I’m freaking done. I had a presentation today in that woodshop class and about three sentences in I had a panic attack. I started crying and I had to take a break. The teacher jumped in for me. And then after class he told me I needed to get therapy. He said at I needed to control myself and that I couldn’t just ‘choose’ when to have an anxiety attack. He made it sound like it was my fault and that I had a serious problem. Any of you who have anxiety know that you have ABSOLUTELY no control over it. This has to be the worst experience I’ve ever had at school, and trust me, I’ve had plenty. He also made it clear that I was not getting a free pass and that I have to do it all over again next week. I’m getting a transfer and I cried almost the whole day, it was that bad. The teacher outright bullied me and my mom is pissed. She’s calling the counselor and telling her what happened today.


Matt rushed Erika to the hospital. She was in labor and a lot of pain. As they brought her into a hospital room and got her ready, he held her hand and reminded her of the breathing exercises. As much as he loved her, and their children, this was always the hardest part for him. To see her like this in so much pain.

The doctor came in, positioned Erika, and then instructed her to push. Matt squeezed her hand tighter and gave her all of his strength. At the sound of a wailing baby he looked over at Erika and fell in love with her ever more. 

“We’re not done here,” the doctor said.

“What?” Matt responded.

“There’s another baby, we don’t have time, push!”

Matt swore he could have fainted.

Omg there’s this event going on today which lilah invited me to, and I thought I wasn’t going to make it because my work schedule is from 12:30-9
ANYWAYS, the supervisor asked me to go in at 10 so that I can get off at 6:30 and I had completely forgot about the event until I went on FB.
ANYWAYS!! I’m going to make it!!!!!! (Insha'Allah) I’m so happy now.

  • The villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:a vampire cult, an insane prophetess, a giant snake monster, a rogue Slayer, the US government, a Goddess, the most powerful witch in the world, the literal personification of all evil.
  • The villains of Angel:lawyers.

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Buffy or Angel? (The shows, not the characters).

Angel, hands down.

The characters are more interesting (Cordelia, who I liked on Buffy, is brilliant on Angel, Wesley is my favorite character ever, Faith’s real development happens on the show, Lilah is probably my favorite female villain in TV, Faithsley and Weslah are some of my beloved ships, Illyria is a philosopher without peer), 

the story is darker and grittier (which I love, even if it could have stood to be darker and grittier still, IMO), 

it deals with grey on grey better and more often (but again, probably could have done more),

it features guns being used and used effectively (not always, but more often), 

Wolfram and Hart is an excellent villain-group

The Story has more long-term continuity across seasons,  

The conflicts are more… grown up (this is not to say that Buffy is an immature show or a childish one, but Buffy is a show about growing up, Angel is a show about being grown up - the one is about coming of age, the other is ‘you’re of age, now what?’ The latter has always been more interesting)

The heroes are more pragmatic (most of them could have stood to be more so, IMO)

It’s set in a big city (I don’t like small-town America that much)

Collapsible. Sword. (Enough said)

Despite its muddled morality and gray on gray, at the end of the day, the heroes are distinctly better than the other side (I like muddled morality, but a story where its a toss up on who is ‘better’ at the end of the gets a little too muddled for me, after a while)

People without powers (a lot of magic/super-strength/etc) are able to hold their own in the fight against demons (Wesley, since he rarely uses his magic, Gunn, Fred, Holtz, Gunn’s whole crew)

Angel knows that getting redemption for all he’s done is something that very likely can never happen (Angel: “ I’m trying to atone for a hundred years of unthinkable evil.  News flash! I never can.  Never gonna be enough.”)

Redemption is a theme for most of the main cast - (Angel, Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley, Gunn, Spike all have done things in the past they feel responsible for, things that they feel they need to do good to make up for their pasts)

Its about fighting the good fight, not about ‘winning’ (even if they lost some of that at times, and the S5 finale is just… well, what happened to fighting the good fight again?)

I could go on, but then I’d be here all day. Suffice it to say, I’ll always pick the show Angel over the show Buffy.

All This is not to say that I dislike Buffy - Buffy is probably my second favorite show, right after Angel, but Angel is just so freaking awesome that it outpaces Buffy in nearly every way for me.

Make Me Choose Meme 

A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s what I’m gonna do, and I don’t give a damn about my–FUCK,” In the midst of Lilah’s tremendously embarrassing singing as she closed up the bar, three glasses fell to the ground and shattered. She looked up at the other employee who just walked in, glaring. “You saw nothing,” Lilah said. “Help me clean this and drinks on me for a month.”

  • @gabrielslullaby:@lilflowerchild Hey, Ben wants to show you his "gardening tools"
  • @gabrielslullaby:@lilflowerchild I explained who your mom was and I don't know how much of it he understood but now he's insisting on digging in the dirt outside the cabin with a spoon
  • @gabrielslullaby:@lilflowerchild And he keeps saying "Lil" so I'm assuming that's you because Laila is usually "Lai"

I have this class that’s basically woodshop and I really don’t like that class. I’m the only girl and I didn’t even sign up for the class. All the guys there make me look really stupid because I really don’t know anything about woodshop and it seems really dangerous and It gives me terrible anxiety and I emailed my counselor asking for a transfer but I’m terrified that I won’t be able to transferD: And on top of that I can just tell the teacher doesn’t like me, even though I’ve done nothing to make him not like me. He kind of singles me out and automatically thinks that girls are really stupid when it comes to these kinds of things (even though I am) He gave an example about what not to do around this machine and said there was this girl who really hurt herself because she didn’t follow the directions and then followed it up with this speech about how girls should not be in this class. Everyone started staring at me and I want to cry;-;

I’m actually happy. I haven’t known what being happy felt like since I could remember. Idk things are just going really well. School is no where near as terrible as I thought it would be and I’ve made lots of friends. There’s this guy I like who texted me today. Sorry for random post, just an update for those who care:)