Why they got you fucked up

Aries: Nobody will ever have a burning passion for you like them.
Taurus: Nobody will ride till they die with you like them.
Gemini: Nobody will ever have late night talks with you like them.
Cancer: Nobody will ever constantly tell you how special you are like them.
Leo: Nobody will ever be as funny, and fun as them.
Virgo: Nobody will ever call you a thousand times like them
Libra: Nobody will ever make you feel so happy and bubbly like them.
Scorpio: Nobody will ever care like them
Sagittarius: Nobody will be a hopeless romantic with you like them
Capricorn: Nobody will have your back like them
Aquarius: Nobody will fight with you like them
Pisces: Nobody will be as real with you as them.

anonymous asked:

Hi so i just watched lin's periscope. WHO is the guy who calls him babe and kisses him on the cheek (and receives a kiss back!!)???? I WANT TO BE HIM. HAHAHAHAHHAHha

That’s David Korins, the Hamilton set designer. He’s always tweeting amazing photos of the cast onstage at @DavidKorins. He also has an insta.

You can actually see it when Lin kisses Joseph Morales (the Chicago Hamilton alternate) in the additional video here.

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HAVE YOU WATCHED YURI ON ICE?! You should. You won't regret it. This anime is such a blessing. If you need convincing just look at the Tumblr tag.

Dw, I’m watching it 👍 looks like it’s the only series I’m following this season aside from HQ, after all

Anon said: are you gonna continue the tattoo au?

Probably, I’m really sorry for the wait, gimme some time inspiration can be a bitch