PSA: Some of yall need to listen the fuck up

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but I just so happen to be a fan of both All Time Low and 5 Seconds of Summer. They’re lovely, and they also happen to be friends with each other. There are Hustlers out there that completely resent 5SOS just for sounding a bit more pop than punk than they’d prefer. I don’t know if you’ve ever stopped to think and compare, but 5sos have a very similar style of music to atl, first of all listen to I Feel Like Dancin and then listen to Rejects; they’re practically identical. And if you boo on Disconnected just because it sounds “way too pop, so autotuned” then I hope you realize that Alex helped write that 😁 It’s perfectly understandable to not like a band, but it’s not alright to bash on the fans because that doesn’t make you so much more emo it just means you’re a whiny ass bitch that needs to shut the fuck up

🌛Moon Cakes🌜

Things you will need:
-1 cup of finely grated almonds(optional)
-1 ¼ cups flour
-¼ cups of confectioner’s sugar
-¼ cups butter
-1 egg yolk

1.Combine almonds flour and sugar
2. Work in butter and egg yolk until well blended.
3. Set it in the fridge to until chilled
4.Pinch off pieces of walnut sized dough
5. Shape into crescents.
6. Place on greased sheets and bake at 325 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Enjoy these on full moon or sabbats!
I like drizzling honey and powdered sugar on top.

The funniest yet most annoying thing in the world to me is when people complain about not getting enough feedback on their stories when they’re getting like, eight to ten reviews a chapter.

On 5sosff.

Which is TINY and it’s practically a miracle if most authors get two or three reviews a chapter.

(But no actually the same goes for 1dff too like, BE HAPPY with what you get.)

Calm down, please.

I know that getting feedback is important to authors okay, but stop moaning on and on and making the readers who do spend time giving your story their attention feel bad because they’re “not doing enough” in your oh, so humble opinion.

Just stop.

If you’re not here to write because you ENJOY it, why are you here?

and that’s all I have to say. Bye.

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they sound like one of those people who kinda forces others to come out ? idk it sounds frightful, they need a chill pill

that was exactly their idea first

to them, coming out is mandatory and i was like, honey why wont you fuck off outta peoples lives

i mean they want to be so avant-garde theyre ready to step on everything and everyone with no regard to the environment around them. all i was trying to warn them:

if you go into a college campus, where people only think about drinking beer and getting laid, and just out of nowhere do a workshop for post porn writing, nobody is gonna take you seriously


oh my GOD

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Hello! May I please be shipped with iKON, WINNER & VIXX? I'm 25, have naturally dark blond hair, honey colored eyes, have an average body mass and weight, I think? I like to tell and hear silly jokes, sometimes I have a short fuse which is bad, but am most times nice, am shy and awkward especially when uncomfortable but if comfortable I'm happy go lucky and all over the place, I like to read, to write stories and to sing and can be a perv at times. thank you in advance <3

Omg, you are older than me with 9 years, lol. 

VIXX, Ravehh

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WINNER, this hot leader, Seungyoon

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Ikon, Bobby //this boy needs to chill//

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Chill, grandma.

I swear, every time I see a post on Facebook by my grandmother, it’s always in all caps and she reminds me of a very very socialized Cas. Like OMG DO YOU LIKE MY HAIR I GOT IT DONE, ALSO I DID A BAZILLION THINGS AND FOLLOWED HONEY BEES AND BOUGHT STUFF I REALLY DOMT NEED BUT I WANTED IT DO YOU WANT THIS but she also reminds me of that awkwardly rusty socialized Cas that doesn’t understand a damn thing….like I try, okay? I try to help her understand that she doesn’t HAVE to type in all caps or over share.

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Exactly. Thank you. Finally someone has some god damn sense. But on the other hand, Mijo needs to chill. It sounds like he's not over Honey to get that mad. He needs to choose who wants. Because he's obviously confused.

Lol I don’t be lying for these other celebrities! And yes Mijo needs to get his life together! He’s basically dating 3 women in his head