me: *knows I am seriously limiting the experience of a game and possibly stunting character development of my OC and potential companions by only ever travelling with my LI*

me: *only travels with my LI anyway*

can we talk about this as well? (besides his stupid fucking face)
everyone always wonders why Izuku knowingly destroys his body time and time again. 
 it’s for the sake of heroics. Each and everytime he broke himself he had something to prove. 
in the sports festival, he had to prove he could go against Todoroki, while simultaneously trying to help him. 
at the WWP’s camp, he had to prove to Kouta (while protecting him) that heroes could be trusted. in a world where that boy hated every hero, he had to show him that heroes were in fact worth it.

Izuku can’t be anywhere but the top. He has come too far to be second place. From having no quirk to inheriting the strongest quirk in the world from the Greatest Hero. He has so much to fight for and cannot let himself waver. Izuku Midoriya is a force to be reckoned with and he will make sure of this f or years to come.

ok dont judge me but. arent there certain people who you’d love to cry with. like i know thats not a common activity to bond with people but. fuck man sometimes i think of someone and im like “yes. i would cry with this person”