Shoutout to autistics who are bad at arguing! Who say the wrong thing.

 To the autistics who get too angry in an argument. 

To the ones who get scoffed at or misunderstood far too often because of things we can’t help. 

It’s fine!!! You don’t have to argue if you don’t want !!!! And if you do want to continue thats ok too!!! You can send them your side in texts if its easier, or bring it up again later !!! 

people who don't like romantic-coded gestures

…people who don’t like kissing 

…people who don’t like holding hands 

…people who don’t like cuddling

…people who don’t like receiving flowers or chocolates

…people who don’t like going on ‘dates' 


you’re not immature or childish or cold 

you’re perfectly okay the way you are