anonymous asked:

Shouldn't Kristoff's antlers get in the way of him lying sideways?

They’d probably get in the way no matter which way he tried to lay down. Some ways would probably be easier than than others, and I suppose it’d depend on what kind of antlers he’s sporting. Obviously he’d be screwed trying to lay sideways with moose antlers lol, but when I draw him I use a variation of elk and reindeer antlers as reference because they’re huge and majestic. Because Kristoff is huge and majestic. I like the elk style, but I like how the reindeer antlers are positioned better as they’re more forward facing versus jutting out to the side, so I mean, when I scribble him - the way I scribble him - to me, laying on his back comfortably would be the most challenging.

I know there’s a pretty detailed description of his appearance in the fic somewhere, but we’re already so far into it that I honestly can’t recall some of the details and now I just kind of go with whatever my imagination thinks up.

So to sum it up, anon, yeah, his antlers would probably impede his ability to lay sideways (as well as other ways I’m sure), but c’mon, in the 50 years he’s adorned them, I’m sure he’s managed to make laying down in any which position work comfortably. c: *shrugs*

mettalovespokemon asked:

i have a question regarding consistency!! i've heard about 50/50 for the Jersey Devil having antlers vs horns. =w= as you can probably tell by my icon, i gave mine antlers lol do you know if one version is more widely accepted? i think the hockey team uses antlers in their logo as well, but i see a lot of art with goat horns too!!

Hey! Thanks for the question. I actually haven’t really thought about it before, but it does seem to be a very 50/50 thing. I personally give the jersey devil horns because I actually never thought of using antlers? I think both are equally accepted, but it seems like some versions of the original have the jersey devil’s head being a goat head, so the mind automatically just goes to goat horns I think? And the goat horns kinda have a relation to the “13th” child, evil devil and all that. 

I think it looks great with both though and they seem pretty interchangeable!  (cute icon also!)