Dear one-sided lover,

I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.

I am sorry because I couldn’t love you the way you wanted. I am sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted.

But please understand that I am hurting too. The feelings of guilt — they are never ending. The feelings of hope that you might find someone better — they are never ending.

I keep telling myself that I didn’t break your heart when I rejected you, but it’s a lie, isn’t it?

Liar. Heartbreaker. Liar. Heartbreaker. Liar. Heartbreaker.

I see you looking at me when I turn my head. I see you giving me a shoulder to cry on. I see you being the third wheel.

I wish I could do something other than limiting my PDA with someone else, when in front of you. But I am helpless too.

I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I wish someone would give you the kind of love you want.

The society makes a mockery of friend-zoned people, but they don’t tell you the guilt that comes with friend-zoning in people like me.

It’s all in vain now, because, you’re just a friend to speak about.
—  From a person at the other end of unrequited love

People forget that “within the habitable zone” means habitable for us and ‘life as we know it.’

Being that we are completely unfamiliar with life and science outside of what we’ve encountered, it is entirely possible for 'life as we don’t yet know it’ to exist outside of what we personally consider a habitable zone.

anonymous asked:

Hey what video is that gif from (bottom right corner) of the recent christen summary you posted when she's staring longingly at tobin?

ANOTHER GREAT MOMENT (and sorry for getting emotional because this was the first thing I ever posted on sugarfile almost exactly 1 year ago 😭😭😭iloveyouguys)

but anyways it’s from the gals first victory tour game against costa rica, during half time christen totally zones out while watching tobs [#daydreaming about the bae]:

can we just agree that Christen giving Tobin lowkey heart eyes is like the most disgustingly adorable thing to ever exist like….