Ela é diferente cara

“Ela é diferente de tudo o que você já viu. Não tente compará-la com as outras que já passaram na sua vida, ela não tá nem ai se a sua ex gostava de comer comida japonesa com você e ir ao cinema assistir aqueles filmes chatos que cê adora ou se você acha lindo o jeito de fulana ou ciclana. Ela não vai mudar por ninguém, a não ser que decida que tá na hora de se reinventar. E ela adora fazer isso. É uma verdadeira mulher de fases, muda com as estações, com o clima, com o vento. E vai te deixar perdidinho no meio de tantas que ela pode ser.”

There’s a platonic she//ith week blog going on and they intend to hold it some time after season 2 airs. It is NOT a hate or anti blog. Do NOT attempt to ~sneak in~ some shippy works because you’re bitter/salty. People who do not ship it romantically have as much right as you do to to celebrate their relationship however they see fit.

To reiterate, I’m not posting a link to the blog because I don’t want anyone trying to be a smartass and try to rain on their parade. I checked the blog around and (at least so far), they’re not spreading hate whatsoever. Let them do their thing, they’re not harming anyone and deserve to have that safe space for them.

If you happen upon the blog, please don’t spread it around to shippers (but please do share it with people you know don’t ship them romantically).

You do more than you think Stephanie, believe me.

You have touched the heart of a broken man. A man that for the longest time, lost all hope. Let me elaborate.

He came from a broken family and a life where struggle, was all too common. He tried so hard to make things right; to the extent of sacrificing his own happiness, for the happiness of others. Then, he reached his breaking point. His mind began to deteriorate. With every drop of sanity depleted, he… changed. He became cruel, pessimistic, doubtful and hopeless. He treated people differently, especially his little brother whom he grew cold towards. He was alone in this cold, dark world.

One day, he looked online and found something that would change his view of the world. He found a game that was revolutionary in it’s own right. He found, UNDERTALE. He watched a few videos and explored the community. After ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME, he fell in love with it. It gave him a reason to care. Then, he was surfing on youtube looking for DECENT comic dubs(which he adored). He found a small channel by the name of Starbot Dubs. The first thing of their’s he watched, was dubs for the comic Underline. At that point, he was hooked. At long last, he was… happy.

That man was me.

P.S. You guys are AWESOME! Especially you, Stephanie. With your beautiful voice and your silly sense of humor. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. Thank you SO MUCH for everything! (◕ヮ◕)

Star: WOW THIS IS ACTUALLY really touching I just 
I’m so glad my silly little channel has helped you along the way :A:

Anyways is it bad i felt more accepted in lgbt spaces when i was just a straight ally™ then now as an aro ace.

if people don’t want to be identified as queer thats cool

if people don’t want to be identified as LGBT+ thats cool

if people don’t want to be identified as allsexual thats a-okay

what isn’t cool is gatekeeping the LGBT+ community because some people ‘aren’t oppressed enough’

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Yo, Hackmanite as Martha's gem cause I noticed she didn't have one. It fucking glows and is slightly different shades with different sunlight exposure and holy shit it's pretty

this is real rushed but i have it anyways

btw guys! I havent’ rly been on much lately bc i’ve been working A LOT. I’m working full time hours now, like 40+ overtime every week because YA GIRL’S BECOMING A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN. It’s official!! I’m working back in the pharmacy a lot, learning all kinds of things and soon I’ll start my classes for it. I’m very excited! It’s kinda hectic and stressful bc of some business related reasons but I’m already learning a lot and I’m told I’m doing well!

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Is it just me, or did the topless pictures of Harry with the long hair and the collar remind you of LIARB Harry doing his Esquire photo shoot??

lol oh that had not occurred to me, but now that I think about it I agree it has a similar feel!! 

okay now it is entertaining me thinking about liarb!harry doing a shoot like the rest of it, after they are together.  Like, Louis would be previewing Harry choices for the part he curated and have like a mini-internal-love-meltdown when he sees Harry put The Swan on his mixtape.