What Your Favorite Color of Lipstick Says About You
  • Red: The darker your favorite shade is, the stronger your urge to commit murder is.
  • Orange: You're 100% ready to kick somebody's ass at any given moment.
  • Dark Pink: You seem sweet and innocent but are secretly capable of straight-up murder. You also reply to unsolicited dick pics with pictures of implements meant for slicing bananas and hot dogs.
  • Light Pink: You are actually sweet and innocent but can do shit when needed.
  • Purple: You're a little gothy, but not extremely gothy. Like you probably don't wear lots of black or read angsty poetry but you could still bite someone's head off.
  • Black: You have resting bitch face and use it to scare off undesirables.
  • Brown: You're a forest witch that places curses upon those who wrong you.
  • Blue: You're a mermaid. Not the cute Disney kind but the kind that drowns people.
  • Green: You want to make out with Harley Quinn.
  • Any Pastel Color: You use your cuteness to lure in unsuspecting victims.