Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: You are Derek Hale’s daughter and has a passionate relationship with Stiles Stilinski, but he doesn’t know. Once he founds out, he invites Stiles over to dinner and you decide it’s good timing to make him pay for all the teasing.

N/A - It’s nearly three in morning, so forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll fix them later. 

Warnings: sort of smut, but it only has some handjob; also, swearing. that’s all. 

Word Count: 1767

Fuck…” You moaned softly, enjoying the touch of Stiles’ tongue against your neck, licking and leaving purple marks behind. “We can’t do this here, baby, if my dad bursts in, we’re screwed.”

His honey brown eyes turned dark and a naughty smirk curved his lips, as he shortened even more the space between you, tightening the grip on your hips. A low gasp pushed its way out of your mouth, because, damn, that Stilinski knew how to tease. 

“Didn’t you say he’s out a town?” He hummed, the vibration on your skin sending heat waves to the small nub in the middle of your legs. “Plus, you’re my girlfriend and I think it’s only fair we come clean to him.”

You laughed, managing to slip away from his arms, and went to the fridge, snatching an apple juice box to ease your thirst. Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, tilting his head and looking adorably confused by your latter actions. 

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I’m just wondering since when Derek Hale’s wrath doesn’t scare you.”

“It never did!”  

“Oh, no.” Your voice was soaked with sarcasm, making the boy shift the weight between his legs and frown, clearly annoyed. “I’d like to hear your perfect explanation, other than fear, to why you jumped out of my window last week when he got home.”

“Is this an attempt to shred my masculinity to pieces?” He questioned and, even though it was a bitter response, his tone was smooth, making chills run across your spine. “Because if it is so, I’ll have to show you again who the boss is.”

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Danny Phantom AU where there’s a huge ghost battle and Danny Fenton gets caught in the middle and somehow, everyone discovers that he’s a ghost…. hunter. Yeah, Danny is obviously alive and, unless there’s concrete evidence, no one’s gonna believe he’s a ghost. But they see his moves, his confidence with the ghosts, mistake his ectoblasts for a ghost weapon and people form their own conclusions: Danny and his friends are human ghost hunters. Danny isn’t sure whether to laugh or start sobbing. Tucker doesn’t have the same problem, he’s rolling on the floor.

His parents are mad for all of 5 minutes before they’ve got Danny in their arms saying how proud they are and how foolish it was for him to be going out there alone. Danny listens to their praise and love and hugs them back, burying his face in his dad’s shoulder to hide the guilt. Lancer is more upset because he sees it as a needless danger but he understands that the kids aren’t going to stop and Amity isn’t like other towns and decides to give the kids a bit of a break when it comes to balancing school and ghosts. The other kids are kind of awestruck. Ghosts used to be lame, but now that they’re a serious problem, it’s suddenly cool. The fact that their nerdy classmate apparently has been fighting them in secret, and winning, is wicked. Valerie is incredibly suspicious. Her secret gets outed too and she’s kind of lumped with the trio but she knows something is wrong but she can’t figure it out. But she will.

Danny is mostly very confused about the whole thing, extra paranoid about people discovering his secret and more than weirded out by all the attention. His parents and teachers stop giving him so much grief and, with extra accommodations, he actually does better in school and gets more sleep. He takes to carrying ghost hunting equipment on him at all times, it was awkward at first but his accuracy with ectoblasts eventually makes him skilled with Fenton weapons. The trio no longer have to hide when there’s a ghost attack and will openly fight the ghost. The ghosts themselves are also hella confused, Danny just shrugs as he fights like a human. If it’s too powerful and Danny needs his powers, he’ll run off claiming he left “something in his locker” and oh hey look Phantom showed up to save the day. It seems rather obvious but still, everyone sees what they want to see.

Eventually Danny manages to convince people that Phantom actually is a good ghost who only wants to help. He claims that he and his friends routinely fight with Phantom to save the day. It’s enough to make Jack and Maddie willing to sit down and have a civil conversation with the ghostly hero which eventually leads to a partnership with the city’s ghost hunters. Danny works hard to avoid times where he and Phantom are needed in the same place, sometimes he’ll have Sam double as him but he’s also working harder on duplication. All in all it’s a weird, ironic existence but it works out in a roundabout way. Danny still feels horribly guilty about keeping the full truth from his folks but thinks he’s in too deep to back out now. So Danny is often seen on patrol with his parents, an ectogun strapped to his back. They don’t understand why he so often looks up at the sky, as if he wished he were up there and not on the ground.

anonymous asked:

this might be weird to ask n i hope it makes sense but........ how does each member of bts speak? like when their speaking do they speak intelligently, are they well spoken or like do they use alot of slang or anything? does that make sense i hope it does asdfgh

edit: this should be added sooner but DO NOT REPOST THIS & TRANSLATE INTO ANY LANGUAGE. i’m not a native speaker, this is purely personal observation. don’t consider these as facts.

🍫 namjoon:
• he chooses words very carefully and wisely, wide range of vocabulary
• if you see something that looks like it’s quoted from a poem or a novel, it’s namjoon’s
• uses calm tone when speaking in normal circumstances, but tends to raise and distort his voice when under adrenaline rush (eg. bts gayo track 3, acting mission with yoongi)

🍗 seokjin:
• varying talking speed, he can either talk really slowly or talk so fast that even 0.5x speed can’t help decipher what he’s saying
• focuses on emotions rather than words, so middle-ranged vocabulary?
• come across some lame puns? it’s seokjin’s
• but tbh i love seokjin’s puns even though sometimes it’s really lame that i have to consider turning off the video
• imo, 2nd best english pronunciation in bts, after namjoon
• also i love how seokjin pronounce the ㅅ and ㅂ syllables
• speaks like a middle-aged man…

🐕 yoongi:
• imagine namjoon but with less philosophical elements and more emotional explosion
• not the easiest to understand due to his low and raspy voice
• talks fast, so occasionally his words seem to stuck together and it’s nearly impossible to understand what he’s saying
• usually stretches the ㅔ in 네, like instead of a short 네, he would make it sound like 네에에에에↘
• might not be related but i still find the way yoongi said ‘boy meets what’ in ‘wings’ preview show really cute. it didn’t sound like ‘what’, but rather ‘waaaaaaaat’

