Back in late June I had a shiny race for this thing with @calamitycrystal . Unfortunately I lost. But I came back 2 months later for a second session I finally got my shiny after 3000 encounters ;w;

His name is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but I can only fit “ReesesPBCup”

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tbh i want s3 to be focused around the other characters' backstories (esp mattie and perry)

what? why??

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For the wip smirk/lips/mouth!

But he’s eyeing her still, and she flushes at how bare that makes her feel as the seconds go by, like her thoughts are somehow outside of her, bright in the air for him to see. His usual crooked smile is soft, but then their eyes meet, and the smirk goes deep.

“In cases like this,” he muses, “it might be best to just use every muscle.” He reaches for the handle and pulls the door open, turning calmly away from her and stepping inside. “Or none at all.”

Her fingers are curled toward her palm, and so it’s her smaller knuckles that make clumsy contact first. The thin fabric of a shirt, and her brain registers softness, the tough curve of muscle. She jerks back quickly, lips pursed - uncurls her fingers until her hand is flat and open, and tries again.

Obi doesn’t move a muscle. He’s not even breathing.

Very slowly, her palm attaches to the curve of his arm.

Like other boys, he runs warm under his thin shirt. The heat under her palm is so alive, she immediately smiles.

Obi smothered his grin into his gyro, keeping his eyes on her while she ate; she kept her fingers on the edge of the paper that wrapped her food, making sure she didn’t actually get any in her mouth while eating. Her bites were small and careful at first, growing bigger and more confident the more comfortable she got with the size of the wrap.

There were perks to having a blind friend. You could watch them all day and they would never know.

“Are you watching me eat?”

“No.” He took a big, pointed bite.