Prompt Batch #27

Theme: Miscellaneous

1. “Don’t you think we should say something?”

2. “Throw it as far from here as you can.”

3. “I can’t stand to look at you anymore.”

4. “Maybe this just wasn’t meant to be, you know?”

5. “Your time will come; be patient.”

6. “I almost died and I can hardly believe it.”

7. “You’re in for a world of hurt.”

8. “I’d start running if I were you. They’ll catch up soon.”

9. “Why am I not enough for you?”

10. “No one is perfect. That’s just part of being human.”

11. “Shouldn’t you be at school? What are you doing here?”

12. “I just wanted to give you more time.”

13. “This probably isn’t appropriate to talk about over the phone.”

14. “Oh, please–you’re just jealous!”

15. “That looks amazing on you!”

16. “You know you don’t need makeup, right?”

17. “Let’s go for a swim!”

18. “Are you the one who ate all the cookies I just baked?”

19. “Just take a peek; it can’t hurt, can it?”

20. “Moving ever forward, as always.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, is it an ADHD thing to make lists of things you need to do, and then not be able to remember that there's something to be done, and therefore end up not checking the list and not doing the things? I've been doing that my whole life :'(

Hello wonderful!

Yes, difficulty remembering things can be linked to ADHD. I suggest putting timers on your phone when you should do certain tasks, like a planner! - B



This time, I talk about the games I WISH I played in 2017 because there were so many great titles I wanted to play!

REBLOGS are greatly appreciated!

Masterlist of Bullet Journal Ideas

I was going to post images with each listing, but 100 pictures on one Tumblr post was quite a task. So, if you’d like to see examples of any of these, I am adding them to my Pinterest Board which can be found [here].

1. Books To Read- Color them in as you go! Or make a fun list of them and check them off one at a time. 

2. All About Me- Make doodles of things you love, add quotes, draw yourself!

3. Future Log- There are so many ways to make this page. Please do some research to see which would work best for you

4. Movies To Watch- Pretty self-explanatory, but there are many ways to do this page too

5. Skills To Learn- Jot down all the things you want to learn

6. Important Numbers and Addresses- In case of emergency of course. Also, be careful what you put in this part for your own privacy reasons

7. Year In Pixels- Honestly, one of my favorite pages

8. Fonts, Banners, and Frame Ideas- For practice and to choose from when you are having trouble being creative

9. Snail Mail Log- Keeping a list of people who you want to send letters to

10. Savings Tracker- It’s always fun to see how much you have saved up

11. TV Series Tracker- Keep track of all the shows you still need to binge

12. Monthly Challenges- I know I haven’t been helpful with this lately, but you can always search for challenges on my page

13. Music Playlists- A list of songs that describe you, your goals, things you love, etc. 

14. Timeline of Your Life- This was hard for me to make. My life isn’t all that exciting

15. Inspiration Page- Fill it with quotes, pictures, memories, etc. 

16. Self-Care List/Ideas- I posted many lists like this on my Pinterest if you want more ideas

17. Monthly/Yearly Memories- Look back on all the good and bad things that you’ve gotten over and endured. 

18. Sleep Tracker- See how many hours you get each night. This also works well when paired with number 7. 

19. Me Time Log- Keep track of how many hours you spend with yourself. We all need to learn to love on ourselves a little more. 

20. Tiny Adventures- Go out of your comfort zone and go on some tiny adventures like reading in public, talking to a stranger, giving people compliments, etc. 

21. Word Tracker- For those who are writers who like to procrastinate

22. Daily To-Do List- This can be done on your weekly pages or you can make a page specifically for daily sticky notes. 

23. Blog Post Ideas- Got an idea, but you’re not at your computer or have what you need for your post? WRITE IT DOWN

24. Fitness Log- Keep track of how much and when you work out or stretch or do yoga or and of those fun physical activities. 

25. Food Log- If you’re trying to lose weight or just get healthy or just want to track your food intake for fun, this is for you! 

26. Meal Prep- I love how cute and helpful these pages can be. 

27. Gift Lists- Ever see something and say to yourself, “Man, ____ would really like that”? Keep a list of things people would like so that you don’t worry about it when it comes to holiday time or birthdays. 

