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From Fire Emblem to the Flarrowverse, your rarepairs give me life. And also I just wanna say that I am so glad you're branching out into a ton of fandoms; you can do it! Also also, I saw something about SmoakingSuperCanaryCorp which...I mean. I would be so sold. But also seeing is believing, right? I don't wanna push you, but do you have anything ready or is this gonna be one of those things that gets put on the shelf forever? (love you btw, hope I don't sound pushy!)

Oh my darling anon.
Oh my darling anon.

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Have the first 500(ish) words of a (yet untitled) college AU thing I’m working on.

The four of them will deny it later (much later), but everything starts with Sara Lance sliding into a café booth across from her best friend and whispering, in a tone belying more than just simple curiosity, “What do you know about a girl named Felicity Smoak?”

In response to that, Lena Luthor closes her laptop and lifts one impeccably-shaped eyebrow, considering Sara with one of her tricky little minx-smiles as she asks, “Why are you suddenly asking about my roommate, Sar?”

Now, normally Sara isn’t one for dramatics (or okay, fine, maybe not all the time), but this feels like the revelation of the year. She’d always sort of just gone off the assumption that Lena didn’t have a roommate, which…well, she’d never actually been to Lena’s room so there was no way she could have proven herself right or wrong. “Shit, Le, she’s your roommate and you didn’t tell me? Here I am, trying to make it for you and Kara—who, as we both know, is the one roommate I’ve had who I would totally wanna bang but haven’t because you like her—and you don’t tell me that you’re living with the literal girl of my dreams? That’s a betrayal!”

“I believe I did mention Felicity to you, actually, and months ago, at that, but somebody told me that she “didn’t need no help gettin’ laid, Luthor”, if I remember correctly.” Lena laughs, the sound teasing. Comforting. “And hey, what about Nyssa? I would have thought she was still the “literal girl of your dreams”. Hasn’t been that long, you know.”

Sara sighs, lying her cheek down on the cool wood of the café table. “Oh, come on, Le. You can’t hold the shit drunk-me says against me! And hey, we agreed not to talk about Nyssa, remember?” Lena doesn’t say anything, only lifting her eyebrow again, so Sara sits up, looking her friend dead in the eyes. “Seriously. You know how I felt about Nyssa. It just…you also know what happened. And anyway, she’s happy with my sister now, and they’re living together and it’s cool. It’s fine. Just…” she trails off. It’s sort of an awkward situation, really, but Sara and her sister, much as they love each other, have had a weirdly intertwined dating history; at least Nyssa had talked to them, not gone behind their backs like a certain other person with whom Sara (and Laurel) is surprisingly still good friends.

Lena’s expression goes soft, and her lips quirk into an affectionate smile. “Yes, I remember. I’m sorry.” Sara is grateful when her friend’s eyes drop to the table before looking back into hers. “So, you’re really into Felicity, huh? I understand the attraction, she’s adorable, but how do you even know her?”

Sara is about to make something up about one of her electives, but she remembers that not only does Lena know her schedule, but she most likely knows Felicity’s. She sighs. Here it comes. In hindsight, she probably should have mentioned this to Lena earlier. Like, when it all started.

No word on when this will go up, but I’m a woman of my word, anon. When I say I’m working on something, I’m working on it <3

Namjoon’s ramblings

RM: Guys, what if we’re not sitting on this couch rn? What if there is no couch and we’re just imagining it all? What if none of us are actually existing, and we’re just floating around in space? Like there is no life or death bc we aren’t even living.

JK: wtf have u been smoking namjoon?

RM: This couch we’re sitting on isn’t real, that pillow yoongi hyung is holding over my head, threateningly isn’t real, not even that burger hoseok is eating is real. None of it is.

JM: wtf of course the burger isn’t real, Its from Burger King. It’s probably horse.

J: thats really the only thing ur concerned about?

JH: IM EATING HORSE?!?!?!??!!?

JK: lol isn’t that cannibalism?

RM: but horse’s aren’t real either. None of us are. *continues being namjoon*


V: *picks up lamp* *throws it at namjoon’s face*

RM: okay but that felt very fucking real. Why did u do that?

V: bc u need to lighten tf up :(


RM: wow