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Max/Preston for the shipping thing, or any Camp Camp ship you may like better. :)

who is more likely to hurt the other?
max’s basic personality is sort of. rude at it’s very best.
who is emotionally stronger?
probably max? we’ve seen preston freak out quite a few times in canon.
who is physically stronger?
thought preston is a taller noodle boy, we’ve seen max hold his own against NIKKI of all people (unbeatable forest godess) and deliver some mean slaps, so i’d go with max again.
who is more likely to break a bone?
preston. when we said “break a leg” we didn’t mean it like that.
who knows best what to say to upset the other?
probably max? he tends to be. sort of an asshole.
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
probably preston, but it’s still like pulling teeth.
who treats who’s wounds more often?
max is probably a lot more caring towards preston’s well being than his own.
who is in constant need of comfort?
at first glance preston, but boy also max.
who gets more jealous?
PRESTON. he’s a passionate guy.
who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
probably preston.
who will propose?
if they’d get there, preston would. it would be a HUGE DEAL. it would be uploaded to youtube. it would become a facebook clickbait. trust me on that one.
who has the most difficult parents?
i’ll go with my headcanons and say max.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
who comes up for the other all the time?
both of em, but max is a lot more fierce concerning the subject.
who hogs the blankets?
def preston.
who gets more sad?
also preston? he. FEELS all of his feelings.
who is better at cheering the other up?
probably preston - but when max tries it shows, and that’s also worth a lot.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly joke?
who is more streetwise?
who is more wise?
probably also max? preston’s got a VAST knoweledge of things that interest him tho.
who’s the shyest?
preston isn’t exaclty SHY, but probably is closer to the definition than max.
who boasts about the other more?
who sits on who’s lap?
max is smol.

SD and the grabby handed stranger

Yesterday at Starbucks, I got exactly two feet in from the door before someone leaned over and grabbed my service dog by the face. And they didn’t let go, like this was a solid, two hand grab holding Molly by the FACE, fingers hooked into her collar.
It stopped the barista, ten feet from us, yet the lady who refused to let go of Mol -even with her backing up and shaking her head- somehow thought that she juuust had to get that last coo in.

Don’t… Do this… Ever? I just about slapped her, she wouldn’t let go of my Service dog. I was abrupt, rude, and frightening. Molly could have been hurt, and she was definitely spooked -which prevented her from doing her job, which put me at risk.

These dogs are not public property. They are very, very private property. You should never feel you have the right to touch them - even if you ask, and are allowed that very brief honour, you should do so knowing how reluctantly I grant permission. That I always - with no exceptions- feel pressured into doing so.

Yesterday I was going to the park after popping into Starbucks to get a drink, so Molly was able to shake it off pretty quickly with some play. But on a regular day it would have crippled us, I would have had to go home and abandon my plans for the rest of the day.

To reiterate: servicedogs , not public property. My safety is my right. Don’t touch my private property. Don’t touch my dog.

Something I don't think people realize

Just because Blake and Sun have been going through a hard time lately doesn’t mean they don’t like eachother/would never get together.

The childish “they fell in love at first sight and married” story is, sadly, unreal.

“Oh Blake and Sun have been arguing, clearly BlackSun is going down really fast ;)”

The way RT is developing Blake and Sun is realistic. True I really didn’t like how Blake treated him - regardless of what their relationship is/is going to be, friends or lovers, you never slap someone who only wants to help you. Not a lover, but not even a simple friend. But given to the situations they have to go through you can’t even expect them to act as if everything was okay - they are stressed, scared, traumatized, young. Love is clearly the last thing they have in mind and that we, as fandom, should have as well. I’d rather get a well developed and long relationship instead of, you know, have them kiss in the next episode and feel as if everything was rushed.

I am really curious to see how Blake and Sun will interact now that Sun is hurt and needs help - Blake clearly showed to be worried and almost on the edge of panicking in chapter 9. This might not be the best way to develop a relationship in someone’s eyes, but I am still really intrigued to see how RT is going to play this.

