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The Boys @ Le Grand Journal (France) - Oct 16 (recorded Oct 11)


so if you’re trans, or genderqueer, or nonbinary, or basically noncomforming and are a fan of Against Me!…

I wanna do a cover project of their latest record, Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

Where we all cover a song off the album and put it together and release it.

We could use 10-12 people (I’m thinking 500 years, and Pretty Girls could be included)

even if we only get four people we can split it up.

Any genre would be fine, and you can do whatever ever you want with the source material. Just message me! We could totally work on this!

<3 <3 <3

Quick K Drama Thoughts (August)

All right, where do I start?

With Husband #4, of course!!!! So, Criminal Minds finally started!!!! And thankfully the sub groups have been angels of mercy and we have gotten to watch the show. I finished episode 3 and I’m about a third of the way on episode 4. 

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Personally, I really like it. I think lots of people are comparing a 10+ seasons series (That’s well over 200 episodes, btw) to a 20 episode drama, and doing a disservice to the show. It’s not a perfect show, there are parts that need to work out: sometimes the pace is a bit off and the analysis doesn’t go very deep yet. 

But I do feel like, with every episode, they are getting a little better. I like the characters, all of them (even if I was a bit iffy about some of them at first); and how they work together. I hope the team gets better as the show goes on, I have no reason to think it won’t be this way. 

I do love Kim Hyun Jun (Lee Joon Gi’s character), I think he’s a nice departure from the usual brooding, action driven, hot-headed character we often find in these type of shows. He has no less than 3 quite tragic incidents in his past yet he’s not a jerk, he’s a good team player, he’s nice. He is a doer, but he doesn’t rush into things blindly for the most part, and he is - as far as we have seen - good at his job. 

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(OT but, Lee Joon Gi /Kim Hyun Jun interacting with kids is almost too much for my ovaries. Like, I’m dead sure I don’t want kids but I would have his in a heartbeat.

You know how in Yuri on Ice, Yuri says that Victor has such Eros that he can get even a man pregnant? That’s pretty much how I feel about LGJ)


Moving on, Bride of the Water God… it’s not as bad as the first two episodes suggested it would be but the pace of the show is still off (sometimes nothing happens, then a lot of stuff happens in a row). I’m up to episode 9; and I’m intrigued enough to keep on watching, but I do need to force myself to start which is not ideal. 

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I’ve grown to like the interactions between Habaek and So Ah; and the interactions between the three gods. The MVP is definitely CEO Shin - his story is what I’m most intrigued by. At the same time I feel like they are doling out the information at a glaciar pace. The mythos has lots of potential, but they need to figure out what they wanna do with it. 

I will probably finish the show anyway, but it’s not going to be one I go back to. 

Suspicious Partner... I keep making my way though it, when I find time to sit down and watch it I find myself watching 3 or 4 episodes in a row. As the story progresses, it has a good balance of drama and comedy.

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 I love the friendship between Eun Bong Hee and Ji Eun Hyuk. Thank you SP for showing us a healthy guy-girl friendship that is just that: FRIENDSHIP. No one is trying to get into anyone’s pants between those two and that’s refreshing. 

As adorable as I find the Ji-Bong couple (and they are so adorable); I think the deep, strong friendships are the backbone of this show, tbh. And it’s a show rich on friendships: between women (who do talk about things other than the guys); between the various guys (across various age groups) and between men and women. 

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Slowly making my way through Descendants of the Sun. I keep forgetting it. 

And I’m also watching Chicago Typewriter. I finally made it to episode 4. Now, in the first episode I wasn’t sure about the show - and I had been put off by the promos, actually, I always loved the idea behind the show but the promos weren’t great. 

Thanks to my friend who loved it, I decided to give it a second show and once you make it past episode 2, it gets pretty addictive quite quickly. I like how it gets to the core of what being a writer really is all about. 

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Oh, and I started School 2017. Its very cute so far and I lighthearted. I genuinely enjoy teen shows and I have been won over by this one. In episode 1 still, but I know I’ll keep going

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I’ve also been lost in the land of Scarlet Heart Ryeo / Moon Lover’s fanfics. They are SOOOOOO good. Now I just need to watch the actual show. 

I highly recommend “And I’ll call your name” by LilyMaxwell, which is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. But there are tons of great ones out there!!! I love that we are at a point where enough time has passed that people have gotten over the shock/ sad of the ending; but we are still in the “I can fix that!” phase so there are a lot of romantic comedies; and authors are still updating regularly ;)

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PS: The ending of Princess Agents Sucked.

150423 Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio with Chen, Kai, and Chanyeol: Kyungsoo mentions

LGJ: Among the EXO members, who is Chanyeol’s soulmate?
Chen: D.O.!
Kai: It’s always changing.
LGJ: How did it change?
Kai: Before, Chanyeol really used to like me. But now he doesn’t even look at me.
LGJ: So after he threw Kai away where did he go?
Chen: D.O.
Kai: To D.O. and to Sehun. But he’s friendly with all the members so his favorite person changes a lot.
Chen: Yeah, but I think unchangingly, it’s D.O. With him, Chanyeol doesn’t quit.

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