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how do you feel about the scalia kiss? i have mixed feelings cause i've always love stalia so much but scott is an angel and would never treat her poorly lol

ok i’m gonna be honest here: i’ve always liked scalia and their dynamic. they have a good dynamic. as friends. my issue with the teen wolf writers pushing scalia at us is the one thing they seem to have blindly forgotten: kira. i’m honestly angry that just about everyone is back except for the main girls (kira, braeden, cora) and the fact that they’re placing scott with malia and pretending kira never existed is just plain lazy from the writers. they could have got kira back: arden was up for it, there was no booking conflicts and yet she was completely ignored. everyone has apparently forgotten her existence, and that’s what irritates me because there’s no way malia would move on to her good friend’s man when she literally had to step aside because of the same thing. the sad thing is i really do like scalia and i adore seeing their interactions but it pains me because the writers have obviously put zero thought into this and have clearly written that shower scene (whether it is an actual thing or a dream/hallucination sequence) to try and please fans who were disgruntled with the way stalia happened. i just think it’s been handled so poorly and that makes what could be a good development (because they’d both treat each other so well) so sour

What Lies Beneath

We may have achieved maximum Sleepy Hollowness this episode. Running through dank tunnels! HoloJefferson! Long winding discussions of freedom of the press! Yet it played a little flat, lacking in real urgency even when lives were on the line and major pieces of information were revealed. But let’s see what there is to see:

  • So new structure of the show: Opening setup for case of the week, debrief with our Witnesses in a completely random place, A plot A plot B plot A plot A plot B plot A plot, EXPLOSION, Katrina end tag. Eh. I still wish they’d get a little more varied in their structure, since they’re trading one kind of predictability for another, but I’m probably not gonna get my wish. I’ll still bitch about it though!
  • These three construction workers – Mr. “Now This is Just Interesting,” Mr. “Honestly No but I Still Kick Down Walls,” and Mr. “Strangely Silent for Budgetary Reasons” – all showed more character development and range than Katrina has. Oops?
  • The whole “I am now a perfectly modern man see how comfortable I am see see?” thing is laying it on with a trowel for the finale.
  • If it’s painful for Crane to see “reminders of conflict everywhere,” why are they on a battleship? Like? Don’t go there! Problem solved! I avoid battleships very easily!
  • That said: CORBIN CALLBACK. And we get flashes to him! Can you imagine Abbie listening to his war stories? Solemn and big-eyed but also dreaming of those far-off places? 
  • Very Important Notes About Hair: Crane was rocking a true stallion tail, none of this half up ‘do thing. Dug it. And I appreciate that his down look this episode managed to look less Jesus-y (think it was the part?) but it also looked super greasy. Someone launder that wig. And not to leave you out, Pudding Pop: Abbie’s hair was really pretty this episode with the curls and all. Impressive it maintained that in the sewers. This concludes Very Important Notes About Hair. 

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