Kacchan, I’m here!

My first colored bnha fanart and it’s Bakudeku/Katsudeku! >3<

I haven’t done a colored piece recently but I do like the result. 

Hope to draw more soon, both FT (yes I haven’t forgot) and BNHA, hopefully more finished and colored pieces too >w<

ryden 70/365
i started reading throam again. jesus take the wheel.

I need to move lmao 🏠

Some of you guys will remember those crazy newlyweds I had as neighbours? Who kept kicking each other out the house and then calling the cops on each other almost every night?? Well they’ve been no bother for weeks now but today, I came home and some some lady had parked her huge white, private reg Range Rover in my space. So I confronted her about it and asked her, very nicely, how long she was going to be because you know it’s MY space. And she said that all the spaces at her house were full so she was entitled to park wherever she wanted. And I was getting very annoyed because on our street every house has a garage and two parking spaces each and then there’s communal parking for overflow at the end so I said she should really park there. But she said she couldn’t park there because last week a car had been hit whilst parked in the overflow area and she didn’t want her car getting damaged. So I asked her if she expected me to park there because SHE’D parked in my space? And she said, and I quote, “I don’t give a f*cking sh*t where you park” and just shut the door. And now I’ve come home all mad and ready to blog about it xD But the thing is?? I live in a sweet little English village with less than 1000 people ?? How on earth have I been stuck with such crazy and obnoxious neighbours???? ugh

Me sending requests to other blogs
  • Me: Better switch to anon so people won't know it's me(or know I requested 10 times in a row)
  • Me: I should change up how I write each request so they don't get suspicious about it being the same person.
  • Me: let's wait a few minutes before sending in the next one so they won't suspect it's the same person.
  • Me: *requests the same character each time but switches to a different character time to time so they don't suspect a thing*
  • Me: okay, I don't seem suspicious now for sending in 15. They won't know I sent majority of the requests.


I feel like we should have nicknames in the fandom like since it’s called banana bus squad/fandom we should be called bananas, so like once a banana, always a banana

10 Signs you have/had toxic parents/been abused/childhood trauma

-you’re passive aggressive towards yourself
-“it’s my fault, I didn’t do it but it has be my fault somehow.”
-self-harm because you deserve it.
-if my parents hate me, I shall hate myself as well.
- I’m not being abused, I’m just trying to make myself believe that I’m not a nuisance to my parents.
- I shouldn’t bother my parents/abusers with my feelings.
-if I deserved love and affection, I should’ve got it a long time ago.
- If I’m not good enough to them, I’ll never be good enough to anyone.
- they’re always right, I’m the one who’s wrong.
-“we’re the best parents, but you don’t deserve how kind and compassionate we are”

I know it shouldn’t bother me so much, because it’s good that people are going to pride and supporting the cause, but I just hate that straight people can feel so comfortable going to pride and dressing up and stuff, whereas I, an Actual Queer Person for whom the entire event is made, spent the weekend agonizing over whether or not I should go and ended up not because I’m so scared I’ll see someone I know and they’ll make some assumption about me and
idk man it sucks