Delena + their baby pictures

I don’t know what’s more prominent, Carmilla’s jawine in 2x01 or my lady boner from all the Hollstein fluff


((Thank you for sticking with this blog, my 2000+ followers! Please have this as a gift - I’ve made it a bit less than a month ago, but I hope it’ll mean something to you all. And if it does, it would be great if you could tell me what you think of it. I always want to improve; more importantly, though, I’d really love to know what you feel about this. Again, thank you! Hope you’ll still be supporting me <33 bakanohealthy has already uploaded this once on her blog, also. Thanks for giving my artwork the exposure!))

Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal has done a good job uncovering which people I follow are transphobic as fuck and it’s been a great way to get the trash off my dash
I also have another amazing woman to add to my queen tag 😍😍😍
Honestly I’m so happy for her