LIVE 生春巻き

Source: にこまき | 和遥キナ@三日目東シ40a最高のSummerDay! | (˙ε˙ キッポウ)冬の日 | 薬用石鹸今日1日真姫ちゃんはにこのメイドにこ | めいと真姫はにこの嫁 | 馬克杯四月 | 幻象黑兔七月 | 幻象黑兔目、閉じなさいよっ | はるき里にこまきもっ!ぎゅー! | ふぺにこまき | しいたけちん 「pixiv」

It’s Fan Art Friday!

Today I figured I’d do another yuri pair, once again from Love Live! This pair isn’t my favorite, but I find them to be one of the cutest. Their personalities are the kinds I like to see paired together.

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