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Rucas and Joshaya shippers after ski lodge:

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What is Where Do The Flowers Go about?

Where Do the Flowers Go is a series dedicated to one of my closest writing friends, @bovaria, because she was always the ones writing the series and never the one getting to read them.

At it’s most basic level, Where Do the Flowers Go is about a reader with a power over plants who grew in the Red Room with Natasha. A Bucky x reader relationship does eventually develop and plays a large role in the later Chapters in the series.

The series itself is loosely based off a Greek myth, although I will not be sharing which until the completion of the series.

Where Do the Flowers Go Masterlist

Where Do the Flowers Go Deleted Scenes

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hi so im new and i feel more connected(?) with Aphrodite then the other Theoi, and is it ok if i have an altar for just Her or do i have to include all the others? like??? aaaa sry

Don’t be sorry, it’s a good question. 

So, as with most things, the answer is going to depend on how strict you want to be about being recon, vs revivalist, neo-pagan, or hellenic-wiccan. If you’re being strict recon, then the whole pantheon is worshiped and honored; but even then, what that looks like in your home can and will vary. If you’re not, then it’s sort of up to you, and you can certainly focus on Aphrodite, and keep an altar just for Her. 

When I just started out in Hellenism I was basically worshiping just Dionysos. I only maintained a worship space for Him. It worked really well for me, and I ended up transitioning my practice over the years to include the whole pantheon, but I still focus my worship on the theoi who I’m closest with and even though I have a general household altar with shrines to most of the theoi, I still keep a separate altar space for Dionysos.

Basically, you do you, anon!