anonymous asked:

can u pls draw a shrew screaming while strumming a banjo and sitting top of an antler lol thanks

you mean like this?

ngl i had to look up what a shrew looks like bc it’s been so long since i’ve seen one and i had to channel my inner mumford & sons but this was a joy to create thank u lmao

Fawny Owl (2016)

Oh hey, it’s my icon :P

I still quite like this other than those gosh darn antlers I don’t know what I was doing there.
I should redraw this sometime with proper antlers lol :>

!!All art in this post is copyrighted © by Fawny Owl and you may NOT use this piece in any way unless you have specific and personal permission from myself!!

lnvinoveritas  asked:

Do you think James lost his horns every year like other deers do?

I’m actually shocked with this information hahahaha according to my researches that’s what happens when its antlers are growing again:

and can you imagine sirius’ reaction to this? because I can. or maybe sirius would hang his antlers on the wall, so yes, I hope James lost his antlers lol

musicgamescomics  asked:

You ever think about Deer!Gavin? He just bolts everytime Ryan moves toward him after they mess around and it really reminds me of how skittish and fast deer are in potentially dangerous situations. The kids' a pretty good sprinter when he needs to be

hahaha I have actually thought about deer Gavin! I had a sketch started a long time ago that I never ended up finishing, it was basically a moment from the fuel let’s play where Ryan starts to balance junk on Gavin’s head but for the AU I had him just try and balance things in between his antlers lol. A deer would probably fit him pretty well with that freak ability of his to be agile and clumsy at the same time pfft

dgcakes  asked:

If you had to pick alternate hybrid animals for everyone to be (like with Fox Ryan) do you have any you'd specifically go for?

Yea I think Gavin could definitely be some sort of domestic cat, there’s the bonus of him loving cats but he also has some cat-like behaviors already that would work pretty perfectly.

I also really like the idea of Gavin being a stag of some sort just for the sake of antlers lol, but I think that might fight as well personality wise.

And yea Ryan I still think he’d be really cool as some sort of smaller predator, something like a coyote or a fox. Just definitely something clever that has some bite to go along with that bark.

As far as the other’s i’d kind of have to think about. I’ll mull around different animals sometimes just to have something new to think about, But admittedly I am kind of attached to lion jack, ram geoff and rabbit ray. 

If Geoff were anything else though he’d be something laid back but tactful. Maybe an owl or Jaguar. 

Michael I think it’d be kind of obvs but a bear or a dog of some sort. Something affectionate but protective, that has a fierce sense of loyalty. 

If he were a dog i’d say something burly like an Am Staff, or maybe even an Anatolian shepherd or a Pyrenees (because those are super protective but sweet)

Jack and Ray could be a lot of things. Again I haven’t really thought too much about them cuz i’m pretty attached with what they are already. But they’re also both pretty malleable as far as choosing an animal for them. They’re both pretty mellow but have their bouts of energy and Jack is a bit of a protective one as well where Ray can either be something that’s solitary or social *shrugs* 

AND THIS GOT REALLY LONG SORRY. BUT ahhh those are a few alternate animals that’s been wandering in my brain for awhile ovo