The slap actually had taken him off guard, it stung but compared to punches by boxers - it didn’t really hurt. He gave the other an unimpressed look before crossing his arms. “Sorry for trying to help.” He said sarcastically, never mind that he had bouncers to break fights up. He wasn’t really sure if other had meant to hit him or it was just reflex so he can’t be really pissed of about it. He nodded at the bouncers who dragged the perpetrator before turning to the other. “You okay?”

in the midst of this excitement, I just want to remind those of y'all who aren’t interested or don’t like this to please

just let people have their fun. they aren’t hurting anyone. even if you don’t think all the excitement is worth it, remember there are people who, no matter the outcome, will love what comes of this

don’t slap down someone’s excitement and happiness because you’re bitter about it

life is short. we’re all going to die. let people have a good experience with the time they have

In high school I was bullied because of the colour of my skin, they way I looked and the traditional clothes my people wore. I hated going to school, I was called a “paki”, “smelly indian” and “a curry face” :/ everyone who took part in throwing water at me, taking my bag and hiding it, throwing my bag to eachother like I was piggy in the middle, slapped me around, threw shit at me… they were all white.
After going to that school of one year tolerating abuse I finally moved schools. Not because of being bullied though, I never actually told my mum or any teachers about it. I just stayed quite..
To see white girls taking parts of our culture and using them in their own ways hurts me… the same people that bullied me when I was younger are the same people who think it’s okay to take something that isn’t theirs and abuse it.

I rewatched the Series of Unfortunate Events movie for like the first time in 7 years and I still think the score, set design, and cinematography completely NAILS the tone and feel of the series but the script feels so jumbled and departs from the books and the fact they rejected Daniel Handlers script twice, yknow the actual author writing for his own book adaptations, really hurts it. Also Jim Carrey puts his all into it and is funny in a lot of it but he’s not count Olaf. The character has moments of comedy in how far he’ll go to get what he wants but overall he’s a guy who kills people like nothing and is down with murdering children in a second and should actually be portrayed accordingly so it was really jarring seeing him make dinosaur imitations only a few seconds before slapping Klaus in the film

All in all I hope the Netflix series does the books right because Handler is one of my favorite writers and the ASOUE series was one I always held close and would love to see come to life as it was meant to. I remember I asked to see the film in theaters for my birthday party because it came out on my 11th birthday week and when I came out of it I was secretly wishing I could have a better birthday party I was so disappointed.

(SPOILERS for DR3 Despair)

So Komaeda is getting a lot of hate. Not only for wanting to bomb the entire school, but for causing the infamous expulsion of Seiko, Ruruka and Izayoi while he got off easy. But there are some things I feel like should be cleared up about this episode:

- Komaeda wasn’t planning to hurt/injure anyone. He needed the laxatives to get the building evacuated and THEN blow it up. It’s kind of like how in chapter 5, he bothered coming up with a risky elaborate plan that included protecting the traitor from his crossfire rather than just killing the entire island from the get-go. He’s a consistently morally gray character who has good intentions but has no idea what to do with them. It’s because he has no one to teach him, which is why he reacted the way he did to Yukizome caring enough to slap him.

- Logically, Komaeda was supposed to be expelled along with Seiko, Ruruka, and Izayoi. He was instead suspended because the school decided his luck, which resulted in a bombing simply because he wished it, was too valuable to be rid of. He passed his ‘final exam.’ Hope’s Peak continues to prove how messed up they are. It’s their fault he got minimal punishment. They covered up the true culprit of this incident for the sake of talent, in a manner similar to how they kept the Izuru murders secret.

- People are blaming Komaeda for getting Seiko and the others expelled. But he hadn’t wanted them involved in the first place. It was his luck that got them expelled; this very same luck that’s been controlling his whole life is the reason why he believes in it so much. And why he wanted to use his luck to postpone the test in the first place.

I’m cool with people thinking whatever they want to think of Komaeda. But please get your facts straight first.