🌻 hoseok:
• uses 되게 (really) and 뭔가 (somewhat) A LOT
• likes to insert 네 in mid sentence
• how should i describe his tone? it varies 100% of times
• has a distinctive way of pronouncing ‘fun’
• in short, the opposite polar of yoongi

🍑 taehyung:
• doesn’t finish his sentences, and often stares into the air after stopping midway
• uses adverbs like 약간, 조금, 진짜 separately and repeatedly, has the habit of saying adverbs first, then continue with his sentences and repeat those adverbs again
• splits one straight sentence into short phrases
- proper sentence: i was gonna meet armys right after i took a shower.
- taehyung: i, now, took a shower and ddak, gonna meet armys, ddak, like this.
• uses ‘like this’ and demonstrates with actions instead of describing the actions with words
• tends to use slangs, but not a lot as far as i can remember?
• not related to talking but taehyung often makes strange noises out of the blue, eg. he imitated a pigeon and made that ‘pokato’ (?) sound when namjoon said ‘pigeon’ and ‘pikachu’ in ‘wings’ preview show
• forgot this but taehyung’s english pronunciation is so on point

🍙 jimin:
• soft and sweet tone, is sweetly sassy
• always talks to armys as if he’s with his friends
• when doing a v app broadcast alone, he talks informally like how friends talk to each other, but when sending messages or some other ‘official’ occasions, jimin talks formally
• personal preference but i find jimin’s accidental satoori very cute… remember how he said 너 왜 이렇게 떠노 and took taehyung’s hands ;-;

🐰 jungkook:
• jungkook is like 30% satoori and 70% seoul dialect to me, so it sounds new when he speaks entirely in seoul dialect (jin’s puma cf)
• raises voice at certain random words like 인형 (‘the show’ interview), 악어(bon voyage ep 7), 인증샷 (chuseok v app), etc. they sound like 인~↗형~↗, 악~↗어~, 인~↗증~↗샷↗
• speaks formally
• says ‘mom!’ habitually
• tbh i don’t really pay attention to how jungkook speaks because most of the times i’m distracted by his bunny smile

Dangerous: Chapter One.

Request: Hi! Could you do a oneshot or multi chapter where reader is Tony’s daughter & Avenger who falls in love w/ Loki. They have a Joker/Harley type relationship (minus the abuse) & even tho she loves her dad & team, she becomes a villain for loki. Thanks!  

Summary: Stark is the name I was born into. Being Tony Stark’s kid meant a lot of things, namely everyone looking to you and protecting you. I’m not some princess needing to be protected. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. When Loki appears, I feel ready to worship a king.

Starts during the Avengers movie then I kinda write my own thing.

Triggers Throughout The Series: Angst. Drama. Violence. Smut. Romance.

Triggers In This Chapter: Loki being a shit.

Word Count: 1034

Enjoy ;D

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

I glanced over at my alarm clock, watching the second hand tick away. Pepper had gone off to some meeting after dad had left for whatever it was Mr. Coulson–No. Agent Coulson–had dropped by. Something called the “Avengers Initiative” that was supposed to be top secret. My eyes slowly dragged to my ceiling, showing a display of constellations.

With a sigh, I got up. Twenty-years-old and living with my dad. Lame. Of course, being Tony Stark’s daughter, it was easier to live in the tower, considering his Iron Man Mantle. Honestly, it just sounded like one more thing for the world to praise my dad for. Me? I’m still trying to figure out why the hell I’m in school. I’m not like Tony Stark. In fact, hardly anyone even knows my name. I’m just “Tony Stark’s daughter” and “Miss Stark” to the rest of the world.

There was a loud bang on the rooftop, making me flinch. I ducked over the side of my bed, reaching under to grab my baseball bat from it. It wasn’t much for defense, mostly a comfort. I looked around as the alarms went off, quickly silenced until the power went out. I took a deep breath, gulping anxiously as the back-up lights kicked on.

I ran the plan that dad had given me. Get to the lab. Get to the lab and turn on the…the…what the hell was I supposed to turn on?!

I sighed, closing my eyes and collecting myself. I needed to calm down. I needed to focus. Panicking would get me killed.

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  • Physic: reads my mind"
  • My brain: 
Dear Evan Hansen
We've been way too out of touch
Things have been crazy and it sucks that we don't talk that much
But I should tell you that I think of you each night
I rub my nipples and start moaning with delightWhy would you write thatI'm just trying to tell the truth You know what?
If you aren't going to take this seriously... Okay you need to calm yourself! This has to be perfect, okay? The emails have to prove that we were actually friends
They've got to be completely realistic There is nothing unrealistic about the love that one man feels for another Let's go back In fact, it's something quite beautiful Let's go back, Jared! I've gotta tell you life without you has been hard. Hard?Has been bad bad?
Has been rough Lame!
And I miss talking about life and other stuff
Very specific
Shut up 1like my parents
Who says that? I love my parents
But each day's another fight
If I stop smoking drugs then everything might be alright smoking drugs just fix it!
This isn't realistic at all!
It doesn't even sound like Connor!
Well I want to show that I was a good friend
Y'know? That I was trying to help him Oh my God if I stop smoking crack Crack?!
If I stop smoking pot then everything might be alright
I'll take your advice
I'll try to be more nice
I'll turn it around
Wait and see It’s all that it takes
Is a little reinvention
It’s easy to change if you give it your attention
All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be
Sincerely, me Are we done yet?
Well I mean I can't just show them one email
Okay, please stop hyperventilating
I'm not hyperventilating
You're having considerable trouble breathing
I'm having no trouble breathing
Do you need a paper bag to breath into?
I'm not hyperventilating!
Dear Connor Murphy
Yes I've also missed our talks
Stop doing drugs
Just try to take deep breaths and go on walksNo
I'm sending pictures of the most amazing treesNo!
You'll be obsessed with all my forest expertise
Absolutely not
Dude, I'm proud of you
Just keep pushing through
You're turning around
  • I can see Just wait and see
It’s all that it takes
Is a little reinvention
It’s easy to change if you give it your attention
All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be
Sincerely, me My sister's hot
What the hell? My bad Dear Evan Hansen Thanks for every note you send Dear Connor Murphy I'm just glad to be your friend Our friendship goes beyond Your average kind of bond But not because we're gay No, not because we're gay We're close, but not that way The only man that I love is my dad
  • Physic: wtf

Maybe You and Harry Break Up (Part 2) 

Read part 1 here!

