there are in fact people on this site who deliberately say things in the most convoluted, overinflated, esoteric way possible, for literally no reason other than to impede understanding and make themselves sound “smarter”

but for some reason y’all never call out the people who actually do this (white male “rationalists”), and instead direct all those accusations towards trans women in academia, writing about their actual fields of study, for their own benefit, who weren’t even talking to you and actually don’t owe you shit

So yesterday I was at a party and they were doing shots and I don’t drink but I toasted with my soda, and one of the guys at the party kind of zeroed in on me because of “L'chaim!”

And it was “are you Jewish?” Yes. “Do you read Hebrew?” No, not yet but I know many people who do, why? “I have these family documents from before my family came to the US, my dad won’t talk about his side of the family but so many of them are in Hebrew, I really want to know what they say but I don’t want to be a bother to you.”

And I’m just staring with my jaw dropped and like ‘you really don’t understand what an opportunity you just gave me to perform an incredible mitzvah, my friend.’


I mean, how cool is that? To get this random opportunity to help someone reconnect with their roots? THIS IS NOT A BURDEN, MY FRIEND.

To life! ♡

Them: Omg I wonder how the joker smells like or how dominant he is or how well he is in bed or what he- *continuous ovary explosion*

Me: I wonder how he does mundane everyday life things. Like what does he look like simply yawning, or washing his hands, or brushing his teeth? Can he even brush his teeth with that thing? What kind of toothpaste does the joker use??