Existing transformers games:

-you punch and kill some things

Games fans want:

-gay robot dating sim

-collect rodimus stars through increasingly stupid and bizarre tasks

-incompetent robot doctor sim

-rhythm game ala kinnect star wars dance game but with giant robots

-undercover cybertronian is forced to work office job via holoform while also going on missons. Bonus if the player character is markedly bad at pretending to be human. Triple bonus if other office workers are also aliens of various species but the player must spy on them while pretending not to notice they’re aliens

-literally anything with lost light shenanigans

-two player game where you each play as components of a headmaster and have to coordinate your controller movements and maintain drift compatibility while fighting

-minicon guerilla warfare

-a game where you play as soundwave and your only goal is to adopt every smaller robot you come across

-a game in which you play as whirl and hes whirl and its gr8

-a game entirely dedicated to jet judo

-transformers dress up/doll maker

-optimus prime is the player character but except instead of fighting your only goal is to avoid ratchet as he tries to bring you in for a physical. Bonus if its a two player and the other person plays ratchet

-prowl flipping tables: the game