One small, nagging, part of being gay is everyone’s assumption that you are straight and intend to live life as they did or wish they had. I am sure you have all had those encounters where the person, a teacher, a relative, a stranger on the subway, starts talking to you about life, and their wisdom can be very powerful and moving, but then you get hung up on that annoying little miscalculation.

I was just speaking to an elderly man who served in the US Marine Corps, he talked about how I seem to have a good head on my shoulders and will be successful if I spend my time and money right, I was really into his advice, but then he starts talking about settling down with a nice woman and having children, and it completely throws me off. Being gay doesn’t change the partnership goals in my life, many gay men fully intend to settle down and have children, but not with a wife, they’ll have a husband.

It is just one of those common things that happen every now and then that kind of slaps it back in your face that our ‘lifestyle’ is considered different. This isn’t a complaint, because this little factor is the least of our worries as a community, but it is there, and it never fails to stop me in my tracks. This is why representation is so important. Young LGBT people have to be reminded that our lives, whether it be settling down and having children, or traveling the world with loose direction for the brief moment we have here, are normal.

Just a thought…