Now maybe it’s a month or so later of not seeing him and you’ve slowly stopped crying everyday and have only broken down once in public from seeing his album cover on a tube advert. You’d like to say that’s good progress, considering how you’re still very much in love with him. But it continues to be very, very painful. Harry’s hard to avoid, with his songs on the radio and his movie trailer on the telly and the memory of his touch on your skin and the ghost of his kiss on your lips.

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Skam week. Part 14

Idea explained here.

You can find all the parts here.

Wednesday 1:01pm

They were all still in the same position they had been the whole morning. After having breakfast they had spent some time talking, laughing at the most random things. When Sana and Isak had started talking about biology Even decided that it was time to stop the talking and do something else or the rest of the guys would fall asleep. After receiving a death glare from both Isak and Sana who acted offended at the fact that they would consider biology boring, Even convinced them that it would be way more funny to watch some things he had been filming for a few months now. Well, actually Sana didn’t need much convincing, as soon as Even mentioned that some of the videos included Isak dancing to lame pop songs, she was in. Isak on the other hand didn’t like the idea of everyone watching those videos, especially since he didn’t even know half of them existed. But a “baby, believe me, you look really hot in every video, I’m sure you’ll love it” from Even was enough to make him stop complaining.

The truth was that the videos were actually really good. And they weren’t only about Isak but about all of them. Everyone was in there, even Sana. Even had filmed them at school, at parties, chilling at home.

There was one video, from a party that took place a month ago, in it you could see Sana, sitting in a couch alone while the rest of her friends were drinking and dancing. That’s how it always was, whenever they were at a party her friends would forget about her and enjoy themselves without her. Not that she was blaming them, probably she could’ve tried harder to fit in, but the truth was that she hoped they would accept her just the way she was. The camera focused on Sana for a moment and then went black before another video started, one with Isak trying to cook at his and Even’s apartment.

She could feel Even’s eyes on her, he was clearly checking out if she was okay after watching that video with her at the party. And now that she thought about it, she could remember that day specifically. She had been sitting in the couch of whoever’s apartment that was, alone, and she had felt a pair of eyes on her, just like Even’s now. Moments later Even had sat with her in the couch and had spent the rest of the night talking to her. Isak had also joined them half an hour later. She hadn’t thought much of it in that moment, but now, watching the video it was clear. Even had realized that she was alone and had made her company for the rest of the night.

She turned to look at Even who was still looking at her and smiled as a way to say thank you. He nodded and focused again in the TV. There weren’t more words needed.

“Guys, we should get going if we want to see the parade” Magnus said standing up.

“Do we have to go?” Jonas asked

“Yes! And good news, Vilde and the girls are coming to” Magnus said

“DO WE HAVE TO GO?” Jonas repeated rolling his eyes.

“Hey!” Magnus said offended

“Um…I don’t think I’m going, but you guys can go” Sana said standing up and picking up her things to leave

“Actually, Isak and me aren’t going so you can stay with us Sana while the rest of the guys go,  if you want” Even said

“We’re not going?” Isak asked confused, that was a new plan

Sana could see Even saying something to Isak with his eyes, something only Isak could understand.

“Yup, guys, Even, Sana and me are staying but you can go” Isak said

“Can’t Magnus go and Jonas and I stay too?” Mahdi asked

“Nope, we can’t. Come on Mahdi, Mags, let’s go” Jonas, who had paid attention to their friends expression said.

“I thought you didn’t want to come” Mahdi complained

“Changed my mind, come on” Jonas said pushing both Magnus and Mahdi out of the door.

“You didn’t have to do that” Sana told Isak and Even once the rest of the guys had left.

“What do you mean? We don’t really like parades. We rather stay here with you” Even said

“Come on, Even. I would believe that of Isak, but you? I know you’re dying to film the parade, or well, film Isak watching the parade” Sana said

“She has a point” Isak said laughing

“It doesn’t matter. You’re our friend and you seem like you can use a friend right now” Even said.

Sana bit her lip and nodded compulsively trying to hold back the tears.

“Oh, come here” Isak said standing up from the floor and guiding Sana back on the couch. Then he sat down too, between Even and her.

“What’s going on?” Even asked “You can tell us”

“I’m so sorry…”Sana whispered “about what happened on Friday. I’m so so so sorry”

“Sana! It wasn’t your fault” Even said

Yes it was because…” she stopped mid-sentence and looked at Even, then at Isak and then back at Even. She wasn’t sure how much she could say in front of Isak.

“It’s okay, Isak knows what happened at Bakka. Everything.” Even said nodding

“He does?”

“Well, it’s not like I could hide it any longer after he almost had his nose broken”

“I’m so sorry” Sana said again

“Oh, come on Sana, it was a joke. He’s alright”

“Yeah, I’m a tough guy” Isak added

“A tough guy that cried like a baby while the nurse cured him, but yeah, a tough guy” Even teased making Sana laugh.

“Thank you for being so nice but it really was my fault” Sana said


No, Even, it really was my fault. I invited them. I knew you were going to be there and I invited them. I had my own personal reasons but I also hoped that if you saw each other you would work things out. It wasn’t my decision to make and I’m sorry”

“Sana…you didn’t force us to fight. Yeah, you invited them, but the fight wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anybody’s fault and everybody’s fault at the same time. It was just a series of misunderstanding and you had nothing to do with that. Believe me” Even affirmed.

It’s not just that, is it?” Isak asked “Something else is going on with you”

Sana looked at them considering whether she should tell them everything that had happened on Friday or not. The truth was that she hadn’t told anyone yet, not everything. Yes, she had told Elias some things but not the whole truth and she felt like she really needed to tell someone. Maybe Isak and Even were the ones.

“You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to but we’re here if you do want” Even said

“I think it’d be nice to tell someone…” Sana said

“Then we’re here. It has something to do with the girls, right? That’s why you’re not with them”

Yeah…I guess you may have noticed that we’re not as closed as we were”

“Kind of” Isak admitted.

