“HOLA CHICA MUCHACHOS! …I have no idea what I just said”

“Livin’ la vida loca!
Upside inside out
She’s livin la vida loca!

By parking anywhere
She’s livin’ la vida loca!

The cops? She just don’t care
Screamin ACAB and drinkin’ vodka
This is her lifestile
Livin’ la vida loca!”

A love song by @neptuneandwine

(Also, I can’t spanish)

signs as songs from shrek

aries; bad reputation by joan jett

taurus; i’m a believer by smash mouth

gemini; funkytown by lipps inc

cancer; hallelujah by rufus wainwright

leo; live and let die by paul mccartney & wings

virgo; changes by butterfly boucher & david bowie

libra;  ever fallen in love by pete yorn

scorpio; it is you (i have loved) by dana glover

sagittarius; livin’ la vida loca by antonio banderas & eddie murphy

capricorn; holding out for a hero by jennifer saunders

aquarius; all star by smash mouth

pisces; accidentally in love by counting crows


sing along to this it will make you happy