If You Support “Down With Cis”...

I’m revoking your membership to the trans exclusive country club effective immediately. You can have it back once you’ve learned to play nicely with others.

No, but seriously - if you’re trans and you don’t see the problem with “Down With Cis” then I question your authenticity. I question whether or not you’ve ever experienced prejudice because of a gender identity. Because if you had experienced that you would never do it to another person… if you really knew what that felt like, just the thought that someone else might be made to feel that way by something you did or said would make your stomach turn. How can you behave the same way as the people you hate and look at yourself in the mirror? How can you act like those who attack, belittle and degrade you and live with yourself?

If you support “Down With Cis” - I question your heart and your soul, because anyone who supports or participates in a movement built on blatant hatred is a person with too much hate in their heads and in their hearts… Anyone who cannot see the wrong and the sickness with DWC is someone who has lost contact with that part of their soul that tells them right from wrong. Stop behaving like animals and monsters and horrible people… we’re supposed to be better than that. We’re supposed to have learned from experience who not to become. 




no offense but why do people rarely talk about how hard it is for mentally ill people of colour??
especially the ones who have to deal with psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and/or autism
i tried so hard to get help when i was younger, but no one took me seriously. why would they?? mental illness is a “”“white thing”“”
doctors are usually pretty terrible but they are EVEN WORSE when it comes to “helping” a person of colour who probably has some type of mental health problem.
and when we DO get help they never want to look into anything that isn’t depression or anxiety

im not saying this is what it’s like for every person of colour but a very very very large majority.

I’ve been at this blog tbh for like going on 2 years now. Like seriously 2 years non-stop updating about Bangtan every day and it’s possible I’ve seen all of their performances since Danger era and I must say that they’ve never had any blunders when they perform. Only like they bump into each other or shoes come off (or shirts come off) or mics go flying in the air but nothing like someone forgetting the steps or missing a beat or something. Even when someone has a problem with their microphone they transition to changing microphones like it’s nothing.

I just realized these it’s really amazing ;_; All the choreo they have to memorize and all the difficult steps. And yet they really work as a team and almost perfect every stage, really the great result of their talent, dedication and hard work! And I’m really so proud!!!

Ok I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never even seen Voltron before but I kept seeing ‘klance’ and 'dirty laundry’ and decided to check out and I’ve gotten so emotionally invested in this and having an emotional breakdown and screeching that abuelita is coming and holy shit I just got sucked into a fandom of a show I’ve never even watched and I have no regrets.

e/r tropes that need to die a slow and painful death:

  • enjolras magically curing grantaire’s alcoholism just by dating him
  • enjolras never owning up to his mistakes and never apologizing for hurting grantaire when he speaks without thinking about the impact of his words
  • grantaire constantly treating enjolras like a deity (seriously, that shit ain’t healthy)
  • fucking when they’re angry at each other but never actually trying to solve the problems between them
  • i.e. never communicating like two responsible adults who are trying to have a healthy fucking relationship should
  • enjolras treating grantaire coldly in public and no one mentioning it ever
  • seriously, please love yourselves

So it’s dark and the power’s been off for hours, and I’m sitting downstairs reading fanfic by candlelight, and the wind is howling whooo, whooo outside, blowing leaves and twigs and stuff around so that sometimes they whack into the windows, and it’s all very atmospheric, and I think It’s a good thing I’m not of a Nervous Disposition – as the commercials used to have it – because a night like this could seriously freak you out if you were.

(Especially since there’s haunted ground just up the road. Or ground that’s supposed to be haunted. I’ve never had any problems with it, and I’ve walked past it all alone in the dead of night lots of times, and never had so much as a peep out of it. But we have neighbors who wouldn’t walk past that particular area after dark for any money.)

Anyway. So it’s dark and the candleflames are fluttering a bit (the house is prone to drafts in this weather, more so than usual when the wind is going by at 80kph or thereabouts) and there’s no telling when the power will come on again, and in the midst of reading I look away from the iPad for a moment, a bit bored, and a few seconds later a voice speaks to me and says:

CHARACTER: I want to be in the next book.