“Well, um…we needed money to pay the bus so I convinced Sara and her friends to pay for it while I was still the boss. But then she started to leave me out of things, like groups and parties and things like that. And at first I thought I was being paranoid but then after the fight I was in the bathroom and I heard some pepsimax girls talking about Sara wanting to throw me out off the bus”

“What?” Isak asked

“Wow baby, your ex-girlfriend likes to play dirty” Even said

“Can we focus?” Isak said rolling his eyes “Sana, continue”

“Yeah…I wasn’t really surprised about her wanting me out of the bus to be honest but what really hurt is the thought of the girls knowing and not telling me, like I don’t know maybe they don’t know about Sara’s plans but they’ve been so closed lately…and also the girls said something about Vilde saying mean stuff about me and my brother behind my back. And I just…I felt so alone” as hard as she was trying not to cry, some tears started to fall down her face “Like I know I have Elias and I have you guys, but I just feel alone ‘cause I also thought I had him and then I saw him kissing her and realized that it was all in my head and I just, I can’t face any of them even if it’s not their fault that I had been imagining things but still it hurts every time I see them and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it and I just…”

“Sana, relax, breathe, just breathe” Even said worried. “That’s it, inhale, exhale…just like that”

Sana followed Even’s instructions and tried to calm down.

“Okay, now go back ‘cause I think I’m lost here. Who’s he? Who’s she? Who was kissing who?”

“Yousef…”she sighed “He is Yousef”


“You don’t know him, Isak” Sana said

“Acar? Yousef Acar?” Even asked

Sana nodded.

“Was he on the fight?”

“He was the one that tried to stop it, actually” Even told his boyfriend

“He did?” Sana asked surprised

“Yeah, he did. But no one would listen to him” Even said, then he added “So, what happened between you two?”

“Well…we were getting closer, or at least that’s what I thought. We would text and talk and play basketball and he would look at me like…I don’t know…”

“Oh, I know. Yousef has been giving you hearteyes  since I’ve known him” Even affirmed

“Well, apparently it doesn’t mean anything ‘cause I saw him on Friday…kissing Noora”

“Noora?” Isak asked confused “Isn’t Noora still with William?”

“She isn’t…she actually found out on Friday that William has a new girlfriend…and that I knew that. And she’s been showing signs of being interested in Yousef. So I guess that on Friday, she finally confirmed it. When I got out of the bathroom they were kissing”

“Are you sure? That doesn’t sound like Yousef”

“Yes, Even, I think I know a kiss when I see it”

“Have you talked to them?” Isak asked “Have you asked them to explain it to you?”

“No. Of course not, because if I ask them they’ll know that I have feelings for him”

“Yeah but…maybe there’s a reason why that kiss happened, one that you don’t know about”

“What reason could there be, Isak? Other than them liking each other” Sana rolled her eyes

“Okay, story time.” Even said “After I kissed this boy for the first time, in a pool all Romeo and Juliet kind of thing, I told him I was going to break up with Sonja. But then I freaked out and well…”

“I saw him kissing Sonja at a party” Isak finished “And it broke me, I felt stupid and like I didn’t mean anything to him”

“Baby…”Even whispered holding Isak’s hand

“But look at us now. We talked things out and now we’re better than ever” Isak brought Even’s hand to his lips and kissed it gently

“You’re so disgustingly cute” Sana said wiping away the tears from her face

“The thing is that I think you should tell them how you feel and give them the chance to explain themselves. You won’t lose anything trying.”

“I don’t know what I fear the most…they telling me that the kiss meant something…or him telling me that he did have feelings for me…I won’t ever be what he needs” Sana whispered

“I think that’s something he has to decide…and if you want my opinion, I think he’d be a full if he didn’t want you” Even said “Am I right?”

“I already said it, I’d ditch myself for you Sana”

“Thank you guys” Sana smiled

“Also, the advice works for the girls too. I think you should talk to them, tell them how you feel and what you heard and see if they support you” Isak said “And if they don’t then it’s their loss. In our squad there will always be a free spot for you”


“Evak is always here for you” Even added smiling

“You call yourselves Evak?” Sana asked raising an eyebrow

“He does, I don’t. It was Magnus idea. I’ve tried to make him stop using it but he won’t listen to me” Isak said rolling his eyes

“Oh come on baby, you know you love it” Even said kissing Isak’s cheek

“Okay, I get the boys now. I think I’m going to leave you two” Sana said standing up

“Sanasol! Don’t go, we will behave” Isak begged

“It’s okay, I have to go anyway. I have a lot of things to think about”

“Fine, but remember that we’re always here if you want to come back” Even said standing up and walking her to the door, followed by Isak

“Oh, I almost forgot” Sana said “Elias asked me to tell you, both of you, that he’s sorry about the fight”

“You can tell him that it’s okay. We’re cool”

“I really think he misses you”

“Yeah, I miss them too…Maybe one day we will work things out”

“I really hope so. Thank you again guys, for everything”

Isak and Even nodded and she turned around and left. She felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She still had a lot to think about, she wasn’t sure if she was going to take Isak and Even’s advice, but she felt relieved after being able to tell someone the truth.


4th update of the day

I haven’t written exactly what happened at Bakka or at the fight because since we don’t really know I don’t want to make assumptions

But Harry is far too selfish to let her go. To tell her that she deserves a better friend – a better use of her time than dealing with him – but he just – he couldn’t. Harry needs Y/N in a way that he can’t describe, and it’s weird – it’s really weird.

He just really likes Y/N – he thinks.


Harry’s really lonely and Y/N is always there

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Living on the Lost Light
  • Drift loves to watch you dance, he thinks you’re really mesmerising. since he’s super sneaky, he managed to remain hidden from you. He knows it’s your secret hobby and he doesn’t want you to know he found out, but you do know he’s there, so you make sure to wiggle your hips a little bit more 
  • Rung absolutely adores you! Especially since you remember his name, and come visit him in his office every day. He thinks you’re super precious and is definitely willing to defend you even if he’s not really capable
  • You are the only person (bot or otherwise) that Swerve has let sit on the bar counter. He seriously enjoys your company and the fact you don’t tell him to shut up when he starts rambling
  • Tailgate is a big hugger. Sometimes he’ll come to your hab suite just so he can give you a cuddle or two, especially if he notices that you’re down
  • Ultra Magnus likes that you listen to him. even if he’s ranting on about something boring or lame, you still listen and offer him advice. He really likes that about you
Try Me (M)

Requested by:Anonymous
Warning: Smut

You used a single finger to tilt Jimin’s head up, your lower lip held between your teeth as you concentrated on getting his eyeliner applied just right. Dark eyes focused on your face, his gaze unwavering, despite you having the tip of a pencil less than a millimeter away from his eyeball.

