LMAO that second picture


when in chicago


Yuuri saying those Big Three Words to Viktor for the first time

Viktor can’t handle it. He can not handle it. Viktor.exe has broken down. 


@fyeahmyths​ two week summer event
day thirteen: Oceanic Deity → Tāne

The Polynesian god of light, and of the forests and trees, Tāne is the first son of Papatuanuku and Ranginui. After his birth he settled in the sky. At dawn he ‘splits open the world’ by lifting up the seam of the sky off of the earth, so that a part of the outside world becomes visible.


June 4th 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Candice).

SDCC 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Grant).

A true glo up.


My Girl Vol. 20 goes on sale
Today, October 18th!! 🌟
The second years are featured on the cover and in the opening pages!!!
Makes me happy.
There’s a lot of interview content, so please do take a look!
We’ll be in your care 🍊🌸⛵️


Rafael Nadal d. Roberto Bautista Agut 6-1 6-2 6-2