aries watches your actions 
taurus perceives your senses 
gemini listens to your words 
cancer reads your body language 
leo sees your heart 
virgo observes your mannerisms 
libra becomes you 
scorpio perceives your soul 
sagittarius prophetises your future 
capricorn marks your presence 
aquarius observes with curious detachment 
pisces absorbs your energy 

Cream pile <3

Okay so this took a bit trying to find the reference things, but here is a list of all the cream children from the cross x dream ship along with who created them for those who need it. I’ll edit the list if any more amazing children pop up, but this is what i have so far. 

Lucid:  ref post @inashibe

Faith: ref post @vaultsdan

Celex: ref post ref color @rt-creep

Slick: ref post @tawny-hero

Stryker: ref post @animaltalesans

Project: ref post @byutaki

Thought : ref post. @lilgrunt303

Kurome: ref post @sewyclub

Shadow: ref post @kateflame0

Trance: ref post color ref @pixelmusicgamer

Whipple:  ref post @frunoni

(I tried to place them from oldest to youngest, but i think i failed at that ^w^’)


Woman Screenwriter Wednesday: September

On New Year’s I resolved to watch a film written by a woman every Wednesday, as part of what I call #womanscreenwriterwednesday. Here’s what I watched this month:

  • September 7 - A Room With a View (1986) - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
  • September 14 - Pariah (2011) - Dee Rees
  • September 21 - Into the Forest (2016) - Patricia Rozema
  • September 28 - The Wedding Song (2008) - Karin Albou

I’m not done with #52filmsbywomen! But I’m looking forward to another three months of #womanscreenwriterwednesday!

Outfit Prompts!

Reblog this and have followers send you asks/requests on what number outfit they’d like to see a character drawn in! You can also just do these whenever you want as a day-by-day challenge. Just remember to enjoy yourselves!

  1. Work clothes
  2. Colorful clothes
  3. Blue jeans
  4. Torn-up jeans
  5. Cold weather pajamas
  6. Warm weather pajamas
  7. A tank top
  8. Short shorts
  9. Thigh-high socks
  10. Victorian era clothing
  11. A sunhat
  12. A floral shirt
  13. Khaki pants/shorts
  14. Space-patterned clothing (shirt, pants, shoes, socks, whatever!)
  15. Suspenders
  16. Bow tie
  17. Finger-less gloves
  18. Paint-stained clothes
  19. Dangling earrings
  20. Feminine school uniform
  21. Masculine school uniform
  22. Tap shoes
  23. Pastel sweater
  24. Leg warmers
  25. Swimwear
  26. Ice cream person uniform
  27. Just a towel and nothing else
  28. Tennis outfit

signs of emotional abusers:

  • never says sorry,  ever, or only says sorry when they want something or they are forced to by others around them
  • yells at you for small things, like accidently dropping food on the counter, forgetting to put something away, or things that aren’t your fault like running out of cereal, or being attacked by an animal or person; blames you for things they do or just generally anything that goes wrong
  • ignores you/neglects your emotional needs, like spending hours on the computer and never wants to spend time with you/values things or work more than you
  • never compromises, always need you to do things their way or else its “the wrong way” and/or belittles you for it. always needs you to be interested in their life/things but isn’t interested in your life/things
  • belittles you for your opinions or feelings and makes you feel like they’re not valid or that theyre dumb.
  • if they’re religious and they’re your parents, they are always ready to pounce on you when they think you are not doing the right thing or threatens to kick you out of the house if you are not/or dont do the things they say or want/think are godly
  • always has to control how you look/act/dress
  • is mean to you then acts nice immediately after and expects everything to be ok again expects you to forgive them right away or else you’re in the wrong
  • buys you things then acts like its your fault that you dont like them/want them and/or forces you into eat them/wear them/use them by yelling at you or belittling you 
  • acts like your emotions are wrong
  • keeps you from your friends and family in roundabout (or obvious ways) and possibly acts like this is your fault
  • tells you that they have never done what you say they did, even though they did, never admits faults (gaslighting)
  • treats you like a child even if you are an adult
Books by ace-spectrum authors with ace-spectrum main characters

When it comes to asexual representation in books, I’m most interested in reading ace main characters written by ace authors. Ace side characters are always great, but I really love getting the ace character’s point of view, and I believe authors who are ace themselves are best equipped to pull that off realistically. Thinking about this, I ended up making the following list of all the books/series I could find that have an ace-spec MC (or at least a point-of-view character) and were written by an ace-spec author. Click the links for more info and discussion. If you know of any I missed, I’d love to hear about them!

I’m also posting this list on a static page, and I’ll be updating it there as I find more books/more are written.


