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Jimin and the hyungs conforting Jk after they won the Daesang this is so Cute!

It’s still so weird to think that exo was the most senior group at mama’s this year. Exo. One of the most widely viewed and well known kmusic awards shows had EXO as the most senior group. I just can’t get over that. The group that people treat like rookies who haven’t worked long and hard enough to deserve their fame yet, the group that people call undeserving of their fame, the group that people STILL think is a quick burn group good for only one hit then done, was the senior group at that award ceremony.

People can’t keep acting like exo is still a shiny newbie who doesn’t have their own place and name in the industry yet. They’ve survived more scandals and years then any  other  group there. No one can talk about how well their favs would be doing if it was in exo’s position because they haven’t even gotten there yet.

Was everyone watching the same performance? Did the exo we saw look like it was running on fumes? Did they look like the were finished? Their fanchants dominated the whole building and that platform looked custom built for their transformer stage. Would mnet have done that if exo was a dying group? Would the crowd have been almost entirely a silver ocean if nobody liked exo anymore?

You can’t keep denying the power exo has and will continue to have. If they can own that stage the way they did without practice, rest, or sleep, then image what they could have done if they had the same conditions everyone else’s fav’s got.

Stop saying that exo is at it’s peak or that exo’s done. If you don’t like them that’s fine, everyone’s allowed to like who they choose but you better get used to seeing them because they’re not gonna be done for a long time

The King and the Queen

I just had to draw this because I love both of them and now they have (essentially) equal titles I have an good excuse to draw them together haha. (I don’t ship them but if future plot proves they have potential or actual connections then I might)

Also excuse the details of Eileen/Irene’s hairpiece and hair. The spoiler image is too small so it was hard to see. Sorry i got lazy with Acnologia and left out the opening of the cloak (plus the abs underneath it lol)


Please tell me just one little theory.

I have a feeling that when Lydia peels the wallpaper off, that there won’t be anything there. Not even an empty room… And it’ll have to be the Sheriff who needs to look through the opening in the wall for his room to appear again since it is their family home and that’s what ties Stiles to him. That might explain why Lydia is completely broken down and crying on the floor. She probably feels panicked and useless at not being able to find it when she’s much closer than she thinks. The jeep will be the relic for Lydia to find and the room will be for the Sheriff.

jungkook and hobi both uploaded two things on twitter for jin’s bday because the rest of the members didn’t post anything anyway i can’t believe all 3 members of bts (jin, hobi, jungkook) love each other and are a family

I cannot be the only one out here who is extremely disappointed in the lack of Fantastic Beasts merch

I mean, there is some merch but come ON warnerbros

I guess I’m spoiled by the entire planet’s worth of Harry Potter merchandise out there but SERIOUSLY

where is newt’s suitcase? where are macusa cushions?

Where Are My Fantastic Beasts Top Trumps Cards?


most importantly

most incredibly urgently