Who are we ?? we are the best mom and son right there :”( there has been no mom like you. you sacrificed everything for me for us for our future. you didn’t even enjoy your life so that we can enjoy our life :”(, you wore torn slippers but made sure we wear nice clothes and we are well dressed. this is her eid dress and she only buys new clothes on eid she says she will save money rather than buying clothes for herself, :”( i can never ever repay her even if i sell myself for what she has done for me :”( Thank you maa meri pyaari Maa ♥

dont forget to say ma Sha Allah please


And a video of my child dancing 😊


From Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1 and Secret Wars: Armor Wars #3

This event has apparently created quite a few new characters, and two of them are Teenagers in Power Armor. 

We have Antonia Yinsin of Yinsin City, as “Kid Rescue”, daughter of the man who saved Tony Stark and inspired him to become Iron Man in 616. 

And in Technopolis we have the new character Kiri Oshiro, daughter of Rumiko Fujikawa and Tony Stark’s “Niece”.  It’s unfortunate that her company name is clearly the result of only going with the first result on google translate.  It’s supposed to be “Mobile Fortress” in translation, they have it as “Mobairu Yosai” – Hagane Hadou or some iteration thereof would have worked better, as Hagane is “Castle of Steel” which works far better than “Fortress” for what she’s building: Her company is named that because she’s building a giant mecha (if it’s Red Ronin, I will smile).

Also, we have Lilah Rhodes in armor, which is nice to see (as she clearly should get one, even if the reason for her having one here is less than stellar). 

Time to add more AU Teen Heroes to my ever-growing list, I suppose. 

Pop Art Ladies

I thought the game could use some art derived from actual sims, so I made these three prints inspired by pop/op art using my lovely gals Minzy, Geri and Lilah.

One object, 3 swatches. I make all my CC with S4S.


Terms of use: Please do not reupload or claim as your own. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming or #joolssimming) if you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them.

Recolours are perfectly fine, but they are not to be uploaded to any site requiring a paying subscription, or hidden behind Adfly. Any builds/sims uploads using my content must not be hidden behind Adfly. If you’re thinking of converting this into other games, contact me first.

Danevbie Legacy, Generation Eight Chapter Seven, is finallllyyy out!

Okay let’s see if I get all these right… everyone in this list, we get to meet the sim you made me in this chapter. I’d say it individually but the list is long so… xD