Aries: And the cosmos said to Aries
“To Aries, I leave to you in my will, my exuberant spirit, my sword crafted in crimson rubies and heaven’s bleach
It can win any battle
I bequeath my fascination and awe with everything and and anything
and every happy memory from my childhood”

Taurus: And the cosmos said to Taurus
“To Taurus, I leave you to you in my will, my talent for making music in every form, from dance to piano and the creativity that gives light to the stars
I leave you every moment of pleasure I ever experienced and my many fortunes”

Gemini: And the cosmos said to Gemini
“To Gemini, I leave to you in my will, my beautiful mind, the intellect that can grasp anything in a moment, a golden notebook that can contain a thousand thoughts a minute. How perfect for you..
Now you will have the ability to be nourished by reading so you do not have to eat or sleep”

Cancer: And the cosmos said to Cancer
“To Cancer, I leave to you in my will, my ability to dream the dreams of the whole night sky
A home to you by the sea, so the ocean will sing you to sleep every night while your loved ones are close by
I leave you my divine child to raise and love, nobody can
nurture like you”

Leo: And the cosmos said to Leo
“To Leo, I leave you the complete paintbox of my creative genius, the colours and design that brought the universe to life
I leave you the Sun, so that even when you feel sad, you know that the light is yours forever
And the crown of the cosmos is yours, you are the sovereign heir, the world is your stage, so remember to always perform for me”

Virgo: And the cosmos said to Virgo
“To Virgo, I leave you my intelligence and eyes, that which conceives beyond material into every finer design. Nobody else will see what you see
And my finest handiwork will be yours, I will leave you the hands I crafted with for centuries by starlight. These are filled with the minerals of healing and therapy, these can fix anything”

Libra: And the cosmos said to Libra
“To Libra, I leave you my heart, it is the most striking of all, capable of consuming and generating all love and harmony
I leave you a life of peace, one free of treachery, unkindness or dishonesty. My eye for design will be yours, the ability to bring worlds together, turn colours into rainbows, and language into poetry”

Scorpio: And the cosmos said to Scorpio
“To Scorpio, I leave you my sacred power, that which originated at the beginning of time, and you will visit this place often
and become acquainted with the beauty of nothingness
The most powerful healing tonic of the cosmos will be yours, ready for you when you become enlightened and aware
I leave you the ability to be reborn, like me, again and again, so you will eventually fly on this dimension”

Sagittarius: And the cosmos said to Sagittarius
“To Sagittarius, I leave you my stories and my archives, my records and my guides, my books and libraries
All the knowledge of the cosmos will be yours
I give you every drop of bottled laughter and joy
You will hardly recognise a moment of sadness amongst the sheer delight”
Capricorn: And the cosmos said to Capricorn
“To Capricorn, I leave you my greatest talents and skills, I leave you my wisdom and my secret insights
My magic and mastery, and the strongest backbone at all, then you will ability to stand tall amongst any obstacle you face down there”

Aquarius: And the cosmos said to Aquarius
“To Aquarius, I leave you my genius, my intellectual brilliance, my ability to create worlds from pure imagination
I leave you the heavenly knowledge that you will relish to share
And I leave you the whole world to protect, every dolphin, and baby, and rainforest tree. You are my sovereign guardian. Mother Earth is your mother”

Pisces: And the cosmos said to Pisces
“To Pisces, I leave you all of my dreams and vision, the canvas and paintbox that mused the universe, the ability to make art out of emotion
The whole ocean is yours, and when you submerge you will feel home, it will be nice to know, you can always visit home
I leave you everything, and most importantly, I leave you the ability to see me everytime you see yourself, so you will know that you are forever”


List of incenses correspondences, by use

Anointing: frankincense, jasmine, lavender, rose, vervain, orange
Balance: cypress, jasmine, sandalwood, sweetgrass
Banishing/Releasing: clove, cypress, mugwort, sage, lemon/lime
Binding: cypress, dragon’s blood, rowan, vertivert
Blessing: copal, frankincense, rosemary, sweetgrass
Changes: bayberry, dragon’s blood, lilac, patchouli, woodruff
Cleansing: cedar, frankincense, pine, sage, sandal
Courage: cinnamon, dragon’s blood, patchouli, rosemary
Creativity: dragon’s blood, lavender, orange, rosemary, savory, tangerine
Cursing: bayberry, close, dragon’s blood, myrrh
Divination: bay, copal, lilac, mugwort, myrrh, sage
Goals: acacia, bay, cedar, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, orange, sandalwood
Happiness/Peace: jasmine, lavender, orange, rose, vervain, sandalwood
Inspiration/Wisdom: acacia, copal, frankincense, oak moss, pine, sage
Love: cinquefoil, jasmine, lavender, mugwort, orange, rose
Luck: bay, bayberry, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, violet
Meditation: acacia, copal, cypress, cedar, frankincense, jasmine, sage
Power/Strength: dragon’s blood, frankincense, patchouli, verbena
Protection/Defense: bayberry, dragon’s blood, rosemary, woodruff
Visions: basil, bay, copal, frankincense, mugwort, sage
Willpower: bay, cedar, patchouli, rosemary, sage, woodruff

(source: Grimoire for the Green Witch - Ann Moura, 2003)

Zodiac Defences

Aries: Launch into attack, impulse, rage, quick defences.

Taurus: Logic, Consistency, stable temper, yet when pushed react with rage. They can often outlast another in an argument.

Gemini: Trickster tactics, deception, illusions and quick wit. 

Cancer: May retreat into themselves, react with anger or become unreachable.