28. Grocery Lists- Every time I go shopping, I forget something because I didn’t write it down. 

29. Goals- Oh, yes! It’s 2018. We need some goals. Monthly, weekly, daily, YEARLY. Just get some goals and aim for them. 

30. Recipes To Try- I see nice recipes all the time on Facebook, but I never think about them again after I keep scrolling. It’s bad. 

31. Daily Affirmations- Give yourself some compliments and some emotional support

32. Business Plan- Make yourself a good businesswoman or businessman or businessperson in 2018. You got this. 

33. Birthdays- Keep track of all those important people in your life that need to be remembered on their special day. 

34. Work Hour Log- Sometimes we don’t keep track of all the things we get paid for. Actual work, babysitting, photography jobs, writing jobs, pet sitting, house sitting, etc. 

35. Wishlists- Not so you can #treatyourself, but so that you can make note of things you really want. 

36. Gratitude Log- It’s always good to have a moment of gratitude with yourself. Make it a monthly challenge if you need to!

37. Quotes- Your own, friend quotes, celebrity quotes, author quotes, and lyrics. 

38. Illustrations and Doodles- Doodling helps you keep your mind fresh and ready to react quickly to situations. 

39. Jokes- Your own, ones you heard, ones you read, etc. 

40. New Discoveries and Interesting Facts- Find a new interesting fact? How about that lemonade is basically Sprite in almost any other country than America?

41. Travel Log- Places you want to go! There are so many ways to do this, so look up different versions before starting!

42. Family and Friend Favorites- Their favorite colors, animals, stores, places, hobbies, etc. 

43. DIY Projects- Things you want to try out someday. 

44. Chore List- Keep track of when you do your chores so that your house doesn’t become disgusting or dusty. 

45. Bucketlist- What do you want to do before graduation, moving out, marriage, having kids, etc. 

46. Story Ideas- I always come up with story ideas and then when I sit down to write them, I blank. 

47. Period Log- For people with periods that have many PMS symptoms or even PMDD symptoms. This is a great way to show your doctor all of the things you go through each cycle. 

48. Words That Make You Happy- Silly words, ugly words, words that are fun to say, etc. 

49. Things That Make You Happy- People, places, and things. 

50. Monthly Habits- Water intake, cleaning, bathing, exercising, reading, etc. 

51. Story Titles- This can be titles for books, short stories, poems, or just nice sounding titles for anything. 

52. Made Up Words- I make myself laugh with all the words I make up on the daily. 

53. Follower Counter- This page keeps me inspired to keep doing what I love. 

54. Index- Always have an index for easy access to the pages you want to find. 

55. Icons- Sometimes we need to have icons to make our pages pretty. Sometimes we make too many icons and never use them (me). 

56. Packing List- For those who travel often or stay at friends’ houses more than our own, it’s good not to forget the things we need. 

57. Morning Routines- Our bodies need routines for mornings to get us ready for the day. 

58. Nightly Routines- Our bodies need routines for nights to prepare us for sleep. (see what I did there?)

59. Weight Tracker- If you’re struggling with your weight, keep a chart tracker or add your daily weight to your calendar. 

60. Pen Test Page- If you get new pens, highlighters, or markers, its best to test them out before using them. 

61. Brain Dump- Sometimes we just need to jot down ideas or thoughts. It’s okay if they don’t make sense. 

62. Spending Log- Keep track of what you spend because you might need that someday. 

63. Water Tracker- HYDRATE

64. Habit Tracker Reward System- This is something I came up with myself, so if you have questions, message me!

65. Name Lists (For Babies and Stories)- Keep a list of cool names for characters or even future babies. 

66. Looking Forward To…- Birthdays, holidays, raises, pay days, vacations, etc. 

67. Compliment Lists- Make a list of your go-to compliments, your favorite ones people have given you, etc. 

68. Level 10 Life- Please look up what this is before jumping into it!

69. Pet Care Log- Keep track of how much you do with your pets. Walks, play time, park time, play dates, baths, etc. 

70. Achievements- What have you done that you are proud of?

71. Weekly Log- Keep track of your week. This is one of the most used pages in any bullet journal honestly. 

72. Monthly Log- Another overly used page in any bullet journal. Very important. 

73. Daily Log- I don’t do this too often, but I know it helps others who really need a whole page for each day. 

74. Bill Tracker- This was fun to make and something I will be using now

75. Income Tracker- How much and how frequently do you get paid?

76. Deadline Page- Prepare yourself for things that you need to get done. Do not procrastinate this year!

77. Vocabulary Practice- Sometimes we just need to educate ourselves on our own terms. (and with our own terms. Anyone? Anyone?)

