Am I the only one who’s actually really sad for Robbie? He spent the past few episode actively sacrificing himself for the team and for others, and I feel like nobody cared that he’s dead. (I mean - I know that they’re leaving it open which is why nobody is upset, but it still feels that way.)

  • Freed: *Looks up* Oh, look. Mistletoe.
  • Laxus: *Has mass internal freakout over whether or not they should kiss and the fact that they might actually kiss*
  • Laxus: Oh yeah, so there is...
The Harry Potter books in Voldemorts perspective

:Vol-de-mort and the unicorn
:Voldemort and the almost return
:Voldemort and the year he forgot to attack Harry
:Voldemort and the year he went undercover with Zara larsson
:Voldemort and the year he no longer had to fear anyone
:Voldemort and the bastard on the run
:Voldemort and the boy who should'nt have lived

So that’s that, hope you liked it lol 👓