Who You Should Fight: Selection Edition
  • America: She'd just run away and your little lungs and tired legs would give out
  • Aspen: Duuuude you'll get rekt don't even try
  • Celeste: You'd be hurt 2340934x times as bad and it won't even have to be physically hurt
  • Kriss: Lol yeah go for it if you feel like it but she's really nice so like maybe just a slap but that's it
  • Elise: Her parents give her enough shit don't do it
  • Natalie: No. Just. No.
  • Amberly: See above
  • Clarkson: lol 9340948502394189127398374% yes
  • Magda: Aw she's like the nicest mom she'd let you win tbh
  • Shalom: You'd try to fight him but he'll rationalize with you and you'll just be embarrassed for yourself
  • Ahren: Just do it. It'll be funny because both of you are going to get hurt either way regardless of who was throwing the most punches.
  • Kile: Punch him, he gets a bruise, you get ice, you ice his abs, it's all good. Fight him.
  • Henri: ...if you even consider it I will fight you myself
  • Erik: You can try, but you won't succeed
  • Fox: Aw little baby cupcake thing would win so quickly
  • Jack: Don't even hesitate to knee him where the sun doesn't shine. Fight him.

>I was only 13
> I loved quan chi so much
> I prayed to quan chi ever night
> “ woolay is love, woolay is life”
> my dad didn’t like it, he called me faggot
> I knew he was jealous of my love for quan chi
> he slapped me and told me to go to my room
> i ran in my room and slammed the door
> am crying now, my face hurts
> I felt something warm touch me
> it’s him
> he leaned close to my ear and whispered, “ woolay..”

Quick thoughts on why I think 6x03 was pretty great!

1. We got an A ending! I love how creepy A was just standing there, gave me chills not gonna lie.

2. We are actually finding out that Charles is dead? (figures, what grown person holds on to toys) 

3. Andrew isn’t A (shocker I know, everyone go back and delete your theories)

4. Those Spencer and Ali scenes were money!!!

5. Andrew should have slapped Aria, I know I would have. “Like thanks for flat out lying and basically throwing me under the bus while driving it at the same time ya bitch!” 

6. I’m thinking Jason could have hurt Charlie or Charles or whatever name he decides to go by next week. Maybe their last memory of Charles was on that farm? Possibly Charles was the one who hurt someone? 

7. If Charles is dead, then does that mean it could be a parent who is A?

8. Aria and Ezra…they deserve each other bc they both play the fool too well.

9. Toby is really getting on my last nerve. He’s acting like a jealous boyfriend when it comes to Ali, and is also acting like he has done no wrong. 

10. Sara, go home! Seriously go home, where your family and friends live. Emily and Pam are not your family. Also your voice annoys me, what’s up with that?

These are just some of my thoughts. I need to watch it again but this episode was pretty good. Thank you PLL for shocking me lol! 

Snowy nights will turn into fields of marigolds, into constant rays of sunshine , into crisp leaves falling. We expect the seasons to change. We know its coming, and its gradual. We prepare ourselves. I wasn’t able to do that the day you decided it wasn’t worth the effort anymore – THAT I wasn’t worth the effort anymore. Its simple and messy. One day, you just didn’t bother. I wish I knew why. Weeks have passed. Still, nothing. Seasons change, people change, but Jesus Christ after all we have been through, who would’ve thought YOU’D be the one to walk away from me?

I open our Facebook chat and stare at it. Dozens of messages that I have sent go unanswered. I feel pathetic. No friendship should be one sided. Whenever I get the urge to talk to you, its like a slap in the face and it hurts just as much as it did the first time. I will have to find a way to live without you.

A piece of me feels lost and I want to put “MISSING” posters up, I am crying out for help but no one wants to listen – you certainly don’t.


Do you realize how badly you have hurt me? I am scared because you were the first good thing to happen to me in awhile. When I had no one, you were there. I’ve told everyone how fucking happy you make me. How wonderful you are. And now you’re gone? What am I supposed to do? And if you come back, then what? Do you really think things will go back to how they were?

Its ironic. YOU are the one who taught me how to stand up for myself. YOU always told me not to deal with peoples bullshit, because I deserve better. You’re fucking right, I DO deserve better.

I will question everyday with, “Why?”. You know how I am. You know this is tearing me apart, and I think that’s what disgusts me the most. HOW COULD YOU?

I’ll be okay. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Every time my phone gets a notification I’ll be hoping its you. And every time that it isn’t, I will be one step closer to realizing that maybe, I didn’t know you so well after all. Because the person I once called my best friend, would never do something like this to me.

—  Who knows when you’ll read this