I just got back from a two-hour long route reconnaissance operation southeast of post, in the vast sprawling desert that surrounds us. Next week I’ll be taking my whole platoon in three M113s down this route to a demolition range to play with explosives. The two soldiers pictured above will be a driver and track commander for one of my vehicles. I brought them along on the recon so they could get a feel for the route (notice they’re holding maps) so we wouldn’t get lost. Driving through the desert was fun but the trip left me feeling nauseous…and I got a sore butt from sitting on a hard steel bench going over bumpy terrain :-P


How we roll.

Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona.

The truck is an LMTV. The government auctions them off, civilians can purchase and register them, and they are pretty nifty for getting to adventurous places.

More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeinmotion84/albums/72157662866210420