Jeremy Zuckerman, the composer of Avatar and Korra, forwarded Mike and me this incredible video from Jordan Moore, a young musician who is seemingly a master of all instruments. Jordan transcribed, arranged, performed, and recorded “Greatest Change,” the 5-minute cue composed by Jeremy for the Book 1 season finale of Korra. We were all extremely impressed, as I think you will be too. I have a strong feeling Jordan will be scoring shows and movies professionally before long!

commission for signmeupforkuvirasarmy of their fic, the road to redemption is hard fought, a scene in which korra and kuvira are in the spirit world, and kuvira takes a moment to let loose and dance for a bit

this was a really fun drawing since i loVE kuvira, especially where her character would head after book 4, reflecting on the past, growing as a person, befriending korra, and finding redemption :’))

The Push and Pull: Chapter 16: Home Again

Description: Toph and Lin return to Republic City to find things are not as they left them.

Rating: T

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Author’s Note:
I am really sorry this has taken so long. I had more planned for this chapter, but I wanted to get this part out finally and rhoeysama‘s visit has inspired me to do so - it has been sitting on my laptop for well over a year! Hopefully publishing this will motivate me to finish it out. Thanks for your patience and again I am so so so sorry for what you are about to read.  


 “Final stop! Republic City!” the porter’s voice cried out, jolting Lin awake.

Lin’s head popped up from her mother’s lap so suddenly that she nearly banged Toph’s chin. It was close enough for her mother to feel the breeze of it and Toph gasped, “Careful there, baby girl.”

            “We’re home?”

            “Sounds like it,” Toph nodded, standing.

            Lin rubbed her eyes and stretched, catching the setting sun as it glinted through the station windows.

            It was dusk, Monday evening rush hour was just taking hold and the station was alive with commuters all bustling about with different destinations in mind. In this moment, seeing all the people in their smart hats and tailored clothing, babbling on in their Republic City slang, Lin wondered why they would want to be headed anywhere else.

             “It’s good to be home,” she sighed, pulling her bag from its compartment.

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