Over 200 people have responded so far to LGBT Youth Scotland’s survey on life in Scotland for LGBT people aged 13-25. 

The survey closes on the 18th of May so if this applies to you, fill it out now and help us to find an accurate picture of young LGBT people’s experiences in Scotland. 

The question areas are: life in Scotland (generally), community, the police, legal system and NHS, education, coming out, and managing your finances.

This kind of research can be invaluable as evidence of the real issues facing young LGBT people today, and the more people we hear from, the more useful this will be.

Please reblog, tweet and share this information as widely as possible- there is always the possibility it will be seen by someone to whom this applies, so any help in spreading the information is much appreciated!


LGBT Youth Scotland’s Silence Helps Homophobia video

Simple and effective message. Can see a few friends of mine in this video :)