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lana said Regina feels a sisterly bond with Emma. Honestly, everything I've seen on screen lately is showing this kind of bond. I'd look at my sister or friend the same way she is in that picture (and have before).



Like, if people literally cannot handle any E/R interaction at all where they’re not openly trying to kill each other, and that’s the conclusion they draw from one BTS picture, that ain’t my problem. It’s a representation of the (completely wrong) idea that Emma and Regina can’t have any interaction or development of their relationship without it being fanservice, and if people have worked themselves into such a paranoid froth that that’s all they see: again, not my problem. Disliking Regina for perfectly valid reasons is one thing. Jumping to the worst possible conclusions and twisting every out-of-context dialogue or photo spoiler to the worst possible interpretation and bitching and whining about her being ~omg so mean and hypocritical!!!~ to Emma is another, and it’s getting on my damn nerves. Guess what? Regina FINALLY LEARNED THAT THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO DARKNESS. And guess what? She has skin in the game, because she’s stuck with knocked up Green Green as a result. She realized that her selfishness was hurting nobody but her. I don’t care if people hate her. She has the authority to say these things from a place of honesty. Sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly doesn’t mean her character development didn’t happen. Deal.

Next, I don’t WANT people to be coddling Emma in the circumstances. It’s 5x05, halfway into the Dark Swan arc, and in Storybrooke, she’s clearly pretty damn dark by this point. I don’t WANT her to be Rumple, who ducks taking responsibility for his actions at every turn. He too became the DO for good reasons, just like Emma did. Does that mean he gets a free pass for everything that happened later? Hell no. Not in my book. That likewise doesn’t mean Emma skates with no responsibility for the choices she makes as DO, even if her motives in becoming it were good. Emma’s flawed. She’s a hero, not a villain, and she’s not going to make the same kind of choices as Regina and Rumple at their worst, but she’s no perfect angel, and if you excuse everything she does with no consequences and claim that it’s only the darkness and not her, you’re basically one of the Regina/Rumple fans you hate so much for insisting that nothing was their fault. And hey! Regina reminding Emma that there’s always a choice sounds an AWFUL LOT like foreshadowing to me, as in laying the groundwork for Emma to realize just that and to choose to give up the darkness in crunch time! But no. Wah wah wah. Regina’s so mean. How dare she treat Emma like that. How dare she not tiptoe around her. Wah wah wah.

Look. SQ and their fans aren’t my favorite ship or shippers either. But at this point, people are just beyond absurd, and frankly they annoy me more, because I don’t have to deal with the crazy SQ fans, but the crazy CS fans end up in my inbox or in my friends’ inboxes all the time and I have to be subjected to their whining and vast conspiracy-theorizing OVER SOMETHING THAT (AT LEAST ROMANTICALLY) HAS BEEN CONFIRMED 52844228536 TIMES NOT TO BE HAPPENING. LOGIC, PEOPLE. USE IT. After all, we don’t even know that the “choice” Emma is referring to deals with her becoming the DO in the first place. It could well be something else, and in any case, REGINA WOULD STILL BE RIGHT WHEN SHE SAYS THERE’S A CHOICE. SOMETHING THAT EMMA WILL EVENTUALLY REALIZE/REMEMBER AND EMPOWER HERSELF WITH AS WELL.

Basically, I’m really tired of people having this cartoonishly outsized hatred of Regina and paranoia of everything she or Lana or her fans do or say. I’m over it. It’s dumb. There are a million other CS shippers who I’m sure would gladly commiserate with them and agree that Regina is the worst and everything she does is terrible and etc., but I’m not one of them. It’s my least favorite thing about the fandom, honestly, and makes me glad I won’t be watching the episodes live, because I have a feeling tumblr is going to be an unpleasant place for me for most of 5A.

Sorry for the rant, but things needed to be said. So yeah. Carry on.

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I don't think is very related with this tumblr, but i think since i have anorexia, i became more sensitive. I don't if this is happens because of anorexia but anyway. I don't know if it will make sence, but like today i asked some of my friends about homework and like nobody answered me and one of them did but it took so long! I felt like they were against me, and they planned to not answer me. I think this is too strange sorry!!

This is absolutely normal! I was an emotional mess throughout my ED. When you’re caught up in an eating disorder and malnourished, your brain literally cannot handle emotions. I broke down in tears over the most ridiculous things, yelled at my family members, was consumed over anxiety over choosing the right brand of toothpaste. You internalize everything, and all situations become life or death. While you will have to deal with a lot of emotional upheavals throughout recovery, you’ll find that having healthier coping mechanisms along with a nourished body and brain will allow you to see the world more accurately and be less emotionally volatile! Please seek recovery anon <3
  • Bruce:C'mon guys, a little respect for the black widow.
  • Natasha:Finally! For once...
  • Bruce:No, not you! Her-- *cuts to black woman crying over dead husband's grave*
Initial Stanchurian Candidate Thoughts

AKA all the stuff I wanna write longer posts about later

We were told the episode would have major implications; if you don’t see that wheel as a big issue coming up, I don’t know…

Also, Stan feeling overshadowed by Ford is such a parallel with Mabel feeling overshadowed by Dipper.

Tie=the brainwashing we all predicted from the title

Ford giving Dipper the tie was a stupid, irresponsible decision


Dipper blew his top because Stanley said he had dumb ideas. He literally cannot handle his intelligence being insulted.