The conversation I have with my daughter that happens at least once a day.
  • Lilah:Mummy can I have a phone like yours? But it has to have minnie mouse on
  • Me:Well you're a bit young for a phone, maybe when you're older
  • Lilah:Oh. Okay...Can I have a princess laptop then?
  • Me:Why do you need a laptop?
  • Lilah:To watch youtube and disney toys
  • Me:But you can use mine for that, that's why we share it
  • Lilah:No mummy, you go to the shop buy some money then you can buy me a princess laptop
  • Me:...
  • Lilah:it sounds like a great idea!
  • Me:It does....But it's not going to happen.
  • Lilah:but whyyyyyyy
  • Me:You don't need a laptop, you can use mine, i've even let you plaster the thing in Peppa Pig stickers
  • Lilah:It looks very pretty
  • Me:._.
  • Lilah::D
Playing Games || Lilah and Nick

Nick sat upright in his chair as soon as his Accounting teacher said “Monopoly”. Of course, it was an over played game, but it was one that he liked. He almost never lost a game, since he was pretty good with money. The other students seemed excited that they didn’t have to do any work for the next two days.

His teacher continued, “You’ll be divided into groups of three, and there will be one group of two. I trust that you can all act like adults?” The other students in the room nodded dully. “Perfect, I’ll tell you your groups.” The teacher listed the names of students as well as their groups, then finally, “Nick Wilde, you’ll be grouped with Lilah Wood.” 

The students separated into their groups, and Nick watched as a girl made his way over to him.

“You must be Lilah. I’m Nick,” He introduced himself.

so i started my summer job today, and as i was driving home today after picking up groceries, i had a thought. i haven’t seen my dad yet since i got home since he’s traveling on business, so i have the apartment to myself and i realized that this… is it. this is what a majority of adults do with their lives, they go to their job that hopefully they enjoy but still takes a lot of time and energy, they do menial tasks in their free time, and then they go home to sit around exhausted from the workday and bored with just sitting around. at least that’s how i’ve felt this week so far.

this can’t be it. this can’t be what life holds after college. i don’t think i can take it. i’m getting a taste for the “real world” and it’s just so… empty. i don’t have anyone to talk to either. i feel so alone.

Have got some good news though.

I had my first midwife appointment this morning, she was so nice :)
We spoke about alot of things which felt like a weight off my shoulders.

She estimated the baby will be due 19th December. So if this baby is 6 days over due like Lilah was…It’ll be a Christmas baby! haha.
The date may change though when I go for my scan :)

It’s so exciting!

Life Rambles

This is the last week of school. I’m going to be gone this week, sorry about that. Finals are on the 20th. After the 22nd, I’m free for the summer. This is the last post I’ll make for the week, I really need to restrain myself and keep myself off tumblr to focus on studying. I have all these ideas for cc, I’m going to focus one thing at a time. I hope to be able to release a lot of things this summer. My mom told my dad she wanted a divorce yesterday. He’s pretending not to know, he doesn’t know that I know about mom leaving him. We’re going soon. I just don’t know when.