Lois Lane Week: Day Nine | Fancast

Where is Lois Lane? Who should play her? In honor of Superman’s return to CW’s Supergirl tonight May 22 at 8PM EDT, you should share your choice or choices for what actress(es) you would like to see play Clark’s girlfriend, Cat’s rival, Jimmy’s friend, and Lucy’s sister, Lois Lane, on Supergirl. Remember that the show has already established that Lois is a woman of color and a woman over 30; all choices should fit that criteria. Try to at least post a picture of the actress or actresses you want, but if you can you should also try to pair it with a parallel image of Lois from other media or symbolic images. Adding an explanation for your choice is also welcome. Lastly, during the Supergirl finale, be sure to tweet your selections and your hopes for Lois on the show to the following: the show’s main account @TheCWSupergirl, producers @AJKreisberg @GBerlanti @SarahSoWitty, casting @RapaportCasting, and writers @SupergirlStaff.


Celebrate 3 generation of DC Women prepping for Wonder Woman

What I want from season 3 of Supergirl

-Mon-El coming back-BUT-he and Supergirl becoming just friends. I actually liked his arc in the long run, it was like a self-aware Makorra. 

-Supergirl getting with Lena/James/Brainiac/Batgirl. I am easy, I just want a cute couple.

-Snapper Carr to have an ACTUAL ROLE! Seriously, now that Cat is back he doesn’t need to be here.

-Lucy and Sam Lane…seriously, where the hell were THEY during this invasion?

-Legion of Superheroes…do I need to explain WHY?! Their like the X-men but in SPACE, they rule!

-Lois Lane…also don’t need to explain why.

-Livewire to come back for a redemption story, like she SHOULD have gotten in the freaking comics before the stupid New52! 

-Supergirl to have a main villain who ISN’T a replacement villain to one of Superman’s mainstays. You can make up a new character Berlantiverse writers, no-one will judge you.

And that’s it, just make sure Cat Grant stays and I’ll be golden.

How the heck are there still people out there trying to say that Amy Adams is a nobody??? Like she’s the definition of unproblematic, she’s been through so much in her life, and now she’s a 5 time academy award nominated actress, who is a part of a huge franchise and is the OG live action princess. Not to mention she was just the lead of one of the smartest alien arrival movies that I’ve ever seen, which made a bucketload of money at the box office, which is massive for a female actress over 40.
Like I get it though, you hate women who don’t punch people in superhero movies, but chill the fuck out.