Leo: Theatrics, childlike reactions, extremes of emotion.

Virgo: May become silent, yet can react with subtle wit, can point out your weaknesses and flaws.

Libra: Can usually remain calm and together in conflicting circumstances, yet there may be reactions of pride and intellect.

Scorpio: They can find your weak points and twist, they are able to ward off their opponent with one scathing comment. 

Sagittarius: Humour, theatrics, may try to force their opinions and intellectual points, but will ultimately react with anger somewhat.

Capricorn: Sarcasm, scathing remarks, subtle temper, yet often remains dignified.

Aquarius: Intellect, theatrics, complete rejection of any ruling power. 

Pisces: Deception, illusions, transformation, passivity. 

Things you need to know if you’re about to see twenty one pilots live for the first time
  • they’re different than any other band you have ever seen and probably will ever see live.
  • they’re going to come into the crowd at least once so brace yourself for the excitement and movement if you’re in the pit.
  • I know you want to remember every moment, but please try to put your phone down because I promise you, you will experience it so much better that way.
  • just like at any concert, there will be nice people and there will be not-nice people in the pit. try to make friends with the nice people.
  • if you’re getting there early, talk to the people in line around you! I’ve made some of my closest friends waiting in line at twenty one pilots shows.
  • be respectful. we all want to be at the front and feel like we might “deserve” it more than someone else, but some people camp out for over 12 hours to be at the front, so please don’t try to take that away from them by cutting the line or pushing to the front.
  • look out for the people around you. it can get rough sometimes so if you see someone struggling, help them. you’d want someone to do the same for you.
  • don’t focus on getting to the front or meeting them. the likelihood of either of those things happening on this tour is very low and if they don’t happen it’ll ruin your night!! focus on the show because it’ll be good no matter what. 
  • drink lots of water the day of! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!!! the last thing you need to happen at your first tøp show is to pass out and miss it.
  • most of all, try to savor every single second of it because all of a sudden you’ll be looking at the confetti on the floor wondering how it’s already over.
The Green Witch’s Herbal Listing by Purpose
  • Balance- basil, chamomile, comfrey, mullein, nettle, woodruff.
  • Blessings- chamomile, dianthus, elder flowers, fennel, mint, oats, rosemary, rue, vervain.
  • Cleansing/Purification- avens, Betony, benzoin, burdock, clove, hyssop, lavender, mullein, parsley, pine, rosemary, thyme, vervain, wormwood, yarrow.
  • Consecration- acacia, anise, basil, clover, dragon’s blood, hyssop, lavender, mistletoe, mugwort, rosemary, rue, sunflower, vervain.
  • Countering Negative Energies- agrimony, avens, fennel, holly, hyssop, motherwort, rowan, rue, vervain.
  • Courage- basil, borage, mullein, rosemary, thyme.
  • Creativity- anise seed, basil, catnip, hawthorn, lavender, St. Johnswort, vervain.
  • Divination- anise seed, basil, bay, cinquefoil, clover, damiana, dittany of Crete, eyebright, honeysuckle, hops, lavender, marigold, moonwort, mugwort, mullein, orange peel, rowan, thyme, vervain, woodruff, wormwood, yarrow.
  • Encourage Changes- dragon’s blood, linden, purple heather, woodruff.
  • Energy/Power/Strength- cinquefoil, dragon’s blood, elder flower, fennel, St. Johnswort, vervain, woodruff.
  • Forture/Justice- bay, bergamot, cinquefoil, lemon balm, orange peel, star anise, vervain, woodruff.
  • Happiness/Peace- fennel, lavender, loosestrifle, rosemary, vervain, yarrow.
  • Healing- cinquefoil, comfrey, coriander, hops, lavender, lemon balm, mullein, rosemary, rue, sage, St. Johnswort, tansy, thyme.
  • Love- apple, avens, basil, cardamon, catnip, dill flowers, elm, ginger, lavender, lemon balm, linden leaves, marigold, marjoram, moonwort, mustard seed, orange peel, red heather, rosemary, vetivert, willow, yarrow.
  • Meditation- acacia, benzoin, chamomile, frankincense, woodruff.
  • Money- basil, bergamot, chamomile, clove, dill seeds, mint, moonwort, nutmeg, oats, vetivert.
  • Protection/Defense- betony, burth, burdock, cumin, dianthus, dill leaves, fennel, fern, marjoram, mint, mugwort, mullein, mustard, parsley, rosemary, rue, sage, vervain, white heather, woodruff, wormwood, yarrow.
  • Psychic Awareness- bay, betony, burdock, cinnamon, elderflower, lavender, mace, marigold, star anise, woodruff.
  • Releasing Negativity- betony, clove, hyssop, mugwort, rosemary, St. Johnswort, thyme, vervain, vetivert, yarrow.
  • Sealing/Sending Positive Energy- angelica, wormwood.
  • Spirit Contact/Blessings- lilac, purple heather, mint, Solomon’s Seal.
  • Strength/Willpower- rosemary, St. Jpohnswort.
  • Wisdom- elder, sage, willow.

Grimoire for the Green Witch- A Complete Book of Shadows by Ann Moura