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Is it fair to say that "Aang grows in power" and "Korra grows in maturity and as a person"? I see many people using this argument to diminish ATLA and I think it's too simplistic, but I can't quite explain why.

Do they? This argument seems really simplistic indeed and I think that’s because there’s a lot more subtle aspects to these characters that this argument does not take into account 

Both Aang and Korra start out immature in their own ways, and have to mature as the series progresses. Aang might have started a bit childish, and his journey involves learning the elements, and maybe becoming more mature while also remaining true to himself by not letting completely letting go of the person he was before.

Korra starts out the exact opposite of Aang. She’s brash, rough, hard-headed. Where Aang never wanted to be the Avatar, Korra spent her entire life wanting only to be that.

If were to think about this using the metaphor used to describe the difference between DC and Marvel, where DC is gods becoming human and Marvel is humans  becoming gods, Korra would be the DC heroine to Aang’s Marvel hero. Aang is the mortal who–like your Spiderman, Captain America, or Hulk–learning to become to this new identity. Korra, in contrast, would be more akin to someone like Wonder Woman or Superman, trying to fit into the world around them. 

It’s not exactly an accurate comparison, but I just wanted to kind of demonstrate the difference between these two different Avatars. 



i finally went through one of my sketchbooks from this year and took pictures of ALL my legend of korra art. some of it is modern AU lok stuff! i will make a part 2 of my new sketchbook as soon as i can, in the meantime, enjoy!

if you have questions about anything i’ve drawn, feel free to ask. also, check the captions on each photo for more commentary from me!