The funniest yet most annoying thing in the world to me is when people complain about not getting enough feedback on their stories when they’re getting like, eight to ten reviews a chapter.

On 5sosff.

Which is TINY and it’s practically a miracle if most authors get two or three reviews a chapter.

(But no actually the same goes for 1dff too like, BE HAPPY with what you get.)

Calm down, please.

I know that getting feedback is important to authors okay, but stop moaning on and on and making the readers who do spend time giving your story their attention feel bad because they’re “not doing enough” in your oh, so humble opinion.

Just stop.

If you’re not here to write because you ENJOY it, why are you here?

and that’s all I have to say. Bye.

Barry, Barry, Barry…I just….wow.  Bruh, we need to chat.  I already talked about you needing to find a lane but damn.  DAMN Barry.  You’re not thirsty, you’re dehydrated for Iris West

He really rolled into Jitters like

and guess what friend

Oh Barry, find some chill.  Any chill will do.  Maybe that’s why Captain Cold is stalking you honey.  He can feel you need some chill in your life.  

@ 1d fandom as a whole.

literally all of them have have fucked up.

have a biscuit. chill out.

WHENEVER something happens with one of them all of you feel this weird primal need to go hunting for receipts like this is the problematic olympics or some shit.

Honey I left public school four years ago I don’t get the same joy out of watching bitches fight every day thank you.

Reel it in with the pissing contest, register that your fave’s shit DOES stink, continue to love them or drop them, that’s your business.

Lemme tell you something honey,

As far as any of y’all’s asses are concerned I’m single. Y’all don’t need to know all of my business. Regardless of whether it is true or false. I share a lot on tumblr, but tbh some shit needs to be kept to me. Calm down, take a chill pill. I like my personal relationships private to a large degree and therefore anytime someone asks me I’m going to say the same.

Saturday March 21, 2015

- I discovered a local honey shop in a nearby town and I bought a LOT of honey and honey products. I highly recommend Heritage Honey in Ventura, California. Mostly cause it is local and I got lotion (by “The Naked Bee”) and beeswax for really cheap along with amazing whipped honey that I can’t stop eating. 

- Whoever decided to remix the “Hanging Tree” song from Hunger Games to make it sound more like a song you would dance to at a club is an asshole really needs to chill. 

- I do not remember being pregnant, so where did all these manbabies come from?

- My cat does NOT know how to share a chair. 

- Oh God, So much sugar and chili powder. 

anonymous asked:

London, Amsterdam, Milan

London: How do you take your tea? 

Usually just with some honey or sugar and on occasion I like a drop of cream

Amsterdam: What is your ideal night out? 

I’m not the biggest fan of crazy nights so a really nice dinner and then drinks or a walk is all I need. Keep it chill. 

Milan: How do you think others describe you?

Oh god, this is pretty loaded and I don’t have any idea but probably something about me being chill when I want to be chill but having some pretty major control issues. I mean to be nice and I always have good intentions but I like getting what I want and I’ll go to great lengths to get it. 

anonymous asked:

need to know this. you rock bae. like i have mentioned before, life is a fucking journey a fuckin crazy roller coaster ("that is life") and self doubt and insecurities and writers block suuuhck. uhhg writers go through so much shit sometimes. ... I just want you to chill and do things that make you happy and treat yo self HONEY and