In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
—  John 1:1-5 (NKJV)
A Lunar Affair

        “And the light shines in the darkness…"

You told me I love darkness;
It’s true.
You’ve always had your shadows
– I shielded my eyes
But still I knew.

Now I, surrounded by you,
Cannot see the light.
You are my cloak
– my darkest embrace.
I struggle not against your touch.
I want to be swallowed
– eaten alive.
I want every part of me
To be
In you.

I may be naive,
But still I believe
The darkness surrounding
Will tremble for me.

         “…and the darkness has not overcome it.”
                       John 1:5

i fill my emptiness with music
clean house
string a few beads
my muse has long been sleeping
it makes me feel sad
it makes me feel restless

i stretch my arms out wide
pretend to have wings

there is a mockingbird
who sings here every night
such a lovely way to measure time

i hear an invitation…

come, be in this darkness with me
there is beauty to be found
inside your loneliness

Azuki Lynn

« I do not regret it! If I had my choice again, I would only change how fast I ran…»

Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of The Wind.

Encanis page 181.

after i finish the commissions i’m working on now i’m gonna start my chandler palette challenge that i’ve been putting off forever and i’m wondering what palette i should choose

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SNOW  HAD  FALLEN   the night before.     the cold was perceptible through the thin walls of the drafty room above.     an attic.     all she could offer  yet infinitely better than where he’d been before  !     wryly did he remark upon the tattered remnants of dignity it took to force himself to leave his demesne beneath the opera halls.      to be reduced to the streets of Paris hidden amongst the multitudes.     now to suddenly have her so near  /  close and yet far —— it was bliss and it was destruction all at once.      he didn’t make a habit of remaining in her sight  ,  of course.      Christine had her guardian to attend to and her privacy that he willed to make up for his innumerable offenses and attempts for her   CONTROL   in their sordid past.     he had his  own inquests to make  after a possible method of procuring a livelihood for himself that would help remove his presence from her home as soon as possible        he was ever so loathe to go  ,  but she couldn’t truly want him here  ——  a   MURDERER  .     the phantom of the opera  /  a place haunted and now destroyed by the flames of his vengeance    ).      he would make his escapes to the outside when he wished as mysterious always he employed  /  never easy to find even when conquered     she didn’t ask where he went  ,  and he didn’t want her to  ,  if only to avoid the suspicion and shattering disappointment  in her tone.  he would forever trek a path alone  ,  evermore a   GHOST  .     that would never change.   in  that moment he sat before the solitary desk in this temporary abode of his    (     now  above the rest of them  ,  not below     ).     his fingers ached from the effort it required to sketch the building on the long sheet of paper.     he’d always wanted to build beautiful things.     now was his chance   , but would beauty ever compare to that which he found in a simple touch  ??     a mingling of tears  ,  an end of innocence  ,   an impossible   kiss.      was he the ghost ,  he that was  HAUNTED   by spirits of the past  ?? 

   his trembling hands dropped the pencil when he heard footsteps ascending the creaking stairs.     quickly he pulled the gloves on as her voice requested entry.    he rose to his full height  ,  posture no longer so magnificent as before.      the door was opened and he was met with the face of the only thing that truly mattered.   she was dressed  to brave   WINTER’S   storms.   as though enough of the season’s darkness hadn’t befallen her already.          Christine.        he then remembered his current state and noted with some sort of cruel irony that he had slipped from power furthermore  ——  and forgotten to keep up appearances.    he buttoned his waistcoat and pulled at his cravat as his eyes darted to the dingy wallpaper.    ❝    pardonnez  moi ,  you  weren’t  …     ever so precise with words.   he pulled nervously at  his right-hand glove.   better than to meet her  gaze  /  trapped.        —  expected.     going  out   ??   

SHE   COULD   NOT   HELP   BUT         curse   lightly   as   she   stumbled   over   the   rubbish   that   littered   the   floor  ,     a     HAND    flying   out   as   she   fell   almost   gracefully.     ❝     zut  !          je   suis   désolée  ,     qui   es - tu  ?     ❞      HER    father’s   mother - tongue   fell   from   parted   lips   as   she   dusted   herself   clean.     switching   language   without   thought  ,     bumbling    APOLOGIES    flooding   to   escape   her   open   mouth.     slack   jaw.     shock   still   coursing   through   her   system.     ❝      sorry  ,     i     i    DIDN’T    mean   to   disturb   you.     i   was   just   exploring  ,     for   inspiration.    ❞     she   lifted   the   camera   that   hung   around   her   slender   neck.     repeating   her   question   she     SMILED   ,    blush   still   colouring   her   pale   cheeks.     ❝     who   are   you  ?     ❞

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