“You know,” He said, the hand that was resting on his cheek was jerked when his jaw moved.

“Stop talking.” You almost hissed, grateful that you hadn’t drawn a thick, black line all the way to his temple.

“You look good from all angles.” He finished anyway, his cheekbones rising as he smiled.

“Thank you, Jimin,” You sighed, “Stop talking.”

“I bet Jungkook gets to see you from this angle a lot, huh? Or vice versa.” His innocent smile made a quick transition into a smug smirk.

Suga snorted loudly in the chair next to Jimin, his eyes not lifting from his phone. You rolled your eyes, now using your thumb and first two fingers to grip Jimin’s chin, attempting to keep him more still.

“I’m just saying, he’s a lucky guy.” Jimin added when you said nothing.

“I’m going to poke you in the eye in five seconds, if you don’t knock it off.” You ground out, pressing your lips into a thin line as you focused on smudging out the dark, kohl line.

There was a beat of silence.

“I’d be more than happy to let you knock me off.”

For crying out loud.

You couldn’t help the small giggle that rose from your throat and spilled past your lips. You weren’t even laughing at the line, just at Jimin’s sheer childishness. That, or the fact that Taehyung and Hoseok were losing it in the background.

“Hey, be careful, Jimin.” Suga muttered, his laugh still obvious in his voice, “You don’t want Jungkook hearing you talk like that.”

You breathed out a long sigh, pausing the application of Jimin’s face powder to give Suga a stern look, that silently said, ‘Shut up.’. He shrugged a shoulder, raising a defensive hand before focusing his full attention on whatever app he was playing around with on his phone.

“Where is Jungkook anyway?” Namjoon asked from the couch at the back of the room, one arm slung over his eyes.

You opened your mouth to respond, about to give a very vague answer about him grabbing some food–leaving out the fact that the food was for you, lest you be scolded by Jin for “making” Jungkook go out in the cold. Your beginning of an explanation was drowned out by the door of the dressing room opening, flooding the quiet room with the buzzing white noise of anticipating fans.

“Speak of the devil.” Namjoon snickered, peeking quickly from under his arm.

Jungkook glared at him teasingly, brushing past the couch Namjoon was lying on and not-so-accidentally hitting him with the plastic bag he was carrying. You straightened up when Jungkook was within arms reach of you, propping yourself up on your toes to place a quick kiss to his lips. The act earned you a series of groans and grotesque sound effects from around the room.

“Get out of my chair, princess.” Jungkook tossed over his shoulder to Jimin, his body still turned towards you.

You were just waiting for someone–Jimin, most likely–to say something that would rile Jungkook up.
You were waiting for him to spew another one of his lame attempts at a pick up line. It was just their friendly rivalry, and you knew that. It was only an innocent back and forth between really good friends. Jimin just didn’t know the consequences of his actions, sometimes.

Especially when those consequences weren’t his.

Jimin was courteous enough to let Jungkook take his seat without a word. You were grateful, but you really pegged it to the fact that he didn’t want to risk being nagged for holding Jungkook back from getting ready when they only had fifteen minutes left before their performance.

When you brushed Jungkook’s bangs to the side, clipping them to hold them in place, he took the chance to place a kiss against the inside of your wrist. You smiled down at him, not returning the affection because you knew you had to get to work. It was always like this when you were applying Jungkook’s makeup, flitting touches that left goosebumps on your skin, and when your face was close enough to his, it was loving whispers.

Sometimes it was promises that left your cheeks flushed and your face warmer than what was comfortable.

You swiped your thumb carefully along his lower eyelid, cleaning up a bit of overly smudged eyeliner because Jungkook thought that when you were doing his eye makeup would be the opportune moment to run his hands up your sides. He knew that you were ticklish. The rest of the boys were already standing around the door, shifting from foot to foot as the adrenaline of their upcoming performance began to take hold. You picked up Jungkook’s earpiece that was dangling from the collar of his shirt, and placed it into his ear. You leaned forward to kiss his temple as you always did, but Jungkook quickly turned his head and caught your lips in a quick kiss.

“Enough of your hormones.” Seokjin wrinkled his nose, pointedly averting his gaze from the two of you.

“You never do that when you put my earpiece in.” Jimin sniffed dramatically.

There it was.

Jungkook tipped his head away from yours, one eyebrow slowly lifting as he looked back at Jimin. Jimin chuckled in response, wordlessly letting your boyfriend know that no harm was meant. You watched Jungkook’s face with the same cautionary awareness of someone within striking distance of a cobra. The tip of his tongue pressed against the side of his mouth, bulging out his cheek for a second, before his mouth curved up in a smile. That was bad.

Then he chuckled along with Jimin. That was worse.

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Sherlock was staring at him as though he was an idiot, and John wanted to scream.

It was too much. It was all too much. John could feel the tight ball in his chest tensing even more, to the point of it being painful. With each word he said, he could feel himself inching closer and closer to an explosion.

“She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive.” He was shaking. When did he start shaking? “Do you have the first idea how lucky you are?”

He wasn’t even upset to learn that Sherlock had deceived him into thinking Irene – the Woman – was dead. At this point, it was just another disappointment, another tiny, piercing lie to add to the pile of other piercing lies that had accumulated over the years. Lies told by Sherlock, by Mary. By John himself.

But he was upset that Sherlock was wasting the very opportunity John so desperately wanted. Although upset didn’t seem like the right word. Angry. Angry was good.

Furious was better.

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I'll Make You Believe

Tyler Joseph Imagine

Part 2

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader (as best friends and maybe a little more)

Request: The reader is suicidal and wants to commit, but doesn’t want to hurt those that care

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, depression, panic attack, suggestive material, fluff

Word Count: 1,682


You woke up in your bed, bundled up in blankets. A couple rays of light shone through your curtains. You closed your eyes again and shifted, turning your head so your nose was pressed against your pillow. As you inhaled, a familiar sent washed over you and filled you with confusion. The pillow smelled like Tyler.

