The Light Won’t Find You


“Well, now.” His tone was as mocking as his smile, his eyes studying the woman standing before him as he began to slowly circle around her. It was rare indeed that anyone wandered into his vicinity quite so cluelessly. When he left his dark castle, most generally avoided him at all costs, where they could. Doors were hurriedly slammed, shutters drawn over windows, children rounded up to be locked away safe inside - all at the mere sound of hoofbeats in the distance. “You are certainly a lucky one, lass.”

His own words brought forth a chuckle from him, the sound more than a little menacing. “Or unlucky, if you listen to the foolish peasants in these parts.” His fingertips danced over the hilt of his sword, the gesture not exactly threatening, but an idle reminder that he was dangerous. “Though I suppose what matters more is how you see it.” He paused in his circling, standing at her back. “Well, lass? Do you consider yourself lucky, or unlucky?”

You are,  both,
Light   a n d   Dark, 

and that is,   o k a y.
We all are,

                              we have to be.

—  Balance, Alyssa Cèilidh 

The only thing in my mind is to rest.
So many chances to sleep forever,
But I can’t kiss the blue sea.
I can’t across the blue cold sea.

My heart weeps for my dreams
My warm chest pumps gasoline.
So many plastic thoughts.
I’m not the boy looking for coins.

Dreams are to be with and only with.
Where street lights shine like stars.
Where Spring never leaves my sight.
A golden chest that never breaks.

To sleep is to kiss the heavenly clouds.
To die is to melt with words of love.
Crows won’t show, but Doves will flow.
To fall asleep is to dream with the lights on.

          the collar is tight… too tight. he grunts, chained hands tugging against their shackles as he attempts to loosen the choker pushing his adams apple back and depriving him of air. there’s a wince – a sharp cry – at the feel of the cold steel rubbing against red, raw skin eyes normally sharp now frantic with fear as low hisses escape his scarred lips. no more. it hurts. it hurts… there’s a low whine, a whimper similar to animal seeing the blade before it’s slaughter as he struggles against the heavy restraints.

          a pause. what was that? ears flick, straining to hear outside the bars of his cramped and rusted cage. who was it? it wasn’t… it wasn’t the master was it? there’s a frightened yelp, a glint in his eyes – no! he won’t let himself break, he refuses to let himself bow and obey. the word leaves a sour taste on his tongue as he glares, clearly distressed with his current situation. he has to get out – has to make it back outside and find Sapphire and —-!

          someone approaches. he hunches over, knuckles dragging across the floor as he snarls under long, shaggy white and brown hair.

          he growls. a thinly veiled threat —- a warning.

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                                           Something was different.

        She couldn’t put her finger on why, but she knew she felt different physically… that deep down in her body, she felt oddly cold. It wasn’t the type of chill that came when the temperature drops during the winter, or when there’s a breeze outside, and it especially was not like when there’s an occasional chill in the castle from the windows being open or from a particularly cold night… 

       No… something inside her chest, where her heart rested blissfully, felt dead cold. There was usually a warmth there in her chest, the light from her heart filling her veins and body with its’ own inner warmth.

      But now it felt like with each breath she took, it felt like trying to force in overbearing winter air into her lungs. Besides that, however, Queen Minnie didn’t feel any different. She didn’t feel particularly upset or bitter… a little worried, sure, but she figured that whatever this was… it couldn’t possibly be anything harsh enough to affect her heart and her light.

                                                        At least that’s what she hoped.


              ❛               leia.  ❜

        this was not the deathless legacy darth vader had hoped to uphold, no, this was weakness.he’d been ( beaten ) by the light. by his own son. he’d been beaten, but he wasn’t destroyed. this wasn’t the nothingness he’d been expecting in death for he was still moderately here. at least, some sort of apparition of his former self was continuously drawn to one of his proudest creations, his daughter. 

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Micheal rolled his eyes, pulling a face. ‘ I know you’re not trying to guilt trip me ‘ it would’ve been kinda poetic for a demon to be guilt tripping an angel. Of course, the archangel would never fall for it but it was a nice effort on Crowleys part. Which was now assumed fake thanks to the smile that graced the others lips.

❝Are you mocking me?❞ He came here for a purpose, he didn’t have time to play these silly obnoxious games.

“Now you’re just being rude. I would NEVER mock you because I RESPECT you.”

        The lie left a sour flavor against his taste buds, tasted like tomatoes gone bad. What could he do, not like he can state that he was mocking the archangel. Surely Crowley would have had gone mad to ever mutter his death sentence with the other. Perhaps if they were on less serious matters, although, with Michael there was a high chance that will never occur. An unfortunate assumption to say the least.