And I kind of rub my face and go “Oh great.” Because of all nights when I don’t feel like having one of these conversations, tonight probably tops the list. I had about fifteen things that needed doing on the big computer, and they’re all impossible with the power out, and as a result I am cranky.

 (You must understand that the dialogue that follow plays itself out in-head over the course of no more than about fifteen seconds. Also that I can’t discuss the identity of the character in question right now. Or indeed later.)

DD: What?

CHARACTER: I’m not wild about where you left me in this last one.

DD: I think you were in a pretty good place, actually.

CHARACTER: I don’t. I think you need to put me in the next one. I could be useful.

DD: I don’t really see how that’s the case, because [REDACTED] and it’s not exactly in your specialty area.

CHARACTER: But if you put me in there you’ll figure something out.

DD: See, that’s not how it works. There’s this outline, and in it are all the things that’re going to happen, and you’re not really part of that through line. Partly because your skillset wouldn’t particularly contribute to the dynamic, which in terms of the cast of characters is very tight in book 11 because [REDACTED]. And partly because I don’t just put characters into a story on the off chance that they’ll contribute something somehow!

CHARACTER: In my case you should anyway.

DD (rubs eyes, which are playing her up somewhat due to the crap lighting): This is just one of those goofball ideas that hits you late at night and turns out to have no merit in the light of day.

CHARACTER: You’ll never know, though, if you don’t make a note of it so that you can examine it in the light of day.

DD: (goes looking for pen and paper, tries to make a note, can barely see to write, sighs in annoyed acquiescence and turns on the laptop to make a note there. Rather like this.) You’re a real pain in the ass, you know that?

CHARACTER: And whose fault is that? You created me.

DD: (annoyed, because to this argument there’s no easily available rejoinder: rubs forehead) Remind me again why I’m even in this business?


DD: Yeah, thanks loads. And as for you – 

CHARACTER: Think about it.

DD: All right, all right, I’ll think about it.

(soft click as the lights come back on as if in reward for good behavior)

DD: (hides eyes) Oh, feck.

…and outside, the wind starts to die down…


(To the person who commented “They’ve got minds of their own sometimes, haven’t they?” …No, they’ve got minds of my own. Which is what makes it both so infuriating and so funny.) :)

yeah otherkin arent oppressed but other than the occasional misinformed post like “otherkin are just cis people trying to be trans” i have never seen criticism towards otherkin that wasn’t blatant ableism

  • “you need to be locked up/you need help/you belong in an institution!!”
  • “you’re delusional/autistic/have mental problems!!”
  • “you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce hahaha!!”
  • “you probably act like animals irl too lol”
  • “you’re crxzy/insxne/stxpid/retxrded/psxcho”
  • “you clearly have no grasp on reality/have no sense of self”

these are all blatant ableist phrases that are used to justify abusing us and murdering us and locking us up (us = mentally ill people) but u know keep going on about how yr hatred isn’t hurting anyone but those kids who think they’re flowers/wolves/stars/etc on the internet

(and while youre at it, ask yrself why u even care so much about kids thinking theyre flowers on the internet??)

  • Press:He's gonna be dark.
  • Me:So, like the Sixth Doctor then.
  • Press:And he's gonna be more alien.
  • Me:So ... the Sixth.
  • Press:And he's gonna be brash
  • Me:Six?
  • Press:And he's gonna have a problem with humans and understanding them.
  • Me:... Six.
  • Press:But he's gonna have a little bit of that sensitive side that we love.
  • Me:Six.
  • Press:Basically, we've never seen the Doctor like this before, so it's gonna be interesting.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:It's the Sixth Doctor, you dumbfucks.
Tumblr language explained

Are you new to tumblr? Feeling lost and confused by the new and different terminology? Don’t worry, I’m fluent in tumblrese. Here’s what people on tumblr are actually saying when they use their complex terminology:

Privilege: Instead of embracing differences, I have chosen to make people feel bad for being different in ways they have no control over, so that I look like a bigger victim by comparison and are more deserving of your time and money. Seriously, throw money at me! 