You opened your eyes and bolted upright, looking around the room. This was not your bed, not your curtains, not your pillow. Panic flooded you as you tried to recall what happened the night before. You sensed movement and saw the outline of someone kneeling on the ground, at the edge of the bed.

Silence washed over you and the person, until they finally spoke.

“Hey,” it was Tyler. This was his room.

You continued staring at his outline until he stood up and opened one of his curtains slightly. Soft rays of sunshine illuminated the room.

“Hey, Ty, why am I here? Did um- something happen?” your voice croaked as you asked nervously.

Tyler had a dumbfounded expression on his face until he realized what you were implying. His eyes widened and he started to blush.

Oh! No, uh, nothing like that happened,” Tyler waited for you to respond. 

You nodded, waiting for him to continue.

”I was carrying you home but I don’t think anyone was home when I knocked. I decided not to wake you up and ask for your key because… well, you looked so peaceful sleeping and stuff. Um- I decided to bring you to my house instead of waiting for someone to come home to let you in. My parents were cool with it,” Tyler said while moving to sit on the edge of his bed.

”Thanks, Tyler. I really appreciate that,” you said to him with a small smile.

Tyler returned your smile and nodded. He understood how things were with you. You were an only child and lived with your dad; your mom passed away from a car accident when you were twelve. Ever since, you and your dad were somewhat distant most of the time. He never abused you or anything of the sort, but ever since the tragedy you both stayed out of each other’s way.

Your dad’s work was hectic and required him to do go on a lot of work related road trips and traveling. It wasn’t unusual of him to not tell you. He would usually leave a note to you somewhere around the house before he left.

Tyler stood up and stretched before talking to you again.

”So, I’m gonna go downstairs now to eat or something. You can come down when you’re ready I guess,” Tyler walked towards his bedroom door and stepped out.

You were about to get out of Tyler’s bed, when you saw his head pop back in the room.

”Okay, good. You’re getting up. Don’t want my pillow to smell like you, smelly,” Tyler giggled at himself then turned around to walk back downstairs. You saw him blushing slightly once again.

Lame joke, probably to hide the fact that he doesn’t want you there. The voice in you head echoed once more.

You shook it off while sliding off of the bed and fixing the covers. You grabbed your backpack that Tyler placed next to his bed and checked your phone quickly. The time read 10:53 am. Guilt washed over you, realizing how long you had been at the Josephs’ house. You placed your phone back in your backpack before heading downstairs.

As soon as you started down the first few steps, you could already smell the food set out for breakfast. As you stepped down the last stair, you were greeted by Mrs. Joseph.

“Oh, good morning (Y/N)! Tyler explained to me what happened yesterday. Feel free to stay as long you’d like. For now come and have something to eat, hun,” Tyler’s mom said to you.

You peered over her towards the table. Tyler was sitting at it and looked up at you. His red notebook was lying in his hands.

Ooh look, he’s writing nasty things about you

“Thanks Mrs. Joseph but I think I’ll pass. I’m not really hungry and I’ve got some um- I’m busy today,” you replied unsurely. Unfortunately, after saying that your stomach growled. You blushed, guilt washing over you again. Mrs. Joseph said nothing but smiled back in return.

You turned around and headed towards the Josephs’ front door. Tyler’s younger brother Zack passed you and stopped for a moment. You stopped and saw him look from Tyler and you with a slight smirk on his face. From the corner of your eye, you could see Tyler’s face flushed pink as Zack walked towards him.

You pulled open the front door, wanting to get as far away from Tyler as you could possibly get.

I bet he’s taking advantage of you. Talking about how you slept in the same room, right? Disgusting…

“Nothing happened and you know it,” you mumbled to yourself while walking faster.

You don’t know that. He could’ve done stuff and maybe you don’t know because you were drugged.

“Stop, Tyler isn’t like that. He’s my best friend. He’s too precious to do anything of the sort to anyone.”

Is he? Then explain why is the boy such a mystery to you most of the time. Why does it take him longer to open up to you?

Tears flooded your eyes. You hated the voice that made you question everything. You hated being uncertain all the time. You hated that you even listened to the voice. The voice was your own and you could never help but listen.

You stood on the sidewalk once again, watching the clouds roll by. You fanned your face in an attempt to stop the tears from spilling.

Your “friend” isn’t here to save you. But I bet you like that don’t you? Don’t want him to save you because he sees how gross you are, crying all the time. You’ve got no chance with him.

As if on cue, you heard quick footsteps coming closer. It hadn’t even been three seconds and you knew who was already.

“Hey, (Y/N) I wanted to walk you home-” Tyler began.

You bolted forward, running as fast as you could in the direction of your house. You didn’t want Tyler to see you crying again within 24 hours. You didn’t want him taking you to his house and make you the invader of his personal space. You didn’t want to hear his soft voice or see his lovely face for some twisted up reason even you didn’t understand.

But you did. You wanted to hear his voice, you wanted to be in his warm embrace, you wanted him to tell you everything was going to okay. Instead you kept running. Away from Tyler and all your issues.

The footsteps behind you died and you glanced over your shoulder. Tyler stopped, looking at you with a confused and concerned expression. He slowly turned around and walked back towards his home.

Point proven, you’re on your own.

You arrived at your house. You ran past it. Tyler couldn’t see where you were going, it was fine.


Tyler’s Point of View

She ran and I didn’t understand why. All I did was greet her and offer to walk her home before she sprinted without even lying an eye on me. Did she really hate me that much? I screw up everything honestly, what’s up with me.

I walked back home slowly, hands resting in the pockets of my mustard hoodie. Something made me feel like I should’ve gone after (Y/N). Maybe it was good I didn’t follow her, she might’ve wanted space after seeing my face around so much. I only wanted the best for her.

I felt heat creeping up my face at the thought of last night when I carried (Y/N) to my house. Did she hear what I said while she was falling asleep? I rubbed my arm, wondering if she felt the same about me because what I said was true. I think I did love her.

I arrived at home and immediately went straight to my room. I fished my phone out of my hoodie pocket, eager to text my friend Josh about the issue I was having with (Y/N)

Tyler: josh i need help with something.

Josh: what’s up?

