My dad and grandpa educated me with this along with some of my lgbtq+ family members.

Homophobia doesn’t actually exist

It is a term used when someone says they don’t like gays it refers to them as if there scared when they aren’t or when they say there uncomfortable

Racism IS A THING. it is an actual term used for discrimination against races.

Therefore heterophobia,cisphobia,homophobia,transphobia (and all those other confusing fucking genders) Don’t exist.

Arachnaphobia is an actual fear therefore affecting the person seriously

but “transphobes” rarely will cower themselves in a wall cos of a homosexual like someone isn’t just gonna pull a gun to your face cos your transgender so shutup and stop acting oppressed 24/7 when there actually are gays that are getting killed and your over here blogging chilling and shit being disrespectful towards those who cant relate towards you.

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YAAAAAAAAAS QUEEEEEEEN! Destroy my cooter with that GLORIOUS Ignis smut! You could probably drown a whole village in my panties right now, but sacrifices must be made! You are truly a diamond my sweet honey bunches! Thank you for a wonderful piece despite everything that’s going on in your life! You are truly loved! *smooches* ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, thank you Tumblr fam. I kinda feel like it’s a little family here full of thirst love and I’m grateful for every one of you that have stuck around through my periods of inactivity and shitposts. No matter what I go through, I want to be able to somehow do the things I want to do - write. I don’t care if I’m only capable of writing the same trash over and over again, it makes me happy. And hey, it makes y’all horny happy, too!

So, as I go back to the grind of working too much and resting too little, let me make it a priority to dedicate at least something to writing every day until I clear my plate of all the things I’d say I’d do.

… I’m gonna be writing long after KH3 comes out, ain’t I? Loooolllll fukc

Aileen Cassidy

You guys should be proud…I managed to keep a sim’s character alive for nearly a year…wow.

It still surprises me how hard it is to come up with a decent caption, especially for a boring picture like this one.

Anyway, this is my sim Aileen, I introduced her in this post, which was probably more built together then whatever the hell this shit of a post is.

5 Random Ass Facts about her:

- She’s so stubborn like…jesus christ.

- She has two brothers and a sister, who she doesn’t refer to as a sister.

- She killed a man…whoops?

- Really wants a dog

- Can be your worst enemy, the snarkiest bitch you know, and the most hyperactive kid in one second.

fucking thanks to anna @basicpixels for forcing me to keep this stubborn ass of a sim like holy fuck