Social Justice: The process of bitching about world problems online without ever getting off of your ass to do anything about it.

Headmates: I’m not interesting enough in real life, so I’m faking dissociative identity disorder for shits and giggles. 

Non-gendered pronouns: I’m a language nazi that believes in the bullshit theory of gender neutrality that has fucked over countless intersex children. Fuck them though! Gender neutrality is the way to gender equality, and no I have never heard of Harrison Bergeron. Is he a singer?

Demi-sexual: If I fully admit that I like sex and relationships after saying that I’m asexual, people will know know that I am full of shit. 

Asexual: I’m a teen that feels sex is icky and gross. If people touch me I might get their cooties. I also don’t sexualize people, but I do masturbate to them occasionally. Because you know, that doesn’t count. Seriously you guys this is a real sexual orientation and not at all the result of sexual abuse or the effects of autism and hormonal problems. You people are perverted! OMG leave me alone!! 

Other-kin: I’m not interesting enough in normal life, so my life is a LARP.

Wiccan: Other religions didn’t support my desire to fuck as many people as I can outside the confines of marriage, and my life is a LARP.

Ableism: People aren’t interested in hearing my four hour rants on my disabilities, so now I take everything personally.

Furry: I wish I had a tail. Also my life is occasionally a LARP and or sexual LARP.

Feminism: I fight for gender equality by placing emphasis on a single gender. It’s going to work, we promise. Have a legitimate grievance? That’s misogyny! Also don’t worry, feminism will take care of that eventually!

Patriarchy: I am a feminist. Also men are the devil, and they’ve fucked up everything! Not us though, because women in power have never ever fucked things up on a massive scale. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Gender studies major: I needed to take something in college so that my parents stopped bitching at me. I will later end up doing a completely unrelated job because professional feminism is already an over-saturated market. White men are the devil. Patriarchy!

Heteronormativity: Straight people are the devil.

Misogynist: I like to use this word to silence people that question my logic.

I am seriously having such a Sam Winchester problem today. Like oh god Sam who never got to have his mom teach him his first words or steps or tie his shoes or kiss him goodbye on the first day of school. Sam who never had anything but the backseat of a car and endless monsters in the dark, who never knew any kind of security except for the warmth of his brother’s arms. Sam who jumped into hell to save the person he loved most, who would do anything to save his brother because he can’t do it without him. Sam who still manages to smile, to laugh at his brother’s stupid singing in the car, to have hope when there’s none left. Just….Sam’s my fucking hero.

after reading the update, i thought i’d change my url to ‘calcoins’ because why the fuck not. it’s been awhile since i last had a homestuck url

sad to say, it’s already been horded. like everything else that come up. even all the names of the salamanders from that update way back when.

the homestuck community on tumblr has the worst reputation when it comes to url hording. if you’re not going to use the url, why the heck are you taking it? you are seriously rude.

what the heck is your problem? can we maybe let someone have a decent homestuck url instead of making a side blog to have a million urls that you’re never going to use? can we?

god my parents did some fucked up shit to me growing up that i’m just remembering now. i’ve had anxiety/stomach problems since i was young, like probably 10 or 11 (which was recently diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder) and my parents always thought i was faking. eventually they took me to the doctor and i got prescribed an anti-nausea pill to take daily. it helped me tremendously because i didn’t always feel like i was on the verge of puking.

one day my parents decide to switch them out with sugar pills without telling me because they were SURE i was faking. i started getting sick again and i was so fucking confused, i didn’t understand. i didn’t tell them because they never took me seriously and idk??? i was a little kid. one day they said “we’re taking you off the pills” and i was crying because why would they do that?? so i went a few days without taking anything and they’re like “how do u feel” and i was like “worse”

and they were like “we replaced them with sugar pills last week so you’re LYING! we knew you didn’t ACTUALLY need them!!!” (and so so much implication i was only doing this for attention or to seem “special”)

dude what kind of fuckt up shit honestly…. that’s gotta qualify as some sort of abuse??