Tyler: (Y/N) was walking home from my house cause remember she stayed the night. i was gonna walk her home and she ran away from me.

Josh: why didn’t you follow her you idiotic rat…


Tyler: was i supposed to? i figured she wanted to be alone.

Tyler: i mean maybe i could’ve been interfering too much or stuff

Tyler: i think i’ve been around her too much lately

Tyler: josh?

I waited a couple minutes for Josh to reply back, but he didn’t. I started to get even more nervous until finally he read my messages and started to reply back.


Anxiety bubbled inside me as I exited out of messages and tapped on Twitter. My blank blue reflection starred back at me while it was loading. I scrolled through my profile and went to (Y/N)’s profile. Her most recent tweet was posted eight minutes ago. I didn’t understand what Josh was inferring, it was confusing.

I looked at the tweet and tried to read what it said.

“*m *or*y ty**r,

*a*t do th** any***e.

m*ss*d up. **v*d **u”

I copied the tweet and went back to messages so I could ask Josh what it meant. I was welcomed by a text from him.

Josh: tyler fill in the blanks

I pasted the tweet in the message box and re-read it. That’s when it clicked and I felt as if the world had crashed around me.

“im sorry tyler,

cant do this anymore.

messed up, loved you”

Josh: ty?

I threw open my bedroom door and ran.


To be continued…


Ahahaha a cliffhanger, you’re welcome (wow a lot of blushing happened in this part). Anyways, don’t know when I’ll write part three to this. Like I said before, I’m probably going to write a Josh imagine before the conclusion of this (please don’t hurt me I’m sorry)!


Get to know you

Hey! Do you know the locked up  scenario you did? The yoongi one was so HAJTNDORNTNAOEOBQLRMTKSOS, could you do a follow up from where you finished? like maybe after they talk a bit in the lock down and such he starts to show her he (and has always been) aware of her? Please? Thank you!

Thank you for requesting, I’m sorry this took so  long

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners]

Lame without me?

“I’m sorry, what?” You were taken aback a bit honestly. Maybe he didn’t mean anything by it. “Nothing, nevermind, let’s talk about something?” Ok I said maybe. “Y-yeah ok,” this is good, well besides the fact you were sitting right in front of him, but yeah, I’m great… You realized that you must have been staring because yoongi was staring back at you weirdly. You panicked a bit and started to form actual words in your head and after just blurted out asking if he was ok. “I’ve been better,” “oh,” Your hands fumbled together as you nervously bit at the inside of your cheek. You wanted to say something, anything, but you couldn’t bring yourself to.

Say something already!

“Y/n?” yoongi looked at you, “I asked you something.” You blushed and kinds freaked out in your head again. I was too busy thinking about what to freaking say that you didn’t even here him. “S-sorry, what was the question?” you asked sheepishly. You were sure by now he thought you were weird with the very little amount of awkwardness you gave off but he shook his head with a small smile and chuckled. “I asked if you were ok, you seem distracted.” You were distracted, distracted by him. “Sorry about that,” “Don’t be, was just making sure.” I nodded. “It’s just that being locked up in here is making me kinda uneasy,” you shifted around in the spot you sat in and pulled at the ends of your sleeves.

“Well it isn’t so bad,” he slouches over to rest his head on his hand and looks at you. “I mean, yeah but my house is actually more ideal,”

“Mind if I come over?”

Your head practically snapped up when you looked at him with wide eyes and began to stutter causing him to laugh. “I’m kidding, but you’re right I would much rather be home and in bed.”

“Yeah and you’d think they would check the school before locking up.”
“So much for student safety.”

That awkward atmosphere from before was quickly faded as you two chatted. It was nice to getting to actually talk to him instead of staring from the distance or shying away whenever you were any where near him. Now you were actually getting to know him.

“So, any friends?” you shrugged, “Meh, more like acquaintances, I’m pretty shy,” “Shy? so is that why you act like that in class?” he smirks at you. “What do you mean?”

“You know when you keep looking around the class, keeping your face buried in a book or something, when you mess with your hair,” he leans over and tugs lightly at a strand of your hair. “The way you stutter when you talk when the teacher calls your name.”

You could feel your cheeks blush and your eyes darted away from his. Again you started messing with the ends of your sleeves.

Crap he noticed, you couldn’t help but think that he saw you as odd for your shy behavior in class. What if he did? What was he going to say?

“It’s weird I know, I’m sorry I can’t really hel-” “It’s cute.”

You froze.

Did I hear that right?

Your confused expression towards yoongi slowly made him feel mortified for choice of words and quickly tried to take it back. “Um forget I said anything-” “No,” you almost shouted and clasped your hands over your mouth.

“I-I mean, it’s ok.” You smiled kindly at him and his shoulders fell with relief. You didn’t notice how tense he had become. “I mean I really do think you’re cute, I’ve thought for a while now actually.” Your brows furrowed, a while? “How long is a-a while?” You were genuinely curious. You literally just learned that your crush thins you’re cute, of course you wanted to know why, or even how. A small and embarrassed groan left yoongi’s throat as his hands rubbed down his face. “Like after the fourth week of school long,” voice faltered as he spoke.

“You don’t mean that,”

“I do actually.” His gaze was no longer really on you but down at his hands only glancing every so often. “It’s weird to tell you this because we never really talked and we only have one class together, so…” For a moment, while he talked you really just wanted to lean over and grab him by the shirt and just kiss him right then and there but you didn’t really want to scare him off. Calling you cute doesn’t mean he necessarily likes you, right? “and when I found out Ms. Kim moved you next to me I thought that I’d have a chance to actually talk to you, get to know you a bit. But you skipped class today,” he said.

Lets just say that you were pretty much at a loss for words at the moment. Your crush, Min freaking yoongi, is actually calling you cute. He wanted to talk to me?

“But why?”

“You seem interesting, and you’re pretty much one of the only girls who don’t throw themselves at me,” “Ok well I’m sure that those only other ones are by far more interesting than me,” you said with a quiet chuckle. “Not true, and plus I like yo-” Yoongi catches himself before he could say any more and his cheeks begin to flush with a light pink. Thank god it was just dark enough to hide that. “You didn’t hear that,’ you laughed at his sudden shy demeanor. “Hey don’t laugh,” he pouted. “Who’s the cute one now,” you said through fits of laughter.

