P'Li the Combustion Bender from The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Change
She’s one of my fave villains in the show. Her story wasn’t explored much but the creators explained what they wanted to add in the show like how they train Combustion Benders and more on P'Li’s dark past. :3 Sparky sparky boom boom!! #LOK #nickelodeon #PLi #adoodleaday #art #artph #adrawingadaychallenge #ink #characters

  • me watching "welcome to republic city":this is my favorite episode
  • me watching "a leaf in the wind":this is my favorite episode
  • me watching "the revelation":this is my favorite episode
  • me watching "the voice in the night":this is my f

Psht I can’t draw backgrounds so I admit defeat and cheated, sue me.

Anyway, four months ago it was someones birthday and I promised them a makorra project but with my finals to getting a job to playing games alot, to getting my wisdom teeth out and watching and reading about superheros, i finally managed to get to that promise. Sorry ayesha bby i love you ya lil shit paki Worked hours on this ~ ENJOY AND HAPPY BELATED BDAY OOPS (;