78. Doctor Appointment Log- If you don’t want to add them to your calendar or they are too far out to add to the calendar you’re using. 

79. Username and Password List- Be careful with this page. If someone finds your bullet journal, this could be bad. 

80. Monthly Cover Page- These are so cute! I just started doing them, but they make my journal so artsy and pretty. 

81. Dream Log- This is a fun one. Track your dreams. This would be good to line up with how many hours you get as well. 

82. Favorites List- What are YOUR favorites? Movies, snacks, drinks, subjects, people, colors, animals, etc. 

83. Habits To Break- Do you bite your nails? Quote The Office too much? Throw clothes into piles on your floor? STOP THAT. 

84. Small Things That Matter- Puppies, getting up in the morning, pennies, smiling at yourself, laughter, etc. Remind yourself that there is good in the world. 

85. Things To Sell- Get rid of the things you don’t need. Or make things to sell! Be prosperous this year. 

86. School Schedule- High school and college students really need this. Even teachers do too. Make a chart of your classes, room numbers, buildings, and times.

87. House Projects- Things that need fixing or improvements around the house. 

88. Day Trip Ideas- Fun places to go when you have the time. 

89. Things I Am Bad At- It’s okay to admit our shortcomings and work on them. Or just accept them for what they are. 

90. Resolutions- YES! Make yourself this better this year. Be the best you. 

91. Crochet/Knit Log- When making a blanket, small items, or just keeping track of your improvements in your skill. 

92. Future Planning- Make a list of the things you want in your future and how you plan on getting them. 

93. Quirk List- Ever notice you do small little weird things? Make a list to appreciate who you are. 

94. Who Borrowed What- Sometimes people borrow things and you forget until you need it again. By then, they threw it out or gave it to someone else. 

95. Six Word Stories- Get those creative juices pumping. 

96. Love Yourself- Write down all the things you love about yourself. Appreciate yourself. 

97. Paying It Back- Honestly, a good page to have, but it doesn’t get much attention from me. 

98. Childhood Dreams- We should always try to look back on what we thought we wanted

99. Good Deed Ideas- Ever think “wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could _____”?

100. Mind Mapping- There are a few reasons I really enjoy this, but it really helps me get my thoughts and ideas out more easily

Denny’s New Years Resolutions

• Learn something new everyday

• Overthrow the bourgeoisie

• Find out where that music’s coming from, we don’t have speaker systems

• Get that guy out of the claw machine

• Provide transportation for tennis players looking for the Grand Slam

• Eggs

• Milk

• Cheese

• Bacon

• Meet Dua Lipa

• Marry Dua Lipa

• Grow old with Dua Lipa

• Lose weight

• But like, the weight of toxic people in our lives

• More tomfoolery

• 1080p

• Remove curse from parking lot

• Love potato more

• Stop and chew the flowers once in a while

• Stop wasting money on fake ghost dating sites

• Build real ghost dating site

• Figure out how to get ghosts jobs so they can pay for said dating site

• Maybe only the living have to pay? Since it kind of sucks to be a ghost?

• Anyway, resolve to figure this thing out at some point

• More dessert

a list of soft, pretty words 🕊💐

astral (adj.) of, connected with, or resembling the stars.
paradisaic (adj.) of or belonging to heaven or god.
empyrean(adj.) belonging to or deriving from heaven.
seraphic (adj.) characteristic of or resembling an angel.
sublime(adj.) of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.
svelte (adj.) slender, graceful and elegant. (describing a person)

Astrology Reverie 

Aries: They like their own space, they don’t like people standing over their shoulder commentating or backseat drivers. They are in control of their own lives and they want you to respect that, but they still want you there and they secretly energise from your support 

Taurus: Sometimes their absence is as noticeable as their presence because they carry such immense cosmic weight that enhances the senses, their voice can fill the room with bells. They can have trouble with periods and fluid retention

Gemini: Geminis are so light on their feet it can be impossible to hear them creep up on you til they get close and startle you. They can also smell like nothing, as in, smell like air and have paper thin skin that reveals their veins like a story