He was ready to protest but couldn’t quite come up with the right words.
You calmed yourself and took in a deep breath before looking at yoongi in eye. “If it helps, I like you to, but you’re the reason I actually ditched.”

“You like me that much?” his brow raised. “I honestly thought that I’d pass out sitting next to you,” you chuckled

“I guess I’m just that amazing,”

“Oh shut up.”

“It’s true.”

You rolled your eyes playfully at him with a scoff and once again the cafeteria echoed with your laughter.

“So yoongi,” “so y/n,” you smiled shyly and looked at your hands that seemed to have held each other tightly out of nervousness. “Do you maybe, possibly want to hang out this weekend, if you’re free.” You sounded so unsure when you asked. Possibly because you were scared. But of what? You recently just discovered he liked you back so what could go wrong?

The look on yoongi’s face had  you worried. He looked baffled at the fact that you had just asked him out. It was actually starting to make you regret  that you did now. “Nevermind, forget I asked.” You wanted to excuse yourself to save yourself from any embarrassment but he spoke out before you could actually do anything.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you out?”


“Well I’m not saying no, it’s just I thought I’d be asking you that question.”

“So it’s a date?”

“It’s a date.”

“So where are you taking me?” Your brows raised in surprise and mostly confusion. “what are you talking about?” “You asked me out you make the plans,” you instantly became a stuttering mess when you tried to speak about it spitting out random ideas but you figured that he probably couldn’t even comprehend what you were saying to you gave up and groaned, hiding your face in your arms.

Yoongi covers his mouth trying to stifle the laugh he held and managed to call you cute. “I was kidding y/n,” his hand reaches out and pets at your hair making you hide your face deeper in your arms.

“C,mon look at me.” You slowly pickup your head and sat up shyly glancing at him trying so hard to hide you quivering smile. “No glancing, you already do that enough in class.” He rises from his spot from the lunch table and sits next to you. “look at me,” he said in a funny tone. You grinned and obliged to his words and faced him. You almost shied way being this close to him.

“Sitting this close I get to see how pretty you’re eyes are,” he said it so sweetly but you couldn’t help but cringe still grinning ear to ear. “Oh god, yoongi,” “what I’m being serious.”

“Don’t be so cheesy.”

“But it’s one of my many charms. I thought you would like it.”

“Who said I didn’t?” you smirked. “Then why did you react that way?”

“Because it’s funny, well cute, but funny.”

He suddenly became smug and wrapped his arm around you. “Good because there is a lot more where that came from so be prepared for this weekend.”
You let out a small giggle and let your head fall onto his shoulder. “Can’t wait.”

Hope you liked it☺

Much love~💖

  • I really need to sleep:
  • My brain: 
Dear Evan Hansen
We've been way too out of touch
Things have been crazy and it sucks that we don't talk that much
But I should tell you that I think of you each night
I rub my nipples and start moaning with delightWhy would you write thatI'm just trying to tell the truth You know what?
If you aren't going to take this seriously... Okay you need to calm yourself! This has to be perfect, okay? The emails have to prove that we were actually friends
They've got to be completely realistic There is nothing unrealistic about the love that one man feels for another Let's go back In fact, it's something quite beautiful Let's go back, Jared! I've gotta tell you life without you has been hard. Hard?Has been bad bad?
Has been rough Lame!
And I miss talking about life and other stuff
Very specific
Shut up 1like my parents
Who says that? I love my parents
But each day's another fight
If I stop smoking drugs then everything might be alright smoking drugs just fix it!
This isn't realistic at all!
It doesn't even sound like Connor!
Well I want to show that I was a good friend
Y'know? That I was trying to help him Oh my God if I stop smoking crack Crack?!
If I stop smoking pot then everything might be alright
I'll take your advice
I'll try to be more nice
I'll turn it around
Wait and see It’s all that it takes
Is a little reinvention
It’s easy to change if you give it your attention
All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be
Sincerely, me Are we done yet?
Well I mean I can't just show them one email
Okay, please stop hyperventilating
I'm not hyperventilating
You're having considerable trouble breathing
I'm having no trouble breathing
Do you need a paper bag to breath into?
I'm not hyperventilating!
Dear Connor Murphy
Yes I've also missed our talks
Stop doing drugs
Just try to take deep breaths and go on walksNo
I'm sending pictures of the most amazing treesNo!
You'll be obsessed with all my forest expertise
Absolutely not
Dude, I'm proud of you
Just keep pushing through
You're turning around
  • I can see Just wait and see
It’s all that it takes
Is a little reinvention
It’s easy to change if you give it your attention
All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be
Sincerely, me My sister's hot
What the hell? My bad Dear Evan Hansen Thanks for every note you send Dear Connor Murphy I'm just glad to be your friend Our friendship goes beyond Your average kind of bond But not because we're gay No, not because we're gay We're close, but not that way The only man that I love is my dad

robot-naps  asked:

How'd the 2ps react to their crush randomly telling them a cheesy pick up line?

2P!America: “…AhahahHAHAHA, I’ve never seen anything more innocent than a cute lil doll like you tryna hit on a guy like me.” ;DDDDD

2P!China: “Huh? Huh?” He blinked a few times. “…Whoa, wait, did you just… did you just try to flirt with me?” He broke into a grin before laughing and going on and on about how fuckin’ adorable he thinks you are.

2P!England: He’d probs giggle at the line bc cheesy a’f and then would like add to it with some kind of lame pun tbh

2P!France: “Uh… so are you trying to be funny?”

2P!Russia: He’d try to keep his poker face but would end up like snorting or something and then try to hide the fact that he even acknowledged you

2P!Italy: “Er… nice try?” Cue the confused look on his face bc he thought you were smooth or something, for some reason

2P!Germany: He’d totally laugh about it, like, “lol you’re sucha dork and i love it”

2P!Japan: This block of salt would probs roll his eyes and wonder why he likes you again

2P!Canada: Facepalms. “Stop,” he says, jokingly

2P!Romano: Laughs and hits you with an even cheesier line probably

2P!Austria: Would chuckle and add on to the line, most likely with some word play

2P!Prussia: Nervous laughter bc he’s not used to getting hit on or even the idea of jokingly being hit on

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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