eyes are rad and I like my freckles Bc Bruh freckles XD and yeah I like myself a lot bc I’m pretty cute and I’m not doing the things I don’t like Bc I don’t want to put myself down
10- something I’ve lied about
I lie too frequently so I’m going to pass I’m working on it tho
11- would I rather be stranded on a deserted island with someone I love for 10 years or someone I hate for a month
Someone I love duh Bc then we could go on all these adventures on the island and it’d be hella fun
{send me asks please lol}