Cancer:  Parting with money can be difficult because they are unsettled without good physical, emotional, and financial assurance. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and wounding a Cancer is like committing a cardinal sin against them, they won’t forget a detail, find it difficult to apologise because their feelings were truth at the time. They can be very ticklish 

Leo: Leo leaves an afterglow wherever they go. Their presence is commanding and the sun in everybody bows in honour. There can be relentless obsession and fanaticism in Leo and it seems to be all or nothing. They can be grand perfectionists, workaholics, and lovers. There is nothing sadder than a miserable Leo 

Virgo: Virgos have a natural sarcasm reflex and they can feel very offended when you comment that they feel unwell or tired. Their sharp and informative mind can be refreshing and insightful. You can become almost too comfortable with a Virgo friend because they can repair, open things, and do everything fiddly that you can’t 

Libra: Libras are great storytellers. They like to tell jokes with stories but take  forever to get to the punchline. They can also have a surprisingly high pain tolerance and ignore niggling colds until they become very ill. There are 2 minds working at once with Libra, an ideal imagination and a very rational and controlled mind

Scorpio: Scorpio is known for mood swings, but their highs can sink into the intensity of their lows, so its very possible for Scorpio to confidently calculate grand schemes, plans for travel, and experience powerful impassioned emotion, love, and appreciation for friends, family, and lovers  

Sagittarius: It can be difficult to predict how a Sagittarius will respond to any situation. Sometimes will reply with laughter, excitement, and interest. And sometimes they react with slicing seriousness and a disapproving lecture

Capricorn: Capricorns constantly negotiate the internal conflict between public and professional exposure with their great need for privacy and recluse. They will talk a blue streak about subjects of interest, and they like the company of intelligent people. But they refuse to summon the energy to participate in a boring, bland, or uninformed conversation 

Aquarius: Aquarians can save the day with their ability to think outside the box. They naturally expand your network through friends and friends of friends, and like to bring people with shared interests together

Pisces: They can manipulate people to succumbing without noticing or trying. It’s easy for Pisces to crawl into the soft and sensitive place inside others, because they people typically underestimate them and let down their guards


How to make a stress free exam study plan
  • Step 1: be present, be mindful.
    • Understand what you want, what is worth the fight.
    • And what I mean by that is finding your true motive (whether it is passion for what you’re learning or passing a class), because often we strive towards this perception of success that doesn’t feel like success. It feels like you are constantly under a spotlight and constantly having to prove yourself to others.
    • High grades make you feel good but that’s nothing compared to being happy with yourself and with what you’re doing. So make that distinguishment.
  • Step 2: be very practical and realistic.
    • What do you have to do and in how much time? Divide tasks by the period of time, without letting stress blur out that mindfulness, through method and simplicity.
  • Step 3: Be disciplined the following days until the exam without getting too strict with yourself.
    • “What is soft is strong.” (Lao Tzu)
    • Strive to create softness and ease throughout the days, get your tasks done but find time for play, rest, presence of mind.
    • Avoid overworking by starting early or as soon as you can and by working smartly and doing the most important things first, even if you’ve been dreading them.

Bonus Step:

honestly as I’m advancing through my academic years the more I understand you owe nothing to anyone. Good grades come from hard work and perseverance. If we found mindfulness and softness in our academic journeys the less sadness and depression symptoms we would see in our colleagues and in ourselves. Not everything is about the numbers. ❤

Things I loved in Thor: Ragnarok

- the fight scenes were extremely epic
- all the things said by Korg, he’s hilarious
- Loki’s expression when Odin called them “My sons”
- Thor always throws stuff at Loki to see if he was really there
- Bruce Banner cosplaying as Tony
- Get help!  “Classic”
- Steven fucking Strange
- Thor taking selfie with random girls
- Des and Troy
- Valkyrie walking off her ship like a badass but then falls because she’s drunk af
- That story about Loki transforming himself into a snake because he knew Thor loves snakes and then suddenly transforming back and stab him when they were like 8
- the sun’s getting real low
- but giant monster!
- *Hulk appears in the arena* Loki: “I have to get off this planet”
- strongest avenger
- Loki acting like a total diva when he says “Your saviour has arrived!”
- ‘i would hug you if you were here”
- “i’m here”

