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Cover art by lunise

Land of Fans and Music 2 brings together 68 of the best of the best fanmusic songs of the Homestuck fandom in one neat bundle (plus two jingles by some sort of jinglesmith). With over 40 Homestuck musicians and fanmusicians present, including super-fan Dante Basco, there’s bound to be something to enjoy for everyone! Each track comes with its own track art, too. The art has been supplied by 57 artists, and will come packaged in its own zip as downloadable content (DLC) for the album, along with several BONUS pieces of art that were made for songs subsequently cut or simply alternate versions of track art that were submitted.

The website is now updated to include LOFAM2 as well as Sburb OST, using some ~*~handy tabs~*~. From this website you can access a direct download link as well as the torrent file itself and the DLC. Again, the website has been designed by Veritas Unae and hosted by Andrew Neo. We thank Andrew most dearly for his continued hosting of these fan music releases.

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This is the last piece of track art for LOFAM2 that I believe I need to contribute, for The Lovable Tramp’s Rise of the Denizens!

I had the feeling that I had to meet some pretty high expectations when I was called upon to draw this one, so I was pretty nervous about doing it. I spent a long time mulling over how I was going to go about drawing this track art after I completed the art for Stalemate. We don’t know nearly as much about the denizens as we do about the kids or the trolls or even the carapacians, but I took what we do know about the beta kids’ denizens and ran with it.

There were actually a few goofs with the original composition of this drawing - Cetus’ tail was originally pointing to the left but I then decided that having it face the right would give the overall drawing more flow. Also in Hephaestus’ section of the art I had forgotten that Davesprite was injured when he went to him to get the Deringer repaired so for the longest time he had both wings at their full length. Not much to say about Typheus’ section; I had a good idea of what I was going to do with it fairly early on.

Echidna’s section is primarily inspired by the track art for Volume 8's Bargaining with the Beast, as far as her design goes. I was originally going to include Jack to the right of Jade in that section, but I didn’t find anywhere to put him and I found that the composition looked just fine without him anyway! Although in this memo Jade says that Jack was with him when she was talking with Echidna and I really wanted to draw him, I just couldn’t make him fit. Perhaps I’ll try and remedy that if I ever make a high-resolution version of this!

I knew immediately that I wanted Echidna to be the main focus out of all the denizens because she’s really important in the story since she makes Jade promise to take all the planets, the consorts, the denizens, and everything to the alpha session even if it meant Jade had to die. Then there’s Typheus, who’s facing doomed John, and Hephaestus looking down on Davesprite and offering him The Choice, and Cetus swimming around in the seas of LOLAR, which is now devoid of fish.

I tried to make the sections flow together the best I could - the top areas where Cetus and Typheus’ sections blend into Hephaestus’ section kind of fade without any borders, but I decided to make little borders based on each kid’s aspect to separate each section from Echidna’s section. The breath and light symbols are done in an abstract manner while the time and space symbols are just the straight-up time and space symbols; the space one just overlaps the time one.

I think I’ve rambled enough about this piece of track art, so I’m going to let the rest speak for itself! I hope I’ve done a good enough job living up to the LOFAM2 team’s expectations, and if I’ve exceeded them, that’s great too!

This has been another rambling commentary from Lune.


As another side note, the layered .lip file for this had a total of 60 layers not counting the texture layer!

BONUS: When I was starting work on this, instead of copying the texture layer, I accidentally copied Jack over from the layered version of the Stalemate track art. I couldn’t bear to delete him from the file, so he got to stay on the condition that his layer stayed invisible. Sometimes I’d make it visible when I was bored! Poor guy just keeps getting chased by things - first an angry PM and now an angry sea denizen!)


okay so if you’re not aware of it already, Land of Fans and Music 2 (or LOFAM 2 for short) came out today! i highly recommend you give it a listen if you haven’t already! a bunch of fantastic people put a lot of work and love into this thing!

and so here we have these two contributions to the album! i did the track art for Elegy for a Thief (Dreamscape Remix) and Unforgiving Terrain and i’m honored that i was able to be a part of the project!

whoops i’m rambling! what you still doing here? just go listen to the album already!