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i just want thank you for making such lovely edits and gifs. :) i never meant to follow you at first, i was on mobile when i accidently tapped on follow that was next to the blog i was looking for but, i don't regret doing it <3 have a nice day/night :D

too much sweetness ;;;;;;, /hugs you/ thank you so much for being so nice ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; have a nice day/night too <333 


Just did some CUTE Undertale kiddies XD & is Muffet grown in the game or not? If she is she’s still cute here. Kinda 9v9’ AAAAUGH! They’re all so cute I can’t pick a favorite XD & WHAT? Lil Halpy is there with a bowl of POPCORN B3 Hint, hint LOL Enjoy the cute kiddies XD

Tagged by: @ineveragreed. I was so excited to fill this out haha. 

Rules: using only the song titles from 1 artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions.Tag 10 people at the end.

The artist I’m selecting is: BigBang(kpop) of course!!

What is your gender: Lady

Describe yourself: Loser

How do you feel: Fantastic Baby

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: My Heaven

Favorite mode of transportation: Round and Round

Your best friend: Bae Bae

Favorite time of day: Tonight

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Still Alive

What is your life to you: Everything

Relationship status: Together Forever 

Your fear: Monster 

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