Things to say to a friend in Spanish 💖

When they’re going through a hard time

  • Todo irá bien. All is going to be okay
  • No te preocupes. Don´t worry
  • Yo te creo. I believe you
  • Yo creo en ti. I believe in you
  • Estoy aquí por ti. I´m here for you
  • Sabes que puedes contar conmigo. You know you can count on me
  • Tú me importas. You matter to me
  • Lo superarás. You will get over it
  • Déjame ayudarte. Let me help you
  • ¿Qué puedo hacer para que te sientas mejor? What can I do to make you feel better?
  • Lo entiendo. I understand
  • Me importas mucho. I care about you a lot
  • Lo superaremos juntos / juntas. We´ll get through this together

When you are thankful they are there

  • Gracias por entenderme. Thank you for understanding
  • Eres un buen amigo / buena amiga. You’re a good friend
  • Sabía que me comprenderías. I knew you would get it
  • Gracias por cubrirme la espalda. Thanks for having my back
  • Gracias por todo. Thank you for everything

When you want to spend time together

  • ¿Cuándo podemos vernos? When can we meet?
  • Te echo de menos / extraño. I miss you
  • ¿Estás libre el __? Are you free on __?
  • Hazme saber si algún día quieres hablar. Let me know if you ever want to talk

Things to tell them everyday

  • Estás guapísimo / guapísima hoy. You look great today
  • Ese color te sienta genial. That color looks great on you
  • Siempre sacas lo mejor de la gente. You always bring out the best in people
  • Me acabas de alegrar el día. You just made my day

Things you should always say

  • Te quiero. I love you
  • Me encanta pasar tiempo contigo. I love spending time with you
  • Mis mejores recuerdos son contigo. My best memories involve you
  • Me inspiras. You inspire me
  • Me encanta que nos hayamos conocido. I love that we met
  • Eres simplemente genial. You are just great

hey guys! we all want to have a successful 2018 and in order to do that we need to focus on the small things we can do to result in big change; here are 20 good habits you can employ to have a successful 2018: 

  1. write daily: this keeps your writing skills sharp and your mind clear.
  2. eat vegetable daily: its good fibre and most people don’t eat enough
  3. wash your produce: seriously, don’t skimp on this step, 
  4. wipe after you pee: again, don’t skimp, it reduce the risk of infection.
  5. tech free mornings: curb your technological addiction and start your mornings by being present
  6. accept compliments gracefully: don’t deflect, absorb the good things people say about you.
  7. do light cardio everyday: no zero days! if you’re not working out you should at least be walking around and getting that heart pumping.
  8. read non fiction: it will enrich your mind and it might be more challenging than reading fiction but its so worth it, trust me.
  9. talk to your teachers: having good relationships with your teachers is super important.
  10. save a fixed amount daily: it could be just a dollar, but making sure that your saving a fixed amount and watch it grow. 
  11. wake up before 10 am everyday: this is for the days when you don’t have to wake up early, you wanna still make sure you’re not sleeping till noon and messing up your sleep pattern.
  12. read one book per month: find joy in reading and make it a habit to read stories that interest you.
  13. spend at least half an hour outside daily: don’t waste away inside. Even if you have nothing to do outside make sure your outside for at least half an hour a day, it will help regulate your mood among other things.
  14. plan your days the night before: planing the night before allows you to be more focused when planning.
  15. change your undies more times than you shower: this might sound like an odd one but seeing as how most people usually shower once per day or every other and you should be changing your undies more than once per day.
  16. do a social media edit every month: you want to be doing checks and balances to make sure your social media is up to par. in order to have a healthy relationship with these platforms, you need to re-evalute how much time you send on a site and who you follow on a site monthly.
  17. read an article a day: an article a day keeps the ignorance away! if you wanna be informed but not feel like you’re always ingesting news, set a limit on how many articles your read per day and pic the most important ones to read.
  18. do a mattress deep clean every season: yes your mattress should be cleaned! try to disinfect and vacuum your matters every season and if you can put it out in the sun!
  19. have a gratitude day every month: take a lazy Sunday every month to do a check-in with the ones you love. Tell them how much they mean to you and if you can send them a nice text or gift. 
  20. Challenge yourself monthly: to stop monotony in its tracks, set little challenges for yourself every month e.g. learn chess October or take singing classes March. 

I hope you enjoyed this list and that you found some new habits you can apply to your life. Remember that habits are important because they shape our quality of life more than we think and 2018 is the year we get our shit together and focus on creating productive habits. 



Look to Sun and Mercury especially, and also Mercury aspects (so for example read Aries for Mars aspects to include in the wider picture of your personal humour)

Aries: Bold, fast, erupting, something striking and noteworthy

Taurus: Dry, sarcastic, grounded, can use realism, jokes about the mundane

Gemini: Witty, cheeky, changeable, fast paced, intellectual

Cancer: Emotive, has a depth to it, but also something wacky and looney

Leo: Theatrical, can be a sweetness to it, something childlike, silliness

Virgo: Quick witted, can pick up on the details, things others miss, point out peculiarities

Libra: Chatty and conversational, can gain inspiration for humour from and with others, breezy

Scorpio: Reveals truth in humour, can bring light to serious issues, controversial even

Sagittarius: Cheeky, provoking, can be physical, controversial.

Capricorn: Sarcastic, scathing, critical, dry, grounded, a sharp wit

Aquarius: Odd and eccentric, something intellectual and inventive, fresh

Pisces: Mimicry, impressions, whimsical humour, other-worldly humour

how to get motivated
  • write out a list of what you need to do and when they need to be done by
  • prioritize. do the most important stuff, the stuff that’ll take the longest, and the stuff that needs to be soonest first
  • put on some good music for things like cleaning, organizing, and chores
  • if you have to do stuff for school like study or write a paper, prioritize that. 
  • but remember your health and well being comes before your education. 
  • if you have stuff you know you need to do, take a rain check for going out with friends. you can go out another time.
  • know why you need to do something. ex: i need to study so that i can do well in my class to get into a good college. i need to clean my room so that the space is calmer. i need to do the dishes because i need to to eat. i need to get up and go to class so that i can get the most out of my education. i promise, there is a positive in everything.
  • remember to eat. remember to drink water. remember to sleep.
  • be grateful for the things you need to do. ex: i’m grateful i have school to study for. i am grateful that i have a room to clean. i am grateful i have food to eat off of these dishes. i am grateful for having an 8am class because getting an education is an amazing opportunity.
  • when making a to-do list for the day/week, put in things for yourself like play with my dog, watch that new harry styles interview, get a starbucks, take a deep breath, drink water.
  • set time goals. if you don’t want to do something or you keep getting distracted, set timers. for example, if you have a chapter you need to read but it’s super boring, set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much you can do in that time. set a goal like “if i can read 5 pages in 10 minutes, i’ll go make my favorite tea”. challenging yourself will get you and keep yourself motivated.
  • know that it’s okay to take breaks. you need them. but keep them under 30 minutes so you don’t get sucked in. (here’s a list of study breaks for every situation)
  • don’t give up; everything is temporary. having trouble understanding your calculus homework? that’s fine. you’re not the only one. take a 5 minute break, stretch a bit, maybe grab a snack, then approach things differently. ask a friend for help, set up a tutoring session, watch youtube videos explaining the content in a different way.
  • remember that you can do anything that you put your mind to. you got this.
even more random series of prompts
  • “Or, you know, you can not be boring and help me.“ 
  • "HAH, you’re as alone as I am!" 
  • "911? Yes, I’d like to report a loser." 
  • "See you in prison, pal!" 
  • "Thank god, I thought you were serious for a second there." 
  • "That got a lot more complicated than it needed to be." 
  • "Do I look like a cat to you?!" 
  • "Know this; I have all the baggage." 
  • "Time to ruin everything." 
  • "Did you know you have enough bones in your body to make a skeleton?” (B: “…Please stop talking.”) 
  • “Well this is a predicament." 
  • "I built this town with my bare hands." 
  • "Are you labeling me? And not in the metaphorical fashion, you are literally putting a label on me." 
  • "Is this what it’s like being average?" 
  • "That sigh was a lot louder than I intended it to be." 
  • "Hold me." 
  • "Hasta la vista, jackass." 
  • "This can’t be real." 
  • "I’m a romantic, I know ALL the pick-up-lines. Every single one." 
  • "Well isn’t this tubular?!" 
  • "They deny it, but they have no idea what they’re doing." 
  • "Quick, hide me!”