I feel that race is in a much better place than issues of gender right now in America.

People are deathly afraid of being called a racist but people will write you off for calling them sexist and feminism is a dirty word that no one takes seriously. People who would never use racial slurs have no problem using degrading terms for women, catcalling, and objectifying them in conversation. People who actually believe a certain race is less competent know not to say it out loud but so many people everywhere think it’s acceptable to talk about a woman’s place and limitations like they’re talking about the weather.

I think if half the energy towards anti-racist efforts were put towards anti-sexist dialogue and education, the country would be in a much better place.

Lokean Problems

I cannot, and have never been able to, find a statue (or even a depiction) of Loki that I like enough to put on my altar. It’s to the point where I’m considering getting a nice lock, sticking a spider on it, and then finding some way to make the whole thing into a candle holder- because at least then it’d be funny.

Seriously tho- how do folks deal with this?


Aries- will go to the end all be all to prove u wrong. super bad tempers but also they have the cutest smiles in the world (proven fact)

Taurus- STUBBORN AF and will make u cry in heartbeat. Smells really good all the time

Virgo- extreme pushover. Way too chill. always a giver and never receives. Predictable drinking problem in the future

Capricorn- seriously so irrelevant….probably snorts pixie sticks

Gemini- best to have real convos wit. Down ass for anything. But don’t cross them….cuz they kinda crazy

Aquarius- art students who probably wanna read u books about transcendentalism

Pisces- day dreamers. So nice. Hopeless romantics. Marry one. I can’t even say anything mean Pisces are truly the best.

Cancer- moody. Overprotective of their friends/relationships. Probably the type to burn ur house down if you fuck with them.

Leo- loud as hell. Likes to talk about themselves A LOT but very free spirited.

Sagittarius- will always tell you how it is. Matured very fast, likeable to many but neeeverrrr thinks before speaking.

Scorpio- sex game on point FORREAL. Freaks. Down 2 earth. Not the type to settle down.

Libra- the most boring of the signs. Really clean tho, room is probably immaculate rn

#477 “I can understand why some people crush on the elves, like legolas, thranduil, Haldir, etc., but in all seriousness, the elves are completely fake with perfect skills, hair, fighting styles, never have a problem coming across weapons, are graceful, elegant. They are too good to be real. But the dwarves on the other hand, like Thorin <3, have flaws and feelings we can all relate to as actual people which makes Thorin ‘prettier’ than Legolas. There I said it.”

That’s some seriously impressive design right there Amethyst. I feel like she could be a good architect if she put her mind to it.

Oh boy.

As someone with a lot of vertigo I would never in a hundred fucking years attempt this jump.

And now Steven is forever trapped in between dimensions.


Interesting that Amethyst doesn’t have a problem with intruding in Pearl’s room, I guess it’s the difference between pissing off your mom and pissing off your annoying sister.

i really hate tumblr’s stupid feel-good text posts with a forced, ridiculous weaponised femininity/‘bad bitch’ attitude and can’t believe how much you guys reblog this bullshit

'a friend who don’t speak to you anymore? cut that disgusting bitch off forever you are flawless anyway’

'someone lied to you? dump them/cut them off your life forever, also kill their grandparents while you’re at it’

'friend said one transphobic/sexist word that is probably normalised as heck outside tumblr? never talk to that disgusting asshole again, don’t bother explaining it to them, it might mess up your manicure’

like are you guys serious? is this how you deal with your problems? i’m not saying become the catholic god with all forgiving and shit but seriously try talking and finding solutions maybe? no wonder half of the personal posts i see is this 'badass chic/caring no one as much as my brow pencil’ and the rest is all 'i don’t have friends everyone is intimitated by me waah’ type of posts.

signed, the most 'intimidating’ people according to all my IRL friends yet i can still know how to fucking communicate