A good portion of the SU fandom
  • Watches Jasper abduct 5(6?) people and blacken a ten-year-old's eye:SOoo hOT godd DEsTroY ME PleASe sO BUFFFFF WOoww
  • Watches Peridot, the villain, being implicated in carrying out gruesome medical experimentation on war veterans:Lol she's so cute I can't wait for her to be redeemed hahaha such a dork helicopter fingers I love her
  • Watches Steven's mother figure, when younger, be jealous and possessive of her romantic crush:What a bitch. A literal cunt. How fucking dare she.

Stop, switchin’ time. Blue is alpha, Owen is her beta. This shit impossible, but I can dream… There was never a raptor training program, just four baebus on display like the rest of ‘em. When all hell broke loose, people got confused or eaten, but a lot of them escaped, accidentaly leaving one little guy behind, Owen Grady. After people deserted the island, Blue goes on patrol and stumbles on a very alive baby. She could’ve eaten him, but something about him sparks interest. He isn’t afraid. So, she takes him back to the squad where they belong… what can I say am I dork for these things lol!

I’m gonna be honest I watched Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku a lot for the seiyuus lol. It’s like they’re actually playing around, not in a bad way, it was fun listening to them haha.

Also a huge chunk of it was seeing Onoda’s seiyuu be absolute dork. Omg that was stupid but it was so funny. (I meant the the last act they did on the last ep what was that bit all about haha)

bubble-tea-insanity asked:

Since p much all of us are becoming smitten w the dorks of Seventeen, which member(s) do you consider is your bias? I used to be rlly junhui-based during pre-debut, but I'm not even sure anymore lol

i never really paid attention to seventeen before they debuted! i heard a lot of the hype around them but i wasn’t really interested lol

when i first started paying attention, i saw woozi and thought he was so adorable, but then minghao and joshua started standing out to me (for their physical features) and when i read about minghao being underweight i just sorta … went really worried dad :^(

for now, joshua and minghao are my favorites ♥♥

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Do they follow me: Yes | No (probably blocked me or something)
Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now
What I think about their blog: a lot of animals and nature stuff.. thats nice lol. sorry for the lame comments ):

taichounokame asked:

۞ lol


1. Sam would not think Leo’s one-liners are lame, and would in fact compliment them

2. In fact, Sam would probably just praise Leo all the time ‘cus she’s such a fangirl :P

3. They are both nerdy fangirls

3. Leo’s sass would rub off on Sam so instead of Sam crying about being bullied she would sass them. Like, imagine Leo giving Sam sass lessons

4. Lots of cuddles and kisses and pillowforts and cute things

5. Sam would take care of Leo’s ducky army. Instead of having kids, they would have ducks :P

6. They could read comic books together until one fell asleep


1. Leo being a giant tsun :P

2. Leo’s sass lessons may make Sam kinda a jerk

3. Sam would try to get out of training and may try to weasel her way out with kissies 

4. Leo may get annoyed by Sam not taking things seriously and Sam may get annoyed with Leo taking things too seriously

5. Leo’d probably become overprotective and Sam would get mad at him

ayuchu asked:

Characterwise maby some kashima/hori lovechild? for cool genderfuidity and tsundere because you're an adorable dork underneath! (but seriously I don't know a character who really reminds me of you?) Look wise... no animu shit (even If you pull of the greatest Luka ever), probably some cool Vikings minor character or sth (I'm lame I'm sorry)

That sounds really nice! I love them both and to be their lovechild is awesome and it’s okay! lol And oh my gosh thank you very much! It means a lot to me when people tell me that I look good as Luka, because I’m a bit scared that I don’t look good when I try to cosplay her. And yes I could be a Vikings minor character even though some of them die… but still I’m a fucking viking and will be it forever (even with long hair and without sidecut) and yes you’re lame. pretty lame, but I still love you like all the other friendly people

What fictional character(s) do I remind you of? (Looks,Personality)

fuckinston asked:

tbh hotshot and madtown do need a lot more love so you should stan them :"" madtown are such dorks omg especially this guy h.o, who's the maknae, he's a freaking meme lol hotshot as well they have their super weird thing like the leader touching his nose with his tongue and stuff like that omg here you can find eng subbed videos - fy-madtown(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/m:subs (you should watch mad tv at least!) & fyhotshot(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/eng%20subs i'm also gonna look for some ppt for you~

ahhh you’re such a star !!!! They both deserve so much more love, I’m glad I found them !! I’ll definitely check them out now and I’ll let you know which members I like :)))

xiumin-girl asked:

I've given up on trying to keep my bias list straight. I learned that I love all of those dorks the same and that it's difficult to rank them lol (except for Xiumin he shall always be my number 1). Do you listen to any other Kpop groups?

Oh, yeah. :P I listen to lots. 

My top favourites are SHINee, Big Bang, BTS and Infinite. 

I listen to girl groups, too. Just not as much.

heavenrememberme asked:

1, 20, 22, 30, 70.

Oh thank you! 💙

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Open! I used to sleep with them closed when I was younger because I was afraid of monsters in my closet but then I saw Monster Inc. and I got over it haha

20. Do you still watch cartoons?
I do I’m such a dork! But I don’t watch them a lot just a few shows I’m interested in

22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
This is actually a pretty tough question lol probably in the backyard of my childhood home..

30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
I believe the last time is when I was in 4th grade and I wrote a letter to Santa haha

70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
I had a dream I married a photographer not to long ago actually, but it’s probably more likely I’ll marry someone who is also pursuing a medical career like me ^_^