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AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

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( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )

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Idk if you have time I don't want to annoy or anything but can you please do bts reacting to you being Arabic. Like would they even date an Arabic girl?

I feel as though Namjoon, Taehyung, Suga and JK wouldn’t mind dating any foreigners (BUT THATS MY OPINION LOL)

I’m gonna do JK, Taehyung and Namjoon reacting to you being arabic :)


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NAMJOON LOVES NEW THINGS LOL. As we all know, Namjoon has an interest in international stuff, and loves learning new things. When he finds out that you’re Arabic, he would do his utmost best to learn things about your culture, how to cook food from your culture (and fails epicly) and tries to learn Arabic (and gets…somewhere) He wants to do his best to go on trips to the middle east when he’s not promoting and not doing concerts.


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He would feel as this is a new exciting venture. He absoloutely loved the arab culture when he went Dubai and believes that, that one trip was enough for him to relate with you. He takes you on a trip all around South Korea and then travels to the Middle Eat with you so that you can incooperate both of your cultures in your relationship


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LAMB SKEWERS LOL. Arabs are known for their kebabs (well majority, maybe I’m sterotyping. Me personally… I LOVE GOING TO TURKISH AND LEBANEESE RESTAURANTS FOR THEIR KEBABS. Here in London they have a whole long street, where there are restuarants after restaurants that are lebaneese/Turkish/arab etc) sorry went off course. You two would probably open up a restaurant call Jk’s + Y/Ns LAMB SKEWERS, where you would have tons of ARMYs coming to try the infamous kebabs and doners and shawarmas (JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME WANT TO HAVE ONE UGH I HATE DIETS) You two would go on to dominate the world with your restaurant.One of your regulars would be Suga (obvs)


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Namjoon’s ramblings

RM: Guys, what if we’re not sitting on this couch rn? What if there is no couch and we’re just imagining it all? What if none of us are actually existing, and we’re just floating around in space? Like there is no life or death bc we aren’t even living.

JK: wtf have u been smoking namjoon?

RM: This couch we’re sitting on isn’t real, that pillow yoongi hyung is holding over my head, threateningly isn’t real, not even that burger hoseok is eating is real. None of it is.

JM: wtf of course the burger isn’t real, Its from Burger King. It’s probably horse.

J: thats really the only thing ur concerned about?

JH: IM EATING HORSE?!?!?!??!!?

JK: lol isn’t that cannibalism?

RM: but horse’s aren’t real either. None of us are. *continues being namjoon*


V: *picks up lamp* *throws it at namjoon’s face*

RM: okay but that felt very fucking real. Why did u do that?

V: bc u need to lighten tf up :(


RM: wow