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22. description of crush

thank youuuu!!! <3333

22: description of crush?
OK sO, which one????? i probably have like a lot of tiny crushes on so many guys, but i’ll tell you about my 2 main crushes lol

this first guy is the perfect height, he has brown hair and a little stubble (even though he is 2 or 3 years younger than me???? but he looks just so much older) and his smile is the cutest thing ever, he’s pretty ambitious and super social, he can talk to literally anyone and he’s always the one who tries to keep things positive, he’s good friends with my brother though, that’s also kind of how i know him (personally, otherwise i would also know him, but never talk to him) and he teases me like all the time in a flirty way and i’m just like ????? what do i do, because he’s probably just joking (: if you literally want to hear every story about him you can message me ahahha, but i don’t think you want to xoxxo

and this other boy is from my university, actually i never really noticed him, but i did notice his friends though, but this one time i talked to him when we both didn’t know what to do and he was so cute, and his smile was perfect too, and now i only cross eyes with him sometimes, and then i’m melting because those eyes are so pretty like the sky, but i never talk to him rip, oh and he’s always touching his face with his pencil and it kinda looks ridiculous but okay ahahah ANd he’s blonde <33

Art trade with *+*+** @purple-phoney **+*+* :O Plx check them out they’re artsenpai really great!!

I drew their perfect Funtime Freddy (or at least i tried to oTL i just know i messed up the design somehow but he still survived heh)

I hope you like it friendo! :3

me probably for the rest of my life

look at that freaking face!!!!! just look at it……. the antis where saying he was unhappy, that he hated his life that he doesn’t love his wife and daughter… but i say…what kind of bullshit is that lol, a bunch of crap. how can they say that when we only got a glimpse of their life as parents and adults. I have read so many disgusting anti posts about some characters and pairings is not even funny anymore….is freaking sad… 

he is just smirking but i can tell hes freaking happy and in love!!!!!!! dammit my shipping heart is suffering so so much. guys I need help lol……he looks just perfect!!!! I cannot wait for the art book to be release. I want to see the rest of the characters as well as my dearly beloved sakura-chan and our little princess sarada if the kids are in the book as well of curse. I hope so!

I trust Kishi. I know with all my heart that Sasuke is a happy guy…and in love with his new family and precious ones. I hope we get scans soon after the release of the book. my heart cannot wait.