I hate letting people down so this has just been eating me alive, but I’ve made this decision based on the fact that this blog and the writing I do is supposed to be fun for me and a way for me to sort of let loose and relax and create. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to stop posting the soulmate au.

I just want to apologise to all the lovely people that sent me messages saying they were enjoying it. It’s frustrating when a story never gets an ending, but I just can’t write it anymore. I can’t stand it, and that’s entirely my own fault and I’m sorry. So instead of trying to force it out, I’m just gonna let it be. Thank you for reading what I did post and I’m sorry again xxx

  • Burr:Hamilton's skill with a quill is undeniable but what do we have in common? We're reliable with the
  • All Men:LADIES!!!!!
  • John Lauren and his gay ass:*looks at smudged writing on hand* let..lettuce? LETTUCE!!

Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


Okay, what happened?