• Bruce:C'mon guys, a little respect for the black widow.
  • Natasha:Finally! For once...
  • Bruce:No, not you! Her-- *cuts to black woman crying over dead husband's grave*

palmariium-deactivated20160118 asked:

ok so like i love u both?? cerina is so great and she inspires me a lot actually to not let anyone make me feel like shit about how i look anymore and shes just so awesome!! shes rafis big sister and like one of the coolest rp comm figures you make her so realistic like i just wanna be cerina when i grow up ;u ;

Sometimes I literally cannot handle all of the Patrick Kane hate. It’s like being stuck in this super toxic environment all the time. And I hate that there are players on almost every team that have somehow fucked up in someway and yet everything always comes back to Kane. It’s exhausting, honestly. I wish sometimes people would just stop for like two seconds and let him breathe.

I’ve been really hateful lately and my behavior is unacceptable i apologize for any stress I’ve caused and i apologize for blaming my behavior on mental illness i genuinely cannot tell what im doing is wrong and i literally cannot handle negative criticism and i generally would like if people would (nicely) tell me what im doing wrong and ill try and correct it im autistic and i really really can’t tell what im doing wrong and im sorry for the sudden personality change

I’m planning on withdrawing from my public speaking course because I literally cannot handle that fucking class. I don’t like the fact that this is a requirement and I was literally thrown into it. I guess I’ll take it some other time so I can at least mentally prepare myself for it.

just a general reminder i have avpd so private conversations scare me a lot so if i ever promise to talk later and then dont its just because i literally mentally cannot handle it. also goes for if we’re messaging and i seem disinterested or slow to reply

im glad i like Literally cannot handle being alone anymore like i need 2 so i can get my work done but i cant cuz im just sitting here feeling weirdly panicky and wanting 2 go somewhere but i hav things 2 do so like.Thats Cool i guess