that quick little moment on the subway in first date where maya and josh are sitting side by side smiling at each other and maya turns her head away but josh is still smiling at her is the exact pinpointed singular event that supplies me with oxygen every second of every day

but have you thought about erik shaking and trembling as charles lightly presses his forehead against his and brushing his lips in slow gentle sways against erik’s as he patiently waits for erik to respond and tears are pricking at erik’s eyes because he never thought he would receive such kindness and love and acceptance and it’s like he can’t breathe because just so much emotion is caught in his throat and he’s just overwhelmed by charles. by the smell of him, the soft twinkle in his eyes, his pouty red lips, his sincere smile and gentle nudges and light laughs and erik literally cannot handle feeling emotion besides rage and revenege so thoroughly to the point it shakes him to the bones
  • Bruce:C'mon guys, a little respect for the black widow.
  • Natasha:Finally! For once...
  • Bruce:No, not you! Her-- *cuts to black woman crying over dead husband's grave*

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ok so like i love u both?? cerina is so great and she inspires me a lot actually to not let anyone make me feel like shit about how i look anymore and shes just so awesome!! shes rafis big sister and like one of the coolest rp comm figures you make her so realistic like i just wanna be cerina when i grow up ;u ;


I have a super funny story….. So at my Jesus camp thing this past week and a half I met this guy, Really cute, Nice , Pretty much my bestie and totally hardcore flirting with by the end of the second day. And so I ask what his name is (Like last name) And he says Mctamany

And I freeze

Then start laughing uncontrollably Because Mctamany is the name of my old middle school French teacher. My lil brother has him now. And I’ve seen baby pictures of this Kid…. But it never clicked that he was older than in the photos And so he’s looking at me like I’m crazy with everyone else, And the first words out of my mouth when I’m able to breathe somewhat Are

And then he does what I call the Mctamany disappointed face. Which I got when I didn’t do my homework many many times from his dad (Because he knew I knew it, I’m just lazy)

And I start laughing even harder…

By now it’s a joke with us
And we’re flirting a lot and shit
But still small world huh?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!

So it’s official. It’s happening. I can’t believe it. I’m already so excited!

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I can’t wait! I literally cannot even handle the feels!

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I think when J. K. Rowling announced it officially on her Twitter, the whole Harry Potter fandom went:

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And then:

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And finally, I think Emma Watson has it covered:

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