LMAO that second picture


iM screaming I was tagged by mysonhoseok (holy jesus you’re gorgeous i cant) for the 20 beautiful people challenge 

I tried to pick pictures that I didnt already have on my blog so i had to go through my moms facebook for these lmao and the second picture is when i had to model, i dont like to think about that day it was so scary omg

I am taggingggg: poc-e-bear chusempai himedere-senpaii – if anyone else wants to do this you can c:


I wasn’t going to do this but I was tagged by foreverahijabi dania-extra-ordinary and ourconsciences to do this selfie challenge thingy and here ya go! I’m not going to tag anyone else because I really don’t know who to tag lmao 

The first picture is during Christmas time at my job

The second one is before a major surgery where I was basically the main helper of the surgeon

The last one is me and my sister going on a walk lol