Each Other || Chayla

Charlie laid on his back, walking the TV, as he had been since he’d gotten the news on Wednesday. He was pretty low, and doing his best not to show it. He felt bad enough putting Layla through it, and he knew the kids wouldn’t understand at all.

Glancing down, he rubbed CJ’s back, who laid on his chest, staring at the TV as well. Lilah laid by Charlie’s legs, sucking her thumb as she was dozing off.

I want to start something here on tumblr. Lately, so much hate has been going around. That makes people beyond upset. People make simblrs because they want to share their love of the sims and they want a place they can come to and just have fun without worrying about getting hate for doing something they love. Hate can destroy people in ways you could never imagine. I want you to make it a priority to spread love to others. You’d be surprised how a simple sweet message can improve a person’s day, week even month. Whenever I’m sad, I like to get together a sweet message and anonymously send the message to anyone who has an ask box with anon on. It makes me happy to make others happy. I want you to do the same and spread so much anon love and just see how much of an impact you have on someone’s attitude. Trust me, it is the most amazing feeling in the world to know you’ve made someone feel loved and happy.


“You’re gonna make me lose my concentration.”

Just want to make one thing clear

I no longer answer any and all hate that comes onto my blog. There is an unfollow button for a reason. If you don’t like something I say or do, just quietly unfollow me. There is absolutely no reason at all to bring someone down just because you disagree or you’re having a bad day.

Assistant / Lilah

Black clouds hung high over the streets and pelted the city with rain. It was that distinct time of year  in New York, the time where all the leaves had turned orange and fallen but the streets were not yet paved in ice. Instead droves of rain fell nearly constantly and the litter on the roads was being whipped to and fro by the winds. Days seemed to go on forever during this time since the sunlight was so smothered.

Adam didn’t mind the weather very much though. He had always enjoyed the rain pattering on his window, and now that he had a companion these long days didn’t feel so very long.


“Are you hungry Lilah?” Adam asked as he ran his hands down the girl’s nude form. Hot water ran down their naked bodies as they stood in his shower overlooking Times Square, the image of their bodies obscured by a pane of warm reflective glass. Adam planted his lips on the shorter girl’s neck, gently pressed a kiss to it as she began to speak.

captainmilesarcher asked:

’’What did I say to you that made you think I was gay?’’

“N-nothing, it was just a misconception,” she mumbled quietly as her cheeks flushed into a deep scarlet color. With the way Rosie was talking about him, she assumed that the reason why he didn’t have a girlfriend for such a long time was because he was gay. Clearly, she came to the wrong conclusions because of the reaction she was faced with when she asked him that. “M-my mistake,” she managed to let out as she placed her hands flat on her lap, eyes set downcast, clearly still flustered on her wrong notion.

jadelotusflower asked:

Just saw your tags on the OTP post - YES to Miss Parker and Jarod! My childhood was ALL about The Pretender.

I think Miss Parker may have been one of the most formative characters of my entire childhood. I loved both of them and I remember spending an entire summer fretting that they might turn out to be brother and sister and then what would I do? I’m 90% sure that was the same summer as Lois & Clark’s “Who’s asking, Clark or